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    Speedy: iPhone 3GS Sells 1 Million In First Weekend

    The initial sales returns are in for Apple’s next iPhone model, and they are impressive: the House of Jobs moved a million iPhone 3GS devices in its first weekend of sales, matching the debut of the iPhone 3G last summer. (more…)


    Cheap Shot: Popple

    In Popple, a random rainbow of colored bubbles pours from the top of the screen, like you’ve upended a huge box of Skittles. The goal is to seek out and pop a specific sequence of colors, quickly and repeatedly, before the curtain literally drops on your game. Oh, and the pattern is constantly shifting, too. (more…)

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    Cheap Shot: Diorama

    Hey, want to give yourself an instant migraine? Try Diorama on for size. It only costs you 99 cents… plus the price of a postage stamp, if you want to augment the headache by sending away for a free pair of 3D glasses! (more…)


    Bionic Surfer Review

    Robert Casperson’s Bionic Surfer is one of those indie gems we really wish we saw more of on the App Store–a fun, professionally polished game with a sense of humor to boot. Those in the mood for a platformer with lots of puzzles and hidden treasures are in for a treat. (more…)


    Rise Of Lost Empires Review

    Gameloft’s Rise Of Lost Empires, a real-time strategy game that looks a bit like a Warcraft II homage, tells a tale as old as time. It’s good versus evil, light versus darkness, man versus touch controls… waitasec, that last one isn’t supposed to be in there! But it is, unfortunately, and it turns what could have been a competent RTS into a messy, frustrating free for all. (more…)

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    Streetball Review

    The sport of basketball might have started in a Massachusetts gym with a couple of peach baskets and a soccer ball, but its spiritual home is the urban playground, where swaggering athletes talk trash and perform superhuman feats of agility.

    From hip-hop to high fashion, everyone wants a piece of street basketball–including Battery Acid Games, who recently put Streetball on the App Store for $1.99. While we’re happy to see the iPhone get more hoops games, this one should stay benched, as you’ll be done with it in minutes. (more…)

      ngmoco’s LiveFire project now called KillTest, trailer released

      Last week at WWDC we got some hands-on time with ngmoco’s upcoming first-person shooter, codenamed “LiveFire.”

      Since then, ngmoco’s released a new gameplay trailer (originally on GameTrailers), showing off the game’s deathmatch craziness. Video after the jump! (more…)

        Fuel Games WWDC Roundup: Lifeboat, Desktop Tower Defense!

        We met up with Fuel Games, developers of Vans SK8: Pool Service, at WWDC to hear about their upcoming games. We got our hands on the action-puzzler Lifeboat, and also learned about Fuel’s iPhone port of Desktop Tower Defense. Details and video within! (more…)

          Freeverse WWDC Roundup: Flick Baseball, Trackz, Warpgate, Grunts!

          We sat down with a representative from Freeverse to check out the publisher’s upcoming lineup. We saw Flick Baseball, the newest game in the Flick Sports collection; Trackz, an app for model train enthusiasts; Warpgate, a very cool-looking space trading game; and Warpack: Grunts, an intriguing top-down shooter. Details and video after the jump! (more…)


          id’s John Carmack Talks Doom Resurrection

          We just got off the phone with legendary developer John Carmack of id Software, who gave us the official scoop on the House of Doom’s new iPhone project, Doom Resurrection. We’ve got all the juicy details and screens right after the jump! (more…)


          Bight Games WWDC Roundup: Puzzlings, Kill All Bugs, Big Top 10!

          Canadian developer Bight Games ventured south of the border to WWDC with three new games to show off, all of which are being published by Sonic Boom on or around June 18th: Puzzlings, Kill All Bugs!, and Big Top 10. We’ve got impressions and video after the jump. (more…)

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          WWDC Quick Hits: Face Fighter, Blimp

          We’re obviously seeing lots of upcoming games here at WWDC, but we’ve also seen a couple just-released apps from indie devs that bear mentioning: Appy Entertainment’s FaceFighter and Craneballs Studios’s Blimp – The Flying Adventure. (more…)

            STP Interview: Gameloft’s Michel Guillemot

            Gameloft rates as one of the top publishers on the App Store along practically every metric. The Paris-based firm has dozens of iPhone titles on sale–which have produced beaucoup bucks for its bottom line–and many of its games have been hits with the critics as well, such as Terminator Salvation and Siberian Strike.

            Gameloft produces games for many other casual platforms as well (including feature phones, Android, the Nintendo DSi, and Xbox Live Arcade, to name a few), but the iPhone seems to be one of its most important outlets. We sat down with Gameloft’s President and CEO, Michel Guillemot, to learn about the company’s reaction to Apple’s WWDC announcements, as well as its ongoing plans for the platform. (more…)


            Rolando 2 Hands-On

            We had a chance to sit down with Simon Oliver of Hand Circus to get a personal demo of Rolando 2: The Golden Orchid at ngmoco’s WWDC party, a short distance from the convention center. From what we’ve seen so far, the second Rolando entry is looking great as it heads into the development home stretch. (more…)

              STP Giveaway: E3’s Over!

              STP had a fantastic show at E3 this year. We saw lots of excellent iPhone games and met a ton of people. But we’re not going to lie to you, either–we’re glad it’s over!

              To celebrate, we’re going to give away a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate (courtesy of Gamevil) in a ReTweet contest! (more…)


              Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Hands-On

              Glu, sick of making highly rational, unimaginative games like Glyder (/sarcasm), is taking a different tack for Mini Golf Wacky Worlds.

              Let your hair down, loosen that tie, and grab your putter, Poindexter! It’s time to get wacky! (more…)


              Mevo and The Grooveriders Hands-On

              E3 is truly a global draw. Red Rocket Games CEO Jung Suh flew in all the way from Shanghai with a new music game called Mevo and The Grooveriders in tow. We put on a noise-canceling headset on and dived in for our hands-on. (more…)


              Command & Conquer: Red Alert Hands-On

              Command & Conquer is one of the real-time strategy genre’s biggest names. It’s produced eight games since the series started back in 1995, along with many expansion packs, across three different mini-franchises. Now the series is making war on the RTS-starved iPhone in the form of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. We took a look at a pre-Alpha build of the game at EA’s booth and whooped some Soviet behind! Details after the jump. (more…)


              Gameloft’s June Lineup: Castle of Magic, DJ Mix Tour, Real Tennis 2009, Guitar Rock Tour 2!

              Gameloft rolled up to E3 in a stylish party bus, tricked out with black leather interior, a wet bar, and four new iPhone games. Castle of Magic, DJ Mix Tour, Real Tennis 2009, and Guitar Rock Tour 2 are all due out in June, all for $5.99… and we’ve got all the hands-on details after the jump! (more…)


              Virtual Families Hands-On

              Last Day Of Work’s Virtual Villagers franchise has proven very popular on casual games portals, as well as the App Store. We checked in with the developer at E3 to get a first look at Virtual Families, where the primitive islanders have been swapped out for little people who live in a modern dollhouse with all the amenities. Details after the break! (more…)


              Prey Invasion Hands-On

              Hands-On Mobile is as good as its name. The mobile publisher gave us a sneak peek at a nearly completed version of Prey Invasion. Limber up your spirit bow and check out our video hands-on of this upcoming FPS! (more…)

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