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    5 Things People Hate About the iPad 2012

    The iPad 2012 is clearly the best tablet on the market today, as well as one of the best consumer-electronics devices of any kind. That said, it’s certainly not perfect. After scouring through reader emails, reader tweets, and the Apple discussions boards, here are the five things people dislike about the new iPad in this video feature starring Justin Leeper. (more…)

      Newzoo Says iPad Will Accelerate Mid-Core Gaming

      Market research firm Newzoo has proclaimed that the iPad will accelerate the growth of “mid-core gaming”. That sounds great…but what the hell is mid-core gaming?!? Initially, I was thinking that it was gaming on Middle-earth and was overcome with the urge to find the person that coined the phrase in order to smite them with the Torch of Gondor. Then I read Newzoo’s research and press release to find out more about this category that the iPad will accelerate. (more…)

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        Recent Test Shows iPad 2012 Heat Isn’t a Big Deal

        After a report that the iPad 2012 reached temperatures of 116F after heavy loads, many tech writers and consumers (and let’s face it, a lot of Apple haters) overreacted to the “issue” and Heatgate was born. Some were calling this Tim Cook’s first crisis as CEO of Apple. Others, including everyone at Slide to Play and Padvance that owns a new iPad, didn’t find anything extraordinary about the heat. A recent study shows that there’s nothing unusual about the heat generated by the iPad 2012 and in some cases the competition runs hotter. Check out the numbers below. (more…)

          Waterfield Designs iPad Bags and Cases Video Feature

          If you’re looking for protection for your new iPad then you should give Waterfield Designs a look. The company has several well-crafted products that cover a wide range of iPad-protection needs. Best of all, the company’s products are designed and made in America! In this video feature, Justin Leeper gives an overview of three excellent products from Waterfield Designs: the Muzetto Outback, the Smart Cover, and the Suede Jacket. Whether you’re looking a stylish bag, a thickly padded case, or a super-thin sleeve, Waterfield Designs has you covered. (more…)

            Microsoft and Nokia Invest Up to 18-Million Euros in App Development

            Shrinking software giant Microsoft is dreadfully behind competitors Apple and Google with its Windows Phone product. Shrinking phone-manufacturing giant Nokia is dreadfully behind competitors Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc. with its high-end smartphones like the Lumia line. Both companies realize that apps are needed to increase software adoption and hardware sales. So what are Microsoft and Nokia going to do? Throw money at the problem! The companies will spend up to nine-million Euros each on AppCampus, “a newly established mobile application development program at Aalto University.” Read on for more details. (more…)

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              Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Coming to iPad

              Overhaul games has announced that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will be released for iPad. The company previously announced a Windows PC version of the game. Originally released in 1998, Baldur’s Gate is considered one of the best RPGs of all time and the game that kicked off BioWare’s incredible run of outstanding games. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition uses an updated version of the Infinity Engine that modernizes the graphics. (more…)

                iPad 2012 Not Charging During Games?

                While the iPad 2012 has been under fire for heat issues (Heatgate?), one usability quirk that’s flying under the radar is charging. The new iPad takes much longer to charge than its predecessor. Considering that its battery is almost twice as big as the iPad 2’s, this isn’t surprising. What is somewhat of a surprise is that the battery does not charge when certain apps, including popular games, are running. (more…)

                  iPad 2012 Unboxing and Photo/Text Comparison

                  Gaming industry veteran Justin Leeper guest stars in this video feature containing a brief unboxing of the iPad 2012 and a screen comparison. In addition to learning about the new features of the latest iPad, check out how much better text and photos look on the iPad 2012’s Retina Display screen compared to the iPad 2 screen. The difference is astonishing. Watch the full video below. (more…)

                    iPad 2012 Retina Display App List

                    Here’s a running list of iPad apps that have been updated to take advantage of the iPad 2012’s “Retina Display” screen. If you see any Retina Display-optimized apps that aren’t on the list, please leave them in the comments section. This list will be updated regularly, so keep checking back! (more…)

                      iPad 2012 Boasts Significantly Larger Battery Than Predecessor

                      The iPad 2012 is here…if you happen to live in Australia. The wild and crazy guys at iFixit flew to Australia to get the new iPad and take it apart. As expected, it’s full of Samsung, Qualcomm, and Broadcomm parts. Most people were expecting a larger battery to provide power for the iPad 2012’s dense screen and powerful processor, but you might be surprised by the enormous capacity of the new battery. Check out the full details below. (more…)

                        iPad Retina Display Apps More Than Five Times Larger Than Predecessors?

                        Everyone knew that apps for the iPad 2012 would be bigger than their predecessors. After all, the new iPad features double the resolution of the old model. For many “Retina Display” apps, four pixels are taking the place of one. Naturally, art assets for apps optimized for the iPad 2012 take up a lot more space…but how much more? According to a Vietnamese site that already has the new iPad, the new apps can be more than five times larger than the old ones. (more…)

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                          Best Games of GDC 2012

                          The Slide to Play crew saw dozens of great games at Game Developers Conference 2012. Which games stood out? Watch this video feature and find out! Editors Andrew Podolsky and Chris Reed talk about four of the best games at the show in the video below. (more…)

                            GDC 2012: Skyfall Video Interview

                            You’ve already read Chris Reed’s excellent Skyfall preview. Now watch his video interview with Ngmoco producer Tom Hess! Skyfall is a potentially exciting RPG that mixes the combat and fantasy setting millions of gamers love with an exploration system that’s unique for a mobile game. Wizards, warriors, rogues, dragons, and more await you in Skyfall. Check it out! (more…)

                              Epic Games Mark Rein Talks Infinity Blade: Dungeons

                              Slide to Play’s Andrew Podolsky interviews Epic Games vice president Mark Rein in this video interview. Watch Rein talk about Infinity Blade: Dungeons and the amazing tech behind this made-for-Retina-Display game for the iPad 2012. He also gives an update on what’s going on with Infinity Blade II. (more…)

                                Slide to Play Editors Discuss the iPad 2012

                                Watch Slide to Play’s Andrew Podolsky and Chris Reed discuss the recently announced iPad 2012 in this video feature. The two editors go over the new features, chat about two of the games that take advantage of the iPad’s Retina Display, talk about Apple’s claim that the iPad’s A5X processor is four times more powerful than the Nvidia Tegra 3 in terms of graphics performance, and more. In addition to the insightful comments from the Slide to Play Crew, this video contains great footage of Epic’s Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Namco’s Sky Gamblers, and, of course, the new iPad. (more…)

                                  New iPad First Looks and Hands-On Video

                                  Slide to Play’s Andrew Podolsky gives you a hands-on tour of the new Apple iPad. In addition to going over the new iPad’s features, you get to see Apple’s latest and greatest tablet PC from all sorts of angles. Watch, learn, and love! And when you’re done checking out the video, leave a comment on what you think of the iPad 3 now that you’ve seen it on camera. (more…)

                                    The New iPad Cheat Sheet

                                    Apple has officially announced the successor to the iPad 2. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s just called the iPad — not the iPad 3 or iPad HD. Most of the rumored features ended up being true, but there were a few that didn’t make the cut. Most notably, the new iPad does not have Siri and it still has a physical home button. Here are the key points to remember. (more…)

                                      All Signs Point to iPad 3/HD with Verizon LTE

                                      Pundits have been divided on whether the next Apple iPad will have a 4G LTE radio or not. We’ll all find out tomorrow, during the official unveiling, but until then there’s more time for speculation! The latest info pointing to a 4G LTE iPad 3/HD comes from Reuters and Verizon. Check it out. (more…)

                                        Apple iPad 3 Street Date is March 16?

                                        Houston, we have a problem. The word on the street is that the Apple iPad 3 will be available in stores on March 16, 2012. The rumor comes from a new Apple Store in Houston that was originally supposed to open on March 17, 2012. Apple Stores typically have grand openings on Saturdays, but the opening of the newest Houston store was switched to a Friday. Could it be due to the iPad 3 launch? (more…)

                                          iPad 3 Launch Event Confirmed for March 7, Retina Display Teased

                                          As expected, Apple is holding a press conference on March 7, 2012. Take a peek at the image below. Clearly that’s an iPad and clearly it has a display that’s better than what’s found on the current models. Even though it’s a photograph, the increased pixel density is obvious. As many have predicted, it looks like the 2,048×1,536 “Retina Display” is real (and spectacular). As for the quad-core processor, 4G LTE radio, and other rumors…we’ll all find out next week. (more…)

                                            iNiS Announces Eden to GREEEEN for Tegra 3 Devices

                                            At Mobile World Congress 2012, iNiS announced Eden to GREEEEN for Google Android devices running the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. iNiS is known for the outstanding Elite Beat Agents and the Lips series. Built with Epic’s Unreal Engine, Eden to GREEEEN is a “tower-offense” game with gorgeous graphics and the unique iNiS charm. Check out additional details and the launch trailer below. (more…)

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