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    FIFA 13 Hands-On Preview

    Whether Americans want to acknowledge it or not, the biggest sport in the world is soccer. Whenever EA Sports drops a new FIFA title, it’s a big deal, a worldwide event. Naturally, we were curious to see how FIFA 13 on iOS was coming along. With a Fall release, the development window is closing soon. Check out our impressions from the E3 build shown behind closed doors. (more…)

      Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Preview with Video

      Finding little surprises off the beaten trail is always a refreshing thing. Tucked away in a small crevice of Capcom’s secured booth was something we didn’t expect to see, something that has not even been officially announced. Following the successful adaptations of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on iOS, Street Fighter X Tekken is also coming to an iPhone and iPad near you. (more…)

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        Square Enix’s Upcoming Games Hands-On Preview Part 2

        Square Enix had quite an eclectic collection of titles on display in their booth, many of which are arriving very soon. Without further delay, here is part two of our romp through Square Enix’s iOS lineup. Also be sure to read part one here. (more…)


        Rock(s) Rider Review

        Wildin’ out on dirt bike time trials in abandoned warehouses was made famous by Trials HD, a classic Xbox Live Arcade game that was extremely refreshing in a crowd of also-rans. Besides its fantastic graphics, the controls and online connectivity made it a mainstay for many. There’s a large bevy of racing games on iOS, but there hasn’t been anything like Trials HD, until now. Rock(s) Rider is a new extreme racer that unapologetically grabs cues from Trials HD. Does Rock(s) Rider sit on the same ramp as the game that inspired it? (more…)

          Asphalt 7: Heat Hands-On Preview

          The Asphalt series has been chugging away on iOS for a long time now. Every year, a bigger and badder version of the game hits the App Store with aims of taking the checkered flag. Asphalt 7: Heat is no exception. Targeting a June release, Gameloft is hoping fans appreciate their strategy of amping things up another level. After spending some quality time with the game, fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy what is being served up. (more…)

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            The Amazing Spider-Man Hands-On Preview with Video

            A new Spider-Man reboot launches this Summer, and as you’d expect, our friends at Gameloft are preparing to launch a matching tie-in to coincide with the film’s debut. The Amazing Spider-Man is a huge departure from what we have seen on iOS thus far. The reason? Open-world action baby! Read on for more impressions from our hands-on straight from the E3 show floor. (more…)

              Need for Speed: Most Wanted Hands-On Preview

              Earlier today, we were able to check out the progress of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the newest mobile racer from EA. Much like its traditional console brethren, this iOS racer returns to the premise that has you avoiding the cops while beating out your rivals. While Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still several months away, we were very impressed with what we saw in its incomplete state. (more…)

                Opinion: A Skeptical Look at Kickstarter

                Over the past few months, a fascinating conversation has taken place about Kickstarter’s potential to reshape how games are funded. There some important reasons why you should care and share your voice. Game developers are collecting millions of dollars on Kickstarter, but shouldn’t we be cautious when sending our money to fund an incredibly ambitious project with a distant delivery date? (more…)


                iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition Review

                The sight of fans proudly cheering, hot dogs being scarfed down, and cold beer flowing in the spring can only mean one thing: baseball is back! Fans of America’s pastime have been well served on the iOS platform with some amazing games that have covered the simulation, fantasy, and micromanagement angles. The iOS baseball management simulation was adequately covered for the first time last year with iOOTP Baseball 2011, a redesigned port of the popular Out of the Park Baseball franchise on PC and Mac. iOOTP Baseball 2012 takes a second crack at nailing the management experience on iOS and the results are astonishing. (more…)


                Draw Something By OMGPOP Review

                Asynchronous multiplayer in social games has undeniably found its groove on iOS devices. It seems like every month there is some new flavor that the community tends to gravitate towards. One month our phones are getting hammered by Words with Friends requests, the next it’s Family Feud & Friends, and so on. Draw Something By OMGPOP appears to be the latest social craze that is finding a growing audience, and we wanted to see if the hype is justified. (more…)


                Baseball Superstars 2012 Review

                For several years now, Baseball Superstars has stood as the standard in not only baseball games, but for all sports games on the iOS platform. Gamevil never seems to let its foot off the gas pedal, and each new version brings new layers of depth and function to steal hours of our time again and again. Academics and smart folks say that a look at the past is the biggest predictor of the future, and in the case of Baseball Superstars 2012, we couldn’t agree more. (more…)

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                Charadium II Review

                Nearly two years ago, we gave a lot of love to a simple and elegantly designed game called Charadium. It was a perfect blend of Pictionary and Charades that offered an addictive and enjoyable experience on many levels. Now a shiny new version has hit the App Store to warm the hearts of social gamers everywhere, so we gave Charadium II a spin to explore what’s new and different this time around. (more…)


                NBA: King of the Court Review

                Hoops fanatics everywhere have been feeling a bit salty these days. The beautiful game of basketball was being hijacked by a financial conflict between millionaires and billionaires. We found it hard to empathize with either group, but we are happy they ultimately found compromise to deliver us NBA action on Christmas Day. One silver lining about the labor lockout is that NBA licensed sports titles have arrived on schedule. We were curious to review an augmented spin on basketball action with NBA: King of the Court. (more…)


                Nick Chase & the Deadly Diamond Review

                Nearly two years ago, an adventure game from Big Fish Games really shocked us with how awesome it was. Nick Chase: A Detective Story did an amazing job of bringing interesting gameplay, inspired presentation, and a page-flipping story to iOS gamers. Since the original game’s release, Big Fish Games has been one of iOS’s most active developers, bringing dozens of titles to the App Store. Now that they’ve released a second adventure starring Nick Chase, the question is whether it lives up to the original. (more…)


                Madden NFL 12 Review

                What a tumultuous summer it has been for NFL fans. For months, we’ve watched a contentious lockout that seriously threatened to take away the sport we’re fanatical about. With literally billions of dollars in yearly revenue on the line, we knew there would be a resolution, but we came perilously close to missing games. Thankfully, Madden football is a constant that we don’t have to wonder about. Lockout or not, the game hits at the end of August every year. Coming off of two years of consistent growth on the iOS platform, the big question is whether everything can come together to offer the best mobile version of Madden ever. (more…)


                Feed Me Oil Review

                Chillingo is getting darn good at figuring out the right type of snackable games that’ll resonate with the iOS audience. Granted, they have published hundreds of title, including some of the mainstays at the top of the charts, like Angry Birds. The new hotness that’s getting a lot of attention is Feed Me Oil. Is it deserving of the hype? Read on to find out’¦ (more…)


                The Heist Review

                Every so often, there’s a game that completely blindsides you. We’ve seen and played literally hundreds of puzzle games spanning all types of themes, gimmicks, and mechanics. Some are classics, while many are boilerplate retreads. Without beating around the bush, The Heist is an instant classic. (more…)


                TNA Wrestling Impact Review

                Any legitimate wrestling fan knows why it’s important for TNA Wrestling to release a good sports entertainment product. With the buyout of WCW by WWE owner Vince McMahon, the industry is almost a monopoly. At the height of the fierce competition between WCW and WWE in the ’90s, fans enjoyed some the best drama in years. We saw the creation of the NWO, Hogan turning heel, Stone Cold Steve Austin getting over on Bret Hart, and the “Attitude” era that finally stopped treating fans like idiots by pretending wrestling was real. TNA is the spiritual successor of WCW, and TNA Wrestling Impact marks the brand’s debut on the iOS platform. (more…)


                Vampire Rush Review

                Hack-‘n-slash and tower defense are two of the most popular game types on iOS. With the pros and cons of touchscreen gaming, these types of games fit the platform very well. The developers of Vampire Rush have taken a calculated risk by merging these genres into something different. The game combines a variety of conventions that iOS gamers are used to, but the thoughtful execution and cohesiveness of the experience impressed us at every angle. (more…)


                Woozzle Review

                Coming up with a new and original puzzler for the iOS platform is no easy task. Nearly every type of style has been done numerous times over. Relevant to that reality, putting out a product that has staying power atop the charts is roughly akin to winning the lottery. Sure it can happen, but it’s not likely. Woozzle is an interesting puzzle game that takes some unique turns to establish its own identity. (more…)


                Chalk n’ Talk Review

                Social gaming is tailor made for the iOS platform. Most of the devices are essentially always online, completely mobile, and easily connected through one of several community platforms. Gamevil, one of the premier iOS developers of role-playing and sports games, is taking a stab at social gaming with Chalk n’ Talk, their take on Pictionary. (more…)

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