Axe in Face - Defense of the Daffodils

Axe in Face - Defense of the Daffodils is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Axe In Face – Defense of the Daffodils Review

As is clear from the title, Axe In Face – Defense of the Daffodils is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. In it, you play as a viking with the misfortune of having planted your daffodil garden in an area with lots of viking foot traffic. Like any green-thumbed warrior, you love your garden more than human life, so you stand in front of it and hurl your axe at all vikings who approach.

To throw your axe, you draw a path for it, starting at your viking and ending wherever you want your axe to go. When you remove your finger from the screen, the axe takes off along the path, decapitating every viking it touches. When the axe reaches the end of the line, it boomerangs back to your hand. The game tosses physics out the window, so your axe will follow whatever path you draw, no matter how squiggly it is.

Defend your flowers without mercy.

The enemy vikings come in a number of varieties, including ones that approach on foot, carry shields, or hop in potato sacks. Each type requires a different strategy to beat, whether it’s anticipating the position of the hopping ones, or hooking your axe behind the ones carrying shields so they can’t block it. The enemy types are introduced at steady intervals as you progress, making the gameplay feel fresh throughout.

Some vikings drop orbs, which you can tap to fill up meters that let you shoot lighting at enemies or freeze them in their tracks. You can also string together combos and earn trophies and medals as you play. The only things we wish Axe In Face had are an endless mode and leaderboards that would add to the game’s replay value.

Axe In Face is full of cartoony violence and goofy charm, and we couldn’t help but smile while we played it. With 32 levels it’ll keep you entertained for a while, but a game like this would benefit hugely from having an endless mode. Even without one, you can download Axe In Face with confidence.

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