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Brandnew Boy Review

Brandnew Boy could have been great on a traditional gaming platform with tactile controls. Trying to be innovative by having players control Rookie, the main character, through a series of taps and swipes seriously hampers this brawler’s playability. It’s unfortunate, as Brandnew Boy looks so beautiful. (more…)


Lume Review

When we saw Lume’s cardboard cutout visual style, we were instantly drawn into its unique world, and we weren’t the only ones; the game was an IGF finalist for best art direction. Unfortunately, the experience doesn’t last long, as the game ends almost as soon as it begins. (more…)


Mass Effect 3 Datapad App Launches on App Store

If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect series, and own an iOS device, you’ll want to pick up the free Mass Effect 3 Datapad app from EA that just launched. Read on to find out what’s inside. (more…)


Mass Effect Infiltrator Review

Mass Effect can’t catch a break on iOS. EA’s first attempt to bring the massive space RPG to handhelds, Mass Effect Galaxy, was such a disaster that the publisher actually pulled it from the App Store. But as the saying goes, first is the worst and second is the best. With IronMonkey Studios (the developers of Dead Space on iOS) behind it, Mass Effect Infiltrator must be awesome, right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong. (more…)


Beat Sneak Bandit Review

Simogo may be fairly new on the development scene, but they’ve already made a name for themselves with games like Bumpy Road and Kosmo Spin. As odd as both of those games are, Beat Sneak Bandit takes the insanity to a whole new level. It has an offbeat concept, requiring you to tap in time with the music to move through puzzles. There’s really nothing else quite like it on the App Store. (more…)


League of Evil 2 Review

We raved over the original League of Evil when it came out last year, eventually placing it in our Best Games of 2011 list. It offered challenging bite-sized platforming that was absolutely irresistible. The sequel is more of the same, albeit with cartoony visuals, and it absolutely lives up to its predecessor. (more…)


Ice Rage Review

Mountain Sheep, the developers behind iOS classics Minigore and Bike Baron, are at it again with Ice Rage. This bite-sized hockey game sports their signature art style and simplicity but takes the simplicity part too far, making Ice Rage a game you’ll quickly lose interest in. (more…)


Raid Leader Review

Serious MMO players, especially those who play World of Warcraft, know the glory of taking down a huge boss in a raid. As the name suggests, Raid Leader takes this concept and applies it to top-down real-time gameplay. It’s an intriguing concept, but the execution is downright frustrating at times. (more…)


Ragdoll Blaster 3 Review

For Backflip Studios, the evolution of the Ragdoll Blaster series is a clear marker of their progressive success. The first game featured simple pen-and-paper visuals, the second had a much more original steampunk look, and now the third has full-on 3D models. However, one thing has been consistent: quality level design. In the latest iteration of the series, this remains mostly true. (more…)


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

Shu Takumi is a brilliant man. You may know him as the mind behind Ace Attorney, the series of quirky lawyer games where you must prove a client innocent against improbable odds. His most recent work, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. This gem won Handheld Game of the Year awards from many major websites, and now Ghost Trick has found its way onto the App Store, where it’s better than ever. (more…)