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Squids is Now Free

Fans of strategy RPGs (and fans of seafood) will want to pick up Squids by The Game Bakers. Its usual price is $1.99 USD, but it’s currently free.

News via Gamesindustry:

Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy Won’t Court Whales

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata disclosed part of Nintendo’s mobile strategy during a Q&A with investors. Among other tactics, Nintendo reportedly has no intention to woo whales – people that spend large amounts of money on in-app purchases for free-to-play games.

Via Gamesindustry


[Sponsored] Dungeon Link from Gamevil

Many thanks for Dungeon Link from Gamevil for sponsoring Slide To Play this week.

Dungeon Link is the latest genre mash-up from Gamevil. It’s a deep story driven RPG mashed up with a Flow-like game mechanic. With over 250 different heroes, special dungeons, raids, and PvP play, there’s plenty here to keep players interested for many many hours.

Dungeon Link is available now for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

Dungeon Link from Gamevil sponsored Slide To Play this week.

News via MCV:

Konami Shifting Focus Away From Consoles in Favor of Mobile Platforms

Konami’s been popping up in game news a lot thanks to its recent fallout with game developer Hideo Kojima. We don’t know the reason for the tension, but this could be a major factor: Konami is moving away from console game development in favor of mobile.

“Mobile is where the future of gaming lies. With multiplatform games, there’s really no point in dividing the market into categories anymore. Mobiles will take on the new role of linking the general public to the gaming world.”


Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Legend of Grimrock Review: Epic Quest

Classic PC dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock has been ported to PC. According to Touch Arcade’s five-star review of the title, it’s a heck of an experience.

For those of you who are familiar, this port doesn’t disappoint. I never got the chance to play the PC version, but I am convinced I have lost nothing in the translation. If you only play one dungeon delving game this summer, I feel bad for you, but it had better be Grimrock.

Via Touch Arcade


Squids Wild West is Now Free

Up for saving the Wild West from varmints? What if we told you the price of admission is free? Squids Wild West, an excellent strategy RPG title, currently costs nothing. Grab it while you can; it’s usually $1.99.


The Sandbox Update Adds New Ecology Lesson

Time to get back to The Sandbox and start learning again. The 1.99984 update adds a new Ecology lesson with 17 new levels.


Zombies, Run! Now Free

Popular fitness app Zombies, Run! is now free. It typically costs $3.99 USD to download. Be warned: Running might be a bit harder now because your pockets will be loaded down with all the sweet cash you’ll save.

News via VentureBeat:

Monster Strike Makes $3.8 Million Daily

Japan may have another billion-dollar game on its hands. Mixi’s action RPG Monster Strike is free to download, but reportedly makes $3.8 million daily in in-app purchases. The only other game to match those numbers is GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons.

Via VentureBeat


Dexter: Hidden Darkness Gets Canadian Soft-Launch

Dexter: Hidden Darkness, a hidden-object game based on (what else) the exploits of America’s favorite serial killer, Dexter, is now available on the Canadian App Store. You can grab it here if you have a Canadian App Store account.

Out Now

Out Now: Hardboiled

Hardboiled is a dark turn-based RPG that emphasizes survival in a ruined world. Seems humanity has set off a few nuclear bombs, as humanity is wont to do in post-apocalyptic scenarios. The game costs $1.99 USD to download.


Alien Tribe 2 Now Free

Alien Tribe 2 is what’s known as a “4X game.” Those X’s stand for eXplore, eXpand, eXterminate, and eXploit. Good times! If you’re in the mood for a little strategic space-bound genocide, consider picking up Alien Tribe 2. It’s currently free, down from $4.99 USD.

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Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Zynga, Other Mobile Developers, Trying to Court Traditional Gamers

It’s no secret Zynga’s in financial trouble. Users have abandoned its once-hot games, and the free-to-play game developer recently moved its data services back to Amazon’s cloud after shutting down its own data centers. Touch Arcade has an extensive article outlining how Zynga and other free-to-play game developers are aiming to court traditional gamers with titles like Empires & Allies.

Via Touch Arcade


Beast Quest Video Review: A Bit of a Slog

AppSpy’s video review of Beast Quest tells the tale of a game with two sides: Occasional brilliance that’s marred by occasional tedium.

Previews via AppSpy:

Hands-On Preview of Sword of Xolan

Fans of 2D action platforming will want to take a gander at this hands-on footage of Sword of Xolan, a sprite-based romp that’s reminiscent of Castelvania and Mega Man. Look for it on May 21.

Via AppSpy


The Mystery of the Crystal Portal On Sale for $0.99

In the mood for a solid hidden object game? Take a long, hard look at The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, which is currently on sale for $0.99. It usually sells for $2.99.


NimbleBit’s Capitals Soft-Launches in Canada

NimbleBit’s latest game, Capitals, proves that words can hurt. If you want to try out this word-battling game before its worldwide May 21 release, you can grab it from the Canadian App Store.


Dunkey Plays Goat Simulator GoatZ

The world of Goat Simulator GoatZ may be besieged by a zombie infestation, but as Dunkey’s playthrough demonstrates, that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for dancing and high-diving.

Previews via AppSpy:

Hands-On Preview of Starseed

Starseed is an oldschool shoot ’em up that would look right at home on the Commodore 64. AppSpy has a hands-on with the game, and it looks great in motion. It should hit mobile sometime soon.

Via AppSpy


War of Eclipse is Now Free

Game Stew’s retro-styled War of Eclipse is a unique hodge-podge of reflex, action, and adventure. Now’s a perfect time to give it a try for yourself, as it’s free to download. Its usual price is $1.99 USD.

News via Pocket Gamer:

Square-Enix Shifting Away From Consoles in Favor of Mobile

The success of mobile titles like Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is prompting Square-Enix to focus more of its efforts on smartphones and tablets, as the console market is becoming “increasingly competitive and oligopolistic.”

Via Pocket Gamer

How-Tos via Gamezebo:

Beast Quest Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

All aspiring beast masters should take a look at Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Miniclip’s new adventure game, Beast Quest.

While the game is designed to be accessible to players of all ages, it’s no walk in the park. Some of the boss fights are downright challenging, and I found myself struggling to complete them even after multiple attempts.

Via Gamezebo

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