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The Moron Test Review

We’ll start off by saying that, yes, we know this review is nearly two years late. Yes, many of you have already decided whether or not to buy this app, as it has been sitting pretty near the top of the paid apps list ever since launch. And yes, you likely just want this game to go away by now. However, since we just got around to checking it out, here’s our review of this clever test game. (more…)


Hogtide Review

Cowboys can range from heroic figures fighting for liberation to gun-slingin’, down and dirty rapscallions who storm into town, get drunk, and steal young ladies. The cowboy in Hogtide is very much in the latter camp. However, it seems that personality had a quicker trigger finger than gameplay in this rush through the Wild West. (more…)

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Hot Springs Story Review

Last year we gave high praise to Game Dev Story. In fact, we loved the ‘create your own videogame company’ simulator so much that we gave it our Game of the Month award for October and placed it at #14 on our Top 50 iPhone Games of 2010. Now Kairosoft has released a follow-up, Hot Springs Story, which applies the same awesome pixel art, user interface, and concepts to a spa setting. It’s fantastic, and even better than Game Dev Story, except for the steam-bathing old ladies. (more…)


RoboSockets Review

If our planet were hit by a devastating meteor, we might enlist robots to help us rebuild. The inhabitants of RoboPlanet, however, want us to help rebuild their robots. After our time with RoboSockets, we decided this noble cause is one worth taking up. (more…)

    Under The Radar: February 26, 2011

    This week has been defined by overnight success story Tiny Wings, which came out of nowhere and took Angry Birds‘s crown as top paid app. It’s stories like this that remind us that indie games are the lifeblood of the App Store. In this week’s Under The Radar, we bring you five other recently released indie games that are also worth a look. (more…)

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    Tiny Wings Review

    Tiny Wings is what iOS gaming is about. The controls are easy to pick up, the graphics are crisp and colorful, and the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Plus, the concept of a bird with short wings using hills to launch itself into the air is absolutely adorable. There is a reason this game has risen to popularity overnight: it’s one of the best pick-up-and-play games you’ll find on the App Store, bar none. (more…)


    Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas HD iPad Review

    You may look at the name of this game (which we will be abbreviating to PvNvZvP for sanity’s sake) and think, ‘WOW! Ninjas, pirates, zombies, AND pandas in one game? That’s everything an iOS gamer could want!’ We don’t blame you for this reaction, as it differs little from our own. However, don’t hit that purchase button until you read our review. The epic game you might be expecting is nowhere in sight. (more…)

      Under The Radar: February 19, 2011

      Back for more, are ya? This week’s Under The Radar is packed to the brim, so get your reading spectacles on and a warm cup of joe. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of this week’s indie games. (more…)


      The Blocks Cometh By Halfbot Review

      The ethics of releasing videogame clones is a sticky area, but we’re generally okay with it provided the developer doesn’t steal assets, game engines, or the like. However, when EdisonGame took The Blocks Cometh, ported it from its Flash format to the iOS, and published it under the same name with hardly any changes, it was absolute theft. Halfbot, the true developers of the game, rightfully got the stolen app pulled and went to work on their own iOS port of the game. The result is a great game that graciously gives nods to the people who supported their cause. (more…)

        Under The Radar: February 12, 2011

        For this week’s Under the Radar, we’ve picked five interesting indie games that are worth your attention. Here are some games that may have slipped by you like spare change under the couch cushions. (more…)

          Fling iPad Joysticks Review

          Ten One Design’s Fling iPad joysticks have been highly anticipated since their announcement at CES last month. However, with anticipation also came speculation about how well they would work. We bought a pair to give you our impressions of these makeshift tactile controls for your iPad’s touchscreen. (more…)

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          Bop It! Review

          When it comes to reaction games, one comes to mind before any other: Bop It! These toys require you to quickly and correctly perform whatever action you’re told, and they’re fond childhood memories for many. However, one of the physical game’s issues was that it wore out over time. This might be a good reason to own a digital remake for your iPhone, but do the touchscreen controls allow for quick enough response times? (more…)


          Infinity Field iPad Review

          People often look down on clones for their lack of originality. This is a shame, because sometimes clones are better than the games they’re inspired by. This is the case with Infinity Field, which obviously pulls more than just inspiration from Geometry Wars. However, Infinity Field is a much more entertaining and well-rounded package than Geometry Wars: Touch. (more…)

            Under The Radar: February 4, 2011

            Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden and Devil May Cry 4 Refrain may be in the spotlight this week, but that doesn’t mean that indie developers are slumping. Here are some of the smaller games you might have missed this past week. (more…)


            League of Evil Review

            League of Evil isn’t going to shock you with originality. Everything found within the game pulls from classic platforming conventions. This is to be expected due to the inherent run-and-jump nature of the platformer. However, what League of Evil lacks in originality it makes up for in spit-shine polish, style, and design. (more…)

              Under The Radar: January 28, 2011

              With the constant flow of games making their way onto the App Store, it’s easy for some noteworthy titles to get lost in the flood. Have no fear, Slide To Play is here! Each week we’ll bring you list of recent indie games that you may have missed. (more…)


              Stylish Dash Review

              We see new run ‘n jump games daily. Games such as Canabalt, Monster Dash, and Hook Worlds stand out from the pack, but for the most part new entries are stale rehashes. Not Stylish Dash. With this game, you can run and jump to your heart’s content, all while being fashionable. (more…)


              Flick Golf! Review

              Flick Golf is more like target practice than it is a leisurely pastime for retired folks and business big-wigs. The focus here isn’t on playing a full round of golf but instead flicking a golf ball as close to the hole as possible with a single flick. This is quite fun until you notice that there’s no difference between the golf courses included in the game. (more…)


              GeoSpin Review

              As Destructoid’s Jim Sterling recently stated in his weekly Jimquisition video feature, ‘Fun is paramount.’ GeoSpin may be full of colorful eye candy and a 3D spin on color/shape matching, it isn’t fun to play for more than five minutes. After that, you risk your hand cramping. (more…)


              Tiki Towers 2 Review

              The following describes our experience with Tiki Towers 2: We created a tower on the ground and a small bridge near the exit. Our monkeys climbed up the initial tower fine, but failed to cross the bridge. So we fixed the bridge, leaving our tower untouched. In test #2, all our monkeys jumped on one bamboo stick, snapping it and causing the entire tower to fall. On test #3, with the tower still untouched, the monkeys ignored it altogether. Simply put, it seems that these monkeys don’t know what they’re doing in Tiki Towers 2. (more…)


              Shift 2 Review

              Shift is one of the most recognizable Flash game series on the web, so it makes sense that the folks over at Armor Games are prioritizing it on their ‘port to iPhone’ list. While the original iPhone version was a great port of the first Flash installment with a few extra levels, Shift 2 is a complete overhaul of the sequel. In fact, apart from a couple of rooms at the beginning, you won’t recognize any similarity between the two. (more…)

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