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    Hey, What Happened?! STP 3.0!

    Do things feel a little different around Slide To Play? It’s not just you.

    After two months and change of frenzied development, we’ve launched a new version of the site. Yes, it may LOOK a lot like the old site we all know and love–plus some bugs we are working to resolve ASAP–but believe you me, this is not your Daddy’s STP. We’ve rebuilt the whole thing from scratch.

    Our original system served us very well for four years, so why would we make such a dramatic change? Because we had to. We outgrew our setup in the fall, resulting in downtime and other assorted nastiness. All of a sudden, we felt like we were losing our grip on our mission, which is to keep you up to date on the best games for your iDevice and make the App Store a better place for everyone. Needless to say, we were bummed.

    No longer. The new STP is fast, reliable, and up to date. It’s a platform primed for growth, just like the one we cover.

    You may already be noticing the snappier load times and the streamlined interface… and we’re just getting started. Many more improvements are on the way in the coming days.

    So, have a look around and let us know what you think in the comments. As always, STP belongs to our readers first and foremost, and we want to make this the best site it can possibly be.

      Parrot AR.Drone Buzzing Towards Release in August/September

      If you’ve followed the news much recently, you’re probably aware that the (somewhat controversial) new hotness in military tech is drone warfare–unmanned nastiness from above. European firm Parrot is showing off their iDevice-powered civilian version of the tech at E3, the AR.Drone, which is hovering towards U.S. retail early this Fall. (more…)

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      E3 Video: Cammy and Zangief Coming to Street Fighter IV

      Who knew? Street Fighter IV wasn’t just playable on iPhone… it was actually pretty fun! And it’s made Capcom a bucket of cash on the App Store, too. One good turn deserves another: Capcom’s about to release a free update for the game that will add Cammy and Zangief to the fray. (more…)

        Dungeon Hunter II Hands-On Preview

        Gameloft’s gone sequel-crazy this year at E3, with follow-ups for many of its big franchises like Hero of Sparta and Let’s Golf waiting in the wings. Today, we spent some time putting the next Dungeon Hunter through its paces, and we think it’s looking mighty fine thus far. Details within! (more…)

          Padvance iPad Case Contest: And the Winners Are…

          After several hours of hard judging–including multiple fistfights, an extended filibuster, and some choice schoolyard name-calling–we’ve got our winners for Padvance’s iPad Case Design Contest! Inquire within to see which entry won the Grand Prize of a new iPad! (more…)

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            Analysis: Apple Stirs Up iPhone Social Gaming

            One buzz-phrase that has often been applied to Apple, with no small amount of justification, is “disruptive change.” This is a company that has made a business of turning entire industries upside down with a single big announcement. Whether it’s wiping out feature phones, getting AT&T in a headlock, or backing the recording industry into a corner, Apple is the technology world’s greatest iconoclast.

            But the firm’s principles of creative destruction apply internally as well as externally. Sometimes, as was the case today, we suddenly realize that Steve Jobs and Co. have been paying attention to the goings-on in their proprietary ecosystems after all. (more…)

              Padvance Contest: Design Your Own iPad Case, Win an iPad!

              On STP’s last podcast, I promised that we would be running a contest and giving away an iPad to celebrate our launch of Padvance.

              After much discussion, we’ve decided to fall back on an old standby–the Photoshop Contest! (more…)


              iPad Day One Video Medley

              We’ve got quick hands-on videos of five big iPad launch games after the jump: Tap Tap Radiation, Zen Bound 2, Flight Control HD, Real Racing HD, and Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies! (more…)

                iPad Unboxing Video

                Well, what do you know– the UPS man finally came! In true tech nerd fashion, here’s a quick video showing off the iPad’s rather minimalist packaging. (more…)

                  Welcome to Padvance!

                  My iPad hasn’t actually arrived yet. I just checked UPS Tracking, and apparently its last known location is Ontario, CA–50 miles east of my current location… quite a bit further away than my local Apple store. Such are the wages of sloth.

                  While I wait, I wonder–not for the first time–what am I actually going to do with this thing? (more…)

                    The Rise of Freemium

                    As we’ve probably all noticed by now, there’s something a little wonky about iDevice gamers’ attitude towards pricing. We have huge appetites for new content, we get super-amped about the latest and greatest games coming down the pipeline… and yet, we’ve been known to complain vociferously when developers charge more than a couple of bucks a game to keep the lights on. (more…)

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                      WSJ: Next iPhone Rev Heading to Verizon?

                      Rumors of a Verizon-compatible iPhone have been percolating for some time, no doubt driven by disgruntled AT&T converts who yearn for their carrier of choice. If you’re one of those unwilling exiles, the Wall Street Journal bears glad tidings: you might be able to come home in the relatively near future–although maybe not in time for Apple’s annual iPhone refresh this summer. (more…)

                        STP Turns One!

                        Slide To Play launched on September 1st, 2008, after a month-plus of frenzied labor and more than a few extremely late nights.

                        Parents inevitably put a lot of themselves into their children, and although they may have more specific goals in mind, the overriding hope is to see them survive… grow tall… and flourish.

                        Let me say that we all are very proud parents today. STP has bloomed from a tiny, unknown seed of a blog into full adulthood. (more…)

                          Thursday Twitter Giveaway: Chillingo/Clickgamer Extravaganza!

                          We’ve got a special treat for STP followers today–seven big fat codes from publisher Chillingo and its sister outfit Clickgamer! (more…)

                            Thursday Twitter Giveaway: Spy Bot Chronicles, Lifeboat, Pac-Man Remix!

                            Oh, look at that… a day that starts with a “T.” That means it’s time to give away more promo codes on Twitter! We’ve got a nice lineup for this contest, too: IUGO’s just-released platformer Spy Bot Chronicles, Lifeboat, and Pac-Man Remix.

                            You know the drill by now. First, follow us on Twitter. Second, Tweet us the answer to TODAY’S QUESTION: If you were a robot, what would you be designed to do? Third, use this format for your contest Tweet: @slidetoplay (your answer here)

                            As usual, we’ll pick out the three best answers around 5PM PST tomorrow and DM the winners their codes. Remember, the codes are only good on the US App Store (although our non-domestic readers are more than welcome to play anyway), and please submit only a single contest entry.


                            Pac-Man Remix Review

                            A new team is at the helm of Namco Networks’ iPhone efforts, spearheaded by Jonathan Kromrey–formerly of Apple’s very own games group, and leader of the Texas Hold ‘Em project back in the day. Kromrey has promised to overhaul Namco’s iPhone strategy, which has been characterized to this point by “Remixed” versions of its arcade classics.

                            After a day spent playing Pac-Man Remix, we’re good and ready for Kromrey to work his magic. Pac-Man’s latest iPhone outing is fun, but it’s also plagued by minor quality issues and runs out of content in under two hours. (more…)

                              Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Triazzle, The Deep Pinball, Crazy Monkey Spin!

                              We hit 1,234 Twitter followers sometime today! That number has no practical significance whatsoever (other than the fact that it’s one bigger than 1,233), but we here at STP have a bit of a numerology fetish, so a perfect lineup of four integers like that gives us the shivers. It also gives us a great excuse to give away promo codes for the just-reviewed Triazzle, The Deep Pinball, and Crazy Monkey Spin! (more…)


                              Gameloft Announces NFL 2010, Modern Combat: Sandstorm; Taito Floating Bust-A-Move

                              We’ve seen a spate of high-profile game announcements over the last 48 hours that merit attention. Bigtime publisher Gameloft is building an iPhone-sized football field for NFL 2010, as well as taking aim at the First-Person Shooter genre with Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

                              Taito, fresh off the huge triumph of Space Invaders Infinity Gene, announced that classic arcade fave Puzzle Bobble is on the way as well. (more…)


                              Cake Mania Celebrity Chef Hands-On

                              She’s BAAAAAA-ACK! Jill Evans, pastry prodigy and plucky heroine of the Cake Mania series, is returning to the iPhone for Cake Mania Celebrity Chef. We got our hands floured up with a near-final build of the game at Casual Connect. (more…)

                                Slide To Podcast #10: Village Idiot Savant!

                                Another Saturday, another podcast! This time, the STP crew is talking noise about Resident Evil 4, Drop7, and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, among other games. There’s also a spirited discussion about July’s Game of the Month award, and an inquiry into piracy on the App Store. Good times! (more…)


                                Spy Bot Chronicles Hands-On

                                What hath Toy Bot wrought?! The popular series of iPhone platformers officially wrapped with the release of Toy Bot 3 last year, but we had a feeling we hadn’t heard the last of him… and we were right. Kind of.

                                Last week, we sat down with developer IUGO at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle to take a look at Spy Bot Chronicles, an upcoming Toy Bot spin-off that’s looking very promising in its unfinished state. (more…)

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