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    How The GTA V Destruct-A-Thon Came to Be

    One night in January, gamers gathered at a movie theater in Austin, Texas to play Grand Theft Auto V on the big screen. The goal was to blow stuff up for charity, and it was a big success. Here’s how the event came to be. (more…)


    Lords of Waterdeep Review

    I’m going to call it: We’re in a board game renaissance. Every day I seem to get Kickstarter project alerts for new physical and digital board games. Tablets make a perfect platform for digital versions of board games, and Lords of Waterdeep is the new gold standard for the genre. So, I bid you to cast aside your D20 and enter the Forgotten Realms for one of the best board games I’ve played in a very long time. (more…)

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      Flux In-Ear Pro Headset Review

      The fine folks over at SteelSeries sent us a pair of their Flux In-Ear headphones for review. The SteelSeries products have been available for gamers on other platforms, but the Flux headset is aimed at mobile audiophiles. Apple includes a pair of their iconic earbuds with almost every iOS device (why not iPad?) and they offer a good all around experience. The big questions is, how does the Flux In-Ear Pro compare to the stock buds? Let’s take a look. (more…)


      Call of Duty: Strike Team Review

      The juggernaut Call of Duty franchise has endured mixed results when branching out from consoles and PC. The zombie iterations had much success on iOS, but a re-hash of Black Ops failed miserably on PS Vita. iOS seems to be the lucky platform for CoD because Strike Team is a welcomed and refreshing entry that rivals the stagnant console versions in certain ways. Call of Duty: Strike Team provides an excellent first-person shooting experience while integrating an all new top-down tactical mode that steals the show. (more…)

        Slide To Play Q and A: SolForge

        SolForge is a free-to-play collectible card game co-created by Richard Garfield, the maker of Magic: The Gathering. It’s available now for iPad right here. So download it, then listen to our audio interview with Brian Kibler of Stoneblade Entertainment. (more…)

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        R.Type Review

        R-Type was released in 2010, then it vanished from the App Store to be reborn recently as R.Type (notice the subtle difference of the period in the title in place of the dash.) In the meantime it has received a handful of new features. (more…)

          More Warhammer 40K Action Coming to iOS with Space Wolf

          The Warhammer franchise is launching an all-out assault on the App Store with another game based on the 40K universe. Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf is a tactical-stratetgy action game heading to iOS in 2014, according to developer HeroCraft Mobile Games.


            Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep Announced

            Wizards of the Coast has announced that their award winning board game “Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep” will be getting the iOS treatment. (more…)


            Slide To Play Q and A: Breach & Clear

            Breach & Clear is a tactical strategy game that we liked quite a bit when it came out last month. So we chatted with Wes Keltner, the president of Gun and creative director on the game, to talk about its inception, release, and what’s planned for the future. Read on for the goods. (more…)


            Dropchord Review

            The rhythm/music game genre has seen better days. It used to be that the world couldn’t get enough Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Now, piles of used “instruments” clutter the racks of GameStop stores across the country, and their DLC tracks occupy the “deals” list in online stores. The rhythm genre may be a shadow of its former self, but Double Fine Productions knows there is still fun to had. Dropchord is a “music-driven score challenge game” that combines a rock solid soundtrack and precise controls to create a challenging and entertaining experience. (more…)


            Deus Ex: The Fall Review

            It’s an exciting time to be an iOS gamer. The gap between portables, consoles, and PCs seems to be slowly reaching parity. As we saw recently with the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, console-quality games are possible on iOS with certain limitations. Deus Ex: The Fall is an impressive title that retains the style and mechanics of the original game, while making some necessary technical omissions. It’s an ambitious game that succeeds in offering a dynamic stealth action, deep character customization, and multiple ways to complete missions. (more…)

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            XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

            The original XCOM was released on PC in 1994. It combined strategic battles against alien invaders with deep resource- and base-management. It spawned various expansion packs, and built a large cult following. XCOM fell into obscurity for a number of years with a few planned sequels failing to make it out of development. 2012 saw the long awaited (and critically acclaimed) release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developed by Firaxis Games. Close to a year after release, Firaxis has stuffed nearly the entire PC/Console title into a seriously impressive iOS port. (more…)


            GP Retro Review

            Somewhere deep in the bowels of a dusty arcade sits a racing game. The faux leather on the steering wheels is ripped and foam is protruding from the seams. The second gas pedal on the right is stuck down and won’t budge. There is only one working coin slot and even that one is a gamble. Once a sought-after game that would turn the closest group of friends into trash talking competitors, this game sits abandoned now. The age of the arcade may be long past us, but we can still enjoy the charms of last gen with games like GP Retro. (more…)


            Cubemen2 Review

            Ready for cubicle warfare? I certainly was when I sat down with Cubemen2. Instead, this is a cube-themed strategy game brimming with charm, depth, and customizable gameplay. Tower defense games are a dime a dozen in the App Store, so it takes a special one to turn heads in this genre. But Cubemen2 provides something that a lot of strategy games can’t seem to capture: fun. (more…)


            Fast & Furious 6: The Game Review

            It is hard to deny how popular and profitable the Fast and the Furious franchise has remained over the years. Who doesn’t like Vin Diesel, smashing cars, and that blonde guy? The latest summer blockbuster iteration is Fast & Furious 6 (featuring The Rock for added fury) which brings us the iOS tie-in game available now in the App Store. (more…)

              Lords of New York Hands-On Preview

              At PAX East, we caught up with Lunchtime Studios to see their first project, Lords of New York. Lords of New York is a Prohibition-era title that features a rich art style, branching story development based on your choices, and poker as its principle gameplay. (more…)

                Tengami Hands-On Preview

                PAX 2013 has a strong indie gaming presence this year, especially in the mobile gaming space. While walking the floor today, we had the pleasure of spending time with Tengami, an adventure game that utilizes Japanese-style art modeled as a pop-up book. (more…)

                  Sorcery Hands-On Preview

                  Based on the popular Fighting Fantasy gamebooks released in the 80s, Sorcery by Steve Jackson Games returns as a dynamic iOS game. The team at Inkle spent some time with us at PAX to show us how this new Sorcery experience works. (more…)

                    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced for iOS

                    In a surprise announcement at PAX 2013, Firaxis said they are bringing the full version of X-COM: Enemy Unknown to iOS this summer. When it came out last year, the turn-based tactical shooter game was a major success on PC and consoles. The iOS port will support iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch. (more…)

                      STP Q and A: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

                      One of the year’s most highly-anticipated iOS games is Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, an iPad port of the 1998 PC RPG. It launches in the App Store later this week, so we asked Trent Oster, Creative Director of Overhaul Games, about the biggest changes and improvements, from the core system to the touchscreen controls and new content. (more…)

                        Epic Skater Hands-On Preview

                        This week we had the chance to go hands-on with Epic Skater, courtesy of the gang at UpUpStart. The game is currently in development and seeking funding via Kickstarter. The build we sat down with is still very early, but from what we played, we’re excited to see more. (more…)

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