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    Phil’s Apple Press Event Video Roundup

    Late last night, Slide to Play Media Intern Phil Synowiec put together a stylish video roundup of the four games demoed on stage by Apple, plus the two new advertisements and some assorted iTunes and iPod news. The video also boasts some super superimposition skills! (more…)


    Siberian Strike Review

    Siberian Strike revisits old top down shooters and puts a new look on it. The number of top-down shooters on the market might seem a little overwhelming, but with some added features and a 3D design, Gameloft’s latest title shines amid a crowded pack. (more…)


    Iron Sight Review

    With all the recent hype about Worms coming to the iPhone, it seems as though all the games in the same genre won’t stand a chance. Well, Polarbit brings us Iron Sight to try to duke it out for the top spot in that category. Video Review after the jump! (more…)


    iPWR SuperPack Review

    We’re well aware that Slide To Play readers probably aren’t the most forgiving iPhone users when it comes to battery usage — A lot of these games are damn addicting. When it comes to extending that battery life for play on the road, iPWR offers up a useful, albeit pricey solution, with its SuperPack battery. (more…)


    Silent Scope Review

    Konami resurrects an arcade classic in its iDevice version of Silent Scope, a rail shooter that pits a group of terrorists against a super-sniper in a mission to save the President and the first family.

    But despite memories of the arcade fresh in our mind, the clumsy aiming and high price tag outweighs any sense of nostalgia. At least not for $5.99.

    Check out the full video review after the jump. (more…)


    Iron Sight Hands-On

    Iron Sight is a Turn-Based Strategy game based on Worms. You control the mechanical robots on your team to attack the other team turn by turn. You collect weapon upgrades which drop from the sky in the beautifully created 3D environment. There is a campaign AND an online multiplayer mode which should give that replay value an extra kick.

    Iron Sight is currently selling for 99 cents. It’s from Polarbit, the developer of Raging Thunder and Crash Nitro Kart 3D, a company with a lot of experience in 3D graphics.

    Check out the gameplay and aiming system in our Hands-On Preview Video below.


    2XL Supercross Review

    2XL Supercross is a 3D dirt bike racing game with graphics that show off the iDevice’s full capabilities. Not only are these graphics at least as good as something you’d play on the PSP, they also run smoother then a freshly “Zamboni’d” ice rink! This is a pricey game, but you’re getting a pretty good value for the money. (more…)


    Epic Pet Wars Review

    STP doesn’t usually cover free games (and by “not usually” we mean “never”). However, we’ve decided it’s high time we paid some attention to the iPhone’s rapidly growing contingent of free MMOs–like Epic Pet Wars, which is also available on Facebook. (more…)