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    Revenge of the iPad Mini Rumor!

    The iPad Mini rumors keep on coming. This time around, a Chinese web site claims that manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron will be making smaller iPads. Apple does heavy business with both companies, so that doesn’t sound unusual. What does seem amiss is the source’s notion that the iPad Mini is being released to counter tablets running Microsoft Windows 8. (more…)

      Republique Kickstarter Features Former Metal Gear and Halo Talent

      Thanks to Double Fine, Kickstarter is now the trendy and hip way to fund game development. One of the latest Kickstarter projects getting a lot of buzz is Republique, from developers Camouflaj and Logan. This iOS game blends survival-horror and stealth-action gameplay. One of the reasons it’s getting so much attention is that it features talent that worked on the Metal Gear Solid series, Halo 4, and the F.E.A.R. series. Check out a video of the game below. (more…)

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        Department of Justice Suing Apple Over eBook Price Fixing

        The United States Department of Justice is suing Apple — along with publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster — for allegedly colluding to fix eBook prices. It sounds like a boring lawsuit…until you hear the details. It sounds like something out of The Sopranos — clandestine CEO meetings in private rooms at Manhattan restaurants, emails discussing how to take out Amazon, and Apple manipulating publishers so it didn’t have to compete at all. The details read more like an Aaron Sorkin script than a lawsuit. (more…)

          T-Mobile Refarming Spectrum to Accommodate the iPhone

          Earlier in the year, some T-Mobile customers that were using unlocked iPhones noticed that they were getting HSPA+ signal. The company has officially announced that it’s redeploying its 1,900MHz signal from EDGE (2G) to HSPA+ (sorta kinda 4G). Previously, if you wanted to use an iPhone on T-Mobile’s network then you were stuck with caveman-like 2G speeds. By redeploying this spectrum, T-Mobile stands to gain more customers, while customers stand to save a lot of money. (more…)


          Replace Your Car’s Dashboard with Speed 2 for iPad

          Tired of your car’s dashboard? Then why not take advantage of modern technology and your iPad with Speed 2? This nifty app serves as a speedometer, odometer, and compass. It features Google Maps to visualize your location. It allows you to toggle the compass between true north and magnetic north. Speed 2 is compatible with iPads that have a GPS unit. Check out some videos of the app below. (more…)

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            Amazon Looks to Court Developers With In-App Purchasing API

            Amazon has been testing in-app purchasing in Android apps with its Kindle Fire tablets. The company has just announced that its in-app purchasing API is available to all Android developers. This is a potentially huge game-changer, particularly for game developers. Check out a video below on the API below, as well as what it means for developers and consumers. (more…)

              GameFly to Fund Android and iOS Game Development

              GameFly, known for its game-rental-service, is getting into mobile-game development. During the April 6th edition of the Weekend Confirmed podcast, editorial director Garnett Lee said, “We’re going to be doing some pub-funding,” and the that company was looking to, “help good games get made.” (more…)

                Game of Thrones Interactive Features on HBO Go

                HBO Go is one of the best streaming-video apps for iOS. HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the best television shows of the last decade. Like chocolate and peanut butter, these are two great tastes that taste great together. If your television provider allows access to HBO Go and you dig Game of Thrones then you owe it to yourself to check out the “Interactive Features” available only through streaming (WiFi only at the moment). Whether you’re new to the series or have been enjoying the George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books since 1996, the extra information and short video features on HBO Go make Game of Thrones more enjoyable. Check out some additional details and screens below. (more…)

                  iPhone 5 Rumors Return!

                  Just when you thought it was safe in the water (or the water was full of iPad Mini rumors), the iPhone 5 rumors have returned! The latest buzz points to a complete physical redesign, a larger screen, a variation of the A5X processor, and internal testing being conducted by Apple employees as you read this. Check it out. (more…)

                    iPad is the New Coke?

                    Millions of people refer to soda as Coke. Millions of headache sufferers ask for Tylenol instead of acetaminophen or paracetamol. In the ’70s and ’80s, when people wanted a photocopy of a document, they Xeroxed it.These are all cases of one particular brand being so dominant in a product category that a trademarked name became more commonly used than the proper term. It looks like something similar could be happening with the iPad. (more…)

                      Japanese iPad Case Adds Lithium Polymer Battery, MacBook Pro Looks

                      Rakuten is selling a unique accessory called the NoteBook Case that’s perfect for iPad owners that often hit the road. This enclosure adds a functional keyboard and a lithium polymer battery in a package that looks similar to a MacBook Pro. It costs 5,980 yen, which is roughly $74. Rakuten is a partner, so there’s a chance that this product will be available in other countries in the near future. Check out an additional product shot below. (more…)

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                        Will Apple Be Forced to Make the iPad Mini?

                        The iPad Mini rumors are cranking up again. The latest wave is a result of renowned Apple pundit John Gruber. In a recent podcast, Gruber said that he knows that Apple is testing a 7.85-inch iPad, but doesn’t know if the product will come out. Since the iPad Mini rumor mill is in full force, I called up eight tech analysts to get their take on the product. More importantly, I want to hear your opinion on the so-called iPad Mini. (more…)


                        Activision’s Ingenious Skylanders Franchise Hits iOS in Skylanders Cloud Patrol

                        In 2011, Activision took the console world by storm with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. This simple action-RPG features interactivity with a line of toys; players can purchase (physical) action figures and use them in the game through an RFID code embedded in the toys. This simple feature was extremely popular with kids of all ages. It seems silly, but there’s something cool about seeing your toy come to life in a videogame. Those same toys can now be enjoyed on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in Skylanders Cloud Patrol for iOS. (more…)

                          iPhone 4S Coming to Several Regional Carriers in April

                          Do you dream about mixing the awesome gaming and multimedia experience of the iPhone 4S with the fair pricing of a regional carrier? If so then it looks like your dream will come true this month — April 20, to be precise. Apple is partnering with several regional carriers to bring the iPhone 4S to more people than ever. Previously, the iPhone was only officially available on America’s three largest carriers: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Currently, there six known regionals set to get the iPhone 4S. Check out the list below. (more…)

                            Three Reasons Why Ashton Kutcher Will Make a Good Steve Jobs

                            When it was revealed that Ashton Kutcher would be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic titled Jobs, many people were certain that it was an April fools joke. It’s real. It’s happening. And Ashton Kutcher is apparently studying for the role diligently. People are dogging Kutcher, largely because they see him as goofball Michael Kelso or that idiot from Punk’d, but there are several reasons why he’d make a good Steve Jobs. Here are three. (more…)

                              Marvel Infinite: The Future of Comics?

                              Marvel will debut its first “Infinite” comic book tomorrow with Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Infinite, which is a complementary story to Avengers vs. X-Men #1. The Infinite digital line for tablets marks a huge change for everyone involved. Artists have to draw and ink differently. Writers have to be mindful of pacing. Readers no longer have full control of the pace of the reading experience. It’s very different and potentially game-changing. Before I get into what Infinite means for each party, check out this video from the SXSW conference to get a better idea of what this line offers. (more…)

                                Email Apple CEO Tim Cook, Get Your AT&T iPhone Unlocked

                                An AT&T iPhone user recently sent a complaint email to Apple CEO Tim Cook. AT&T wouldn’t unlock his iPhone for use with international SIM cards. Cook’s office took care of the matter and instructed AT&T to take care of this customer. More and more people have been emailing Cook ( and have been getting the same results. Check out more details on this lovely customer service story below. (more…)

                                  Apple Working on Physical Controller for iOS Devices

                                  Many longtime console gamers wish that the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch had a physical controller peripheral. While touchscreens are great for their directness and simplicity, there are many games where the precision of a proper controller would be ideal. If you’re a gamer that wishes for a proper controller for your iOS device then you’d be interested to know that Apple is working on such an accessory. (more…)

                                    Survey Shows iPad 2012 More Satisfying Than Previous Models

                                    According to a recent survey by ChangeWave Research, owners of the iPad 2012 are more satisfied with their tablet than previous models. In March 2012, the company found that 82 percent of iPad 2012 owners were “very satisfied” with their products, compared to a February 2012 survey that found 74 percent of iPad owners “very satisfied” with their tablets. 75 percent of the iPad 2012 owners surveyed cited the Retina Display screen as the feature they like best. Check out the nifty charts below. (more…)

                                      Baldur’s Gate to Feature Cross-Platform Multiplayer Between iPad, PC, and…Mac!

                                      Man, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition keeps getting more and more exciting. People were already stoked for the PC version. Then the developers revealed that the game will be coming to the iPad as well. Beamdog’s Trent Oster, a former director at BioWare, recently revealed that the game is coming to OS X too. The even crazier part is that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will feature cross-platform multiplayer between iPad, Mac, and PC players! Check out these two tweets from Trent Oster’s Twitter Feed. (more…)

                                        Otterbox Defender for iPad 2012 Video Feature

                                        Slide to Play’s Justin Leeper checks out the Otterbox Defender for the iPad 2012 and iPad 2. Otterbox is known for making some of the sturdiest phone cases around and the Otterbox Defender for iPad enforces the company’s rep. This is a strong, durable, and functional case. However, it’s also big, bulky, and not for people that like to change cases frequently. Learn more about it in the video feature below. (more…)

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