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Manos – The Hands of Fate Review

Manos – The Hands of Fate is a side-scrolling action game based on a cult horror film that was released in 1960s. The film is notoriously bad, and was featured on the show ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000.’ The iOS game is filled with characters and references from the film. Such a bizarre set-up could result in a hilarious, absurd game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. (more…)


WarGames: WOPR Review

Shall we play a game? Great! Let’s play WarGames. This iOS match-3 title is based on the ’80s cult film WarGames starring Matthew Broderick. Surprisingly, in this game you play as the sinister artificial intelligence called WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) that Broderick squares off against to prevent nuclear war. (more…)

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Adventure Time – The Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess Review

What time is it? Adventure Time! Jake the dog and Finn the human star in this adventure game based on the popular show on the Cartoon Network. The set-up is pretty basic: the lonely and pathetic Ice King has kidnapped some princesses from the magical land of Ooo, and it is up to Finn & Jake to rescue them. The princesses in question are Slime Princess, Hotdog Princess, and Princess Bubblegum, and to save them, Finn & Jake need the help of their friends in Ooo, such as Marceline, LSP, and Tree Trunks. (more…)


Infinity Blade 2 Video Review

Infinity Blade 2 earned top honors from us at the end of 2011, and if you haven’t seen the game in action, now’s your chance. This lengthy, combat-driven action-RPG looks amazing, so check below for our full video review. (more…)


Galaxy Pirate Adventure Review

Galaxy Pirate Adventure is a sci-fi RPG that looks better than it plays. You play out this mobile space opera as a prince of thieves whose pirate-king father encourages you to make a name for yourself in the universe. To do that, you’ll do what pirates have done for centuries: build up a fleet of pirate brethren to kill and steal your way to the top. But the story takes a backseat to the combat and exploration elements. (more…)

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    Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol Hands-On Preview

    The Street Fighter series was born and raised in the arcades of old, where you never knew who would walk up to the machine and become your next opponent. That one-on-one random battle system was lost when the series first came to home consoles. But with the advent of Internet-enabled systems, the ability to fight random opponents is making a comeback. And with Street Fighter IV Volt Battle Protocol, that comeback is making its way to your iPhone. (more…)


    Billabong: Surf Trip Hands-On Preview and Video

    On an overcast day in Irvine CA, we made our way to Billabong headquarters. Billabong and Chillingo have been working on a new surfing game called Billabong: Surf Trip, and we were invited to be a part of the official announcement event. In addition to some time in the water, we also got some hands-on time with the upcoming game. (more…)


    R-Type Review

    Yet another classic arcade game has made its way to the App Store. R-Type is a sci-fi shooter that debuted in arcades back in 1987. Age has been kind this shooter, because R-Type is extremely challenging and features unique gameplay elements. (more…)


    Top Gun 2 Review

    Just when you thought you were out of the Danger Zone, it’s time to go back in. Top Gun is back with its guns blazing, but can it hang with other top flight sims? For the remainder of this review, we promise not to overuse the term “Danger Zone”. (more…)


    Words With Friends Review

    For what seems like an eternity, Scrabble has been the standard for word-based board games, but there’s a new kid in town who has gained quite a reputation. Words With Friends has become extremely popular since its initial release, and while it doesn’t change the Scrabble formula, it does bring some minor variations. (more…)

    Slide To Play Throwdown #1: Pixel Shooters

    Maybe we’ve been watching too much Deadliest Warrior lately, but we just love the idea of matching up contenders and settling on a winner. Of course, there’s nothing keeping you from purchasing all of the games in this week’s debut video feature, STP Throwdown: Pixel Shooters. (more…)

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    Hands-On With The Upcoming Ninjatown: Trees of Doom Updates

    One of our favorite things about the App Store are the frequents updates. Games can be retooled and given fresh content with ease. At E3, Venan Entertainment invited us by their booth to show off some of their updates for Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. (more…)


    Tron Legacy Hands-On Preview

    Disney is finally releasing a follow-up film to the cult hit Tron. Later this year the onscreen adventures of Kevin Flynn will continue after decades of waiting, but Tron has already been an influence in the video game industry long since the release of the first film. (more…)


    Highborn Review

    The App Store is already loaded with great strategy titles, and Highborn is a new contender in the fight. Highborn is a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game full of wizards, dwarves, and skeletons. It’s a charming title with a good sense of humor and fun gameplay, but it still needs some tweaking. (more…)

      E3 2010: EA’s Lite Brite, NCAA Football, and RISK

      E3 is upon us! The crew here at STP are gearing up and sharpening our blogger skills (drinking whole pots of coffee) to bring you the best coverage from the show floor. EA gave us a bit of a break by offering a few details about their upcoming line-up for E3 in advance, before things get too hectic. Here is just sample of what EA is bringing to the table this year. (more…)


      Soccer Superstars Hands-On Preview and Video

      Gamevil has given us a sneak peek at their upcoming sports title, Soccer Superstars. They’ve had much success with Baseball Superstars 2009 & 2010, but this time around you’ll be heading to the pitch. Will Soccer Superstars follow in the footsteps of its predecessors as a feature-rich sports title? (more…)


      Steam Pirates Hands-On Preview and Video

      Developer Luc Bernard has been hard at work since releasing Mecho Wars. His latest creation is Steam Pirates, a traditional RPG with a unique artistic style. Forgoing the massive battles of Mecho Wars, Steam Pirates is a much more intimate engagement. (more…)


      Stranded: Mysteries in Time Review

      What happens when you mix Jurassic Park with Lost and blend them into an iPhone adventure game? The results may surprise you. Stranded: Mysteries in Time is an adventure game with great ambition, but plagued by poor execution. (more…)


      ABOVE – Insanely Addictive Review

      Imagine what your day would be like if you had to get to work using a series of floating platforms. This is what the protagonist of ABOVE has to deal with. We assume he is going to work, since he is carrying his briefcase and looks sharp sporting a tie. After playing ABOVE, you’ll appreciate taking the bus to work even more. (more…)