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Mass Effect Galaxy Hands-On

We found a bank of iPhones tucked away in a corner of EA’s massive booth with some serious goodies on them. One big name was Command & Conquer: Red Alert, which we will be writing up and filming tomorrow. Another was Mass Effect Galaxy, a kind of bite-sized introduction to some of the characters that will factor heavily into Mass Effect 2. Details and video after the jump! (more…)

    Marble Madness Hands-On

    Midway Games has definitely seen better days–majority owner Sumner Redstone liquidated the publisher for a mere $100,000 a few months ago–but all is not lost. Midway still has a catalog of arcade classics a mile long, and a great new place to sell them called the App Store. Developer Handheld Games has been hard at work bringing Marble Madness to the iPhone, and we got a good look at it earlier today at E3. (more…)

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    Bloons Review

    Monkeys are clever, adorable little buggers, but is it really such a good idea to give them a bunch of darts to toss around? Isn’t that just asking for trouble? Not if you’ve got balloons that need popping–then it’s just common sense. And so is tossing a buck Apple’s way for Bloons, a former Flash game that works very well on the iPhone. (more…)

      Game Of The Month, May 2009: Peggle!

      iPhone gaming only seems to get stronger and stronger with each passing month, and May 2009 offered one of the best selections of Must Haves yet. There was the phenomenal Zenonia, with features and depth to rival many console RPGS. We also loved the action-packed Terminator Salvation, as well as Toki Tori’s elegant puzzles.

      Nevertheless, our choice for May’s Game Of The Month is clear: Peggle. (more…)

        Friday Slide: It’s Showtime!

        For games journalists, E3 is the ultimate professional test–kind of a cross between the bar exam and the Normandy Invasion. It’s all on the line. You prove that you have the best connections, cover the most games, write the best previews, take the best videos… or you get beat. And all of this happens in a literal madhouse. (more…)

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        Rumor Mill: Zune HD Gaming?

        We’ve been talking a fair bit about how Sony may be planning to fight back against iPhone gaming by updating the PSP. Now it seems that Microsoft may be opening another front on Apple’s flank with the Zune HD. (more…)


        Westbang Review

        Czech developer Rake In Grass has already shown us what it can do with the superlative puzzle platformer Archibald’s Adventures. Its latest effort, Westbang, takes gamers in an entirely different direction–back to the Old West, where the twitchiness of your trigger fingers (or thumbs, in this case) matters most. As far as arcade shooters go, this incredibly fun game is the new sheriff in town. (more…)


        Relapse Review

        Eminem’s new album, Relapse, has been called a great comeback effort by a rapper who hadn’t released anything for 5 years. However, the iPhone game tie-in is a broken, unplayable mess that’s a straight jack move on Em’s unsuspecting fans. Don’t buy it. (more…)


        Zenonia Review

        Gamevil’s Zenonia has been the subject of fan lust for a few months now, ever since we first got our hands on it at GDC 2009.

        Though the final product isn’t perfect, Zenonia knows its audience and treats it to an adventure of epic proportions. This game blows the iPhone’s other action RPGs away with obsessively detailed gameplay and a monumentally huge game world that will keep many exploring for weeks on end. (more…)

          Slide To Podcast #4: Teenage Mutant Ninja Coders!

          The latest episode of STPodcast is out! This week, we welcome Josh Rosen (the dev behind SciFly: Dogfight and the upcoming SciFly 2) on the show to talk about being a young coder on the App Store. Games discussed include Shift, Vanguard Storm, The Sims 3! (more…)


          Swirl Review

          Swirl is an odd racing game that looks like one of those old screensavers that projects you through an endless, randomly generated tunnel. Though it’s weird and claustrophobic at first, Swirl’s strong graphics, pumping music and giddy gameplay will win you over before long. (more…)

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            Rumor Mill: Apple Building Tablet PC?

            The rumor mill is cranking up to a fever pitch over the possibility of an Apple Tablet PC, with fresh reports stating the device will sport a 10 inch screen, come in between $500 and $1000… and be connected to the App Store. (more…)


            Dig Dug Remix Review

            Namco’s line of arcade “remixes” updates classic games like Pole Position and Galaga with new graphics and features, and drops them on the App Store.

            Dig Dug Remix adds another ambivalent title to the Remix series’ up-and-down track record. While the new Dig Dug has much better graphics, power-ups and boss fights, it’s no more exciting than the original, and overpriced to boot. (more…)


            :Shift: Review

            Shift (not to be confused with the other Shift) is an iPhone port of a famous Flash game that’s been played millions of times online. While the iPhone edition of the game has some issues, the mind-bending idea at the core of the experience still captivates. (more…)

              Congrats To Our Contest Winners!

              As you’ve probably seen by now, STP likes to share the love with our readers from time to time–usually in the form of promo codes or a gift certificate or two.

              This time around, we’re respectfully asking for your help to fill out a quick online survey. We know that your time is valuable, so we’re raising the stakes on our prizes, too. Three lucky participants will be randomly chosen to win new 4 GB iPod Shuffles, which retail for $79 a pop. Another three survey-takers will win $10 iTunes Gift Cards. Not bad for a few minutes’ work, eh? (more…)


              Bed Bugs Review

              Igloo Games already wowed us twice with Dizzy Bee and Dizzy Bee 2. The third time is another charm thanks to Bed Bugs, which applies Dizzy Bee’s super-slick style to a much crazier kind of gameplay. Its refreshing intensity will snap anyone out of a stupor. (more…)

                STPodcast #3: Peggle Dreams is out!

                This week on Slide To Podcast, the STP crew chats about a whole mess of games–Trivial Pursuit, Flashback, Cops & Robbers, and of course Peggle–while also touching on abandonware in the App Store, the THPS2 video, and a myriad of other fascinating subjects! Check it out!

                  Friday Slide: A Score Subject

                  When I started to build a new reviews website for iPhone games about nine months ago, I had a very clear hierarchy of tasks in mind. I knew that I would have to recruit technical help, write some reviews, come up with a design theme, yadda yadda. But before I could get to any of that stuff, I had to take care of the two most important items on my list. (more…)


                  Vanguard Storm Review

                  Square Enix took its first steps onto the App Store several months ago with Crystal Defenders, a somewhat enjoyable but flawed tower defense game.

                  Now the Japanese publisher is back with Vanguard Storm, another Final Fantasy Tactics spinoff that’s more of an action-puzzler. Unfortunately, Square Enix has repeated many of the same mistakes it made in the first game. The result is another winning gameplay formula that feels only partially realized. (more…)

                    STP Giveaway: Perfect Balance!

                    We’ve been sitting on two promo codes for the stupendous puzzle game Perfect Balance: Harmony–a Must Have–and we thought we’d run a quick Twitter giveaway to reward our beloved tweeps! (more…)


                    Peggle Review

                    Good gravy. We knew Peggle was dangerously addictive on the PC, but this is ridiculous! We just spent the last half-day playing straight through, and we still haven’t had enough. We’re going to fall right back off the wagon tomorrow.

                    This so-called casual game will eat the rest of your App Store collection for breakfast and wash it down with whatever remains of your spare time. It’s a brilliant fit for the iDevice, too… so much so that we’re now thinking of our iPhone as our “Peggle machine.” (more…)

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