BABEL Rising

BABEL Rising is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Babel Rising Review

Imagine yourself as God. After thousands of years of humans praying to you, they have now decided to build a tower to reach the heavens, metaphorically putting them on the same level as their creator. Now it is time you show these fools who the true deity is around these parts. There will be blood, and some comic relief, but in the end their efforts will always prevail. Then you start the entire process again.

In a nutshell, that describes everything that you get with Babel Rising, an original survival game from Bulkypix. Using your six godly moves, initiated though swipes, taps, and shakes, you must bring the pain to the foolish humans before they manage to build their tower up high enough.

Some of our favorite attacks include thunder strikes, tsunamis, fireballs, and a massive earthquake. A tap-to-kill move is also at your disposal. All of these powers have cool-down timers, meaning you need to wait after using them. Unfortunately, we always felt that they didn’t give us sufficient strength to take down the underlings.

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The controls themselves work fine, but some attacks tend to give us a bit of trouble. With the fireballs, for example, you must swipe down with two fingers. Where you lift your fingers is where the flames will hit, but in the frantic action of the game this felt too complex. We would have rather just hit the first human in its path. This same complaint goes for many of the other attacks as well.

A single map and difficulty level don’t do the game justice. We would have liked some variation, but at this point there is nothing of the sort. The repetitive nature of the game doesn’t help either. OpenFeint leaderboards do add a bit of replay value, but after a few rounds we didn’t feel the need to crush humanity with our finger any longer.

On the bright side, Babel Rising is full of silly animation and stylistic graphics. Watching the builders sizzle or get blown off the tower by a gust of wind is very rewarding. Stylized artwork also makes the game fun to look at.

Until some new content rolls in, though, Babel Rising is a game you should hold off on. It doesn’t live up to its ambitious inspiration.

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