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Two New Podcasts Up!

We’ve got two fresh podcasts up, piping hot from the processor and ready for your consumption! In Slide To Podcast #9, we chat about Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, my trip to lovely Seattle for the Casual Connect conference, and some of our latest games, like I Dig It and Monkey Island.

We also turned our Buyer’s Guide for Action games into a video podcast, so have at it!

    STP on thisMoment!

    STP has partnered with hot new social network thisMoment to sponsor the site’s new iPhone hub.

    tM is built around timelines and rich media, making it somewhat different than existing social networks. If you like taking and sharing pictures, scrapbooking, putting your life in some kind of perspective, and/or preserving your memories in digital form as a hedge against dementia, it’s well worth checking out! While you’re at it, check out STP’s tM page.

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      STPodcast #8: Inside the Glu Factory is out!

      Slide To Podcast #8: Inside the Glu Factory is hot off the digital presses over on iTunes.

      I was out of town for this one, but Andrew, Jer, and Phil didn’t even miss me! Topics include STP’s new features, games like Ricky and Enviro-Bear, previews from Glu’s iPhone Games Day, and the correct pronunciation of Phil’s last name. (more…)


      Real Racing Updated With New Cars, Tunes, and Multiplayer

      We’ve learned from Aussie developer Firemint that Real Racing’s second update has rolled out to the App Store.

      The latest version packs such tune-ups as a new 10-track soundtrack (or the ability to make your own via iTunes, for 3.0 users), a jump from two-player to six-player WiFi multiplayer races, and an additional ‘Exotic’ class of cars to race. Read on for more details! (more…)


      Cheap Shot: High Speed Chase

      High Speed Chase drives you straight onto the freeway in a red sports car, guns a-blazing. It’s a heady dose of instant action, making for one of the better arcade microgames we’ve played recently. (more…)

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      Zombies vs. Sheep Hands-On

      Shooting gallery games, zombie games, and zombie shooting gallery games are all App Store staples. So why the heck should yet another zombie blaster attract our attention?

      Because Studio Radiolares, the guys behind the Rez-like shooter Radio Flare, have actually found a way to put a unique spin on a majorly cliched game type. How’d they do it? Well… have you ever heard of El Dia de los Muertos? (more…)

        STPodcast #7: Networking Extraordinaire is Out!

        Yeah, yeah, we know: we’re late with the podcast. Last week’s episode spent several additional days in processing–we actually had to type in all those 1s and 0s by hand. On the plus side, all this extra work has resulted in one of our best episodes yet… we think. (more…)


        Cheap Shot: Blend the Boss

        My name’s Steve Palley, and I’m the Bossman here at STP. The Big Kahuna. El Jefe Maximo. I don’t take orders, I give em, and that’s just the way I like it. It’s the natural order of things.

        But you know what? My fellow bosses and I don’t feel real safe right now. We’ll be living in fear until the party responsible for Blend the Boss–a sick individual who goes by the name Joe Cartoon–is hunted down and locked away forever. (more…)


        Star Hogs Review

        Star Hogs is part loving homage to the classic franchise Worms, part insanely technical space opera, and entirely awesome.

        IUGO nailed the artillery gameplay, and then packed the game full of weapons, upgrades, features, and play modes–resulting in something that turn-based strategy lovers can really sink their teeth into. (more…)

          STP Giveaway: 1000 Followers!

          STP has crossed the 1000-Follower mark on Twitter, making us approximately .1% as popular as Ashton Kutcher. That’s reason to celebrate with an enormous code giveaway! (more…)


          Rolando 2 Review

          If Rolando–one of our favorite iPhone games of all time–was a very tough act to follow, making a new game to surpass Rolando 2 will be next to impossible.

          This sequel trumps the original in every conceivable way: story, gameplay, graphics, sound, online, everything. It shows what a talented development team can do on this platform when given the right resources, and it should leave Nintendo and Sony sweating. Once is a fluke, but twice is a trend. The iPhone’s signature game is now a flagship franchise. (more…)

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            STP’s E3/WWDC Special!

            We went to E3 and WWDC in June to preview dozens of upcoming iPhone games. Here’s a little video featuring 10 of the best, complete with voiceover! (more…)


            Cheap Shot: Big Top 10

            Big Top 10, from Bight Games, is surprisingly fun for a microgame based on kindergarden-level arithmetic. It’ll give you double digits on the brain. (more…)

              STP 2.0: Welcome To The Next Level

              This isn’t your dad’s iPhone gaming. We’re heading fast towards Year 2 of the App Store, and the ground has shifted under our feet. $5.99 is the new $9.99, beefy new iPhones are breaking speed records, microtransactions are picking up steam… oh, and we’re closing in on 15,000 iPhone games.

              The whole enterprise has mutated into something as complicated and messy as it is unique and awesome. A simple blog no longer suffices to cover the madness.

              And that’s why STP isn’t just a blog any more. (more…)


              Archon Review

              For a lot of gamers, the venerable game of chess is pure Dullsville. Dopey, worthless pawns; horses that move in an “L” shape; old guys playing in the park; games that take hours… who needs it?

              We want to make up our own rules based on Saturday morning cartoons–we want action, excitement, spellcasting, and scantily clad women! You will find all that stuff in Archon, too, but with only weak CPU opponents to fight, it’ll go stale fast. (more…)


              Rolando 2 Rolling Out On Wednesday, Rolando 1 To Disappear

              148Apps reports that Rolando 2: Quest For The Golden Orchid is dropping this Wednesday, July 1st.

              But in some weird twist on thermodynamics, the total amount of Rolando on the App Store will be conserved–the original Rolando will reportedly be rolling out the door as soon as the new one enters. What gives? (more…)


              Jungle Bloxx Review

              It’s easier to destroy than it is to build, but is it as fun? In the case of DChoc’s Jungle Bloxx–the third game in the Bloxx series–we’d say yes. This game may not be as strong as the earlier ones, but it still has a cool concept behind it. There’s many hours of block-popping puzzlement to be had here. (more…)


              Mass Effect Galaxy Review

              Mass Effect Galaxy, from Bioware and Electronic Arts, was one of the bigger games we saw at E3 a few weeks ago. Billed as a sort of teaser for the upcoming Mass Effect 2, this game introduces you to some of the new console game’s major characters as they fight through a side story.

              If that exposition was all we cared about, we’d be pretty satisfied with Mass Effect Galaxy. But we paid our $4.99 expecting to play a video game of some kind, too–and that’s where this app falls flat on its face. You’ll need one of those faster-than-light accelerators to bridge the gulf between its quality and the high expectations attached to its name. (more…)

                STPodcast #6: Back From The Wars is Out!

                We’ve got a double-wide show this week, in which the STPodcast crew (Steve, Jer, Phil, and Andrew) discusses the wonders of E3/WWDC, chats about the latest iPhone games, and ruminates over the iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0!

                Grab it here!


                F.A.S.T. Review

                SGN–known mostly for its social MMOs and free sports games to this point–pulled a tight 180 and hit the afterburners for F.A.S.T., an action-packed, technically accomplished dogfighting game that matches wanna-be fighter jocks up for Internet duels.

                With a state-of-the-art presentation, tight controls, and great online play, F.A.S.T. is simply one of the best action games around right now. (more…)


                Cheap Shot: Little Runner

                Little Runner, the musical microgame from Shanghai-based Red Rocket Games, ran all the way across the Pacific Ocean to reach the App Store. There’s not much to it, and that’s okay–simple can be good, especially when it’s backed up by a cool soundtrack. (more…)

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