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King of Thieves Now Available on Android

King of Thieves, ZeptoLab’s unique platforming / PvP game, is available on Android via Google Play. You control your very own adorable thief and strike out to steal gold and gems from other players in hopes of making a name for yourself on the game’s leaderboards. Since most players have the good sense to protect their lairs with traps galore, getting away with thievery takes some fancy footwork.

King of Thieves is free, and you can download it for Android here.

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Taichi Panda Out Now

Taichi Panda, a martial arts-themed dungeon crawler that has over 10 million players in China, is now available on the App Store. Featuring awesome visuals with fluid animation, addictive gameplay, and the ability to whomp scores of giant enemies with pals (or by your lonesome), English-speaking players should tuck in and see what the hype is all about. You can download it for free here.

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Oceanhouse Media Hosts Big Sale of Dr. Seuss Apps Until March 9

Do you like green eggs and ham? Do you know someone who does? Oceanhouse Media has dropped the price of its Dr. Seuss app / story library in honor of the legendary author’s birthday. You can get up to 80% off well-loved classics like The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, and, of course, The Cat in the Hat. The sale is on until March 9.

As one would expect, the glory of the original Seuss art work is included within each of these books. They also use a technique of panning and zooming across illustrations to draw the eye and to create a subtle cinematic effect that readers will appreciate. There’s an opportunity to follow along highlighted text or simply to read these books to oneself, as well as the chance to record one’s own narration as an option – a nice touch.

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Chapter 2 of Space Marshals Now Available on the App Store

Fans of Pixelbite’s tactical shooter, Space Marshals, should take note. Chapter 2 is finally available as a free download.The first chapter garnered a 4.5 out of 5 from Touch Arcade.

If you haven’t checked out Space Marshals already, you really should if you’re looking for a dual-stick shooter with a tactical edge that’s not just a mindless blast-a-thon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE blast-a-thons, but this is a very refreshing take on an overdone genre on mobile.

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Gamezebo Gives Blockwick 2 a Perfect Score

Blockwick 2 is the follow-up to 2011’s block-based puzzle game, Blockwick. According to Gamezebo’s review of Blockwick 2, it’s a highly addictive and smart game that earns a 5 out of 5.

Blockwick 2 is sure to go further than challenge your mind, making you feel at the best of times like it’s expanding it completely.

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NaturalMotion and Zynga Unveil Dawn of Titans Trailer

Mobile app developer NaturalMotion joined Zynga in 2014, then went quiet. Turns out the creators of Clumsy Ninja have been busy with its new project: An action / strategy game called Dawn of Titans. The first details about the game are available on Zynga’s blog.

Dawn of Titans embodies all the reasons why we love to make games at NaturalMotion. In short, we aim to create experiences that truly ‘wow’ players. We pride ourselves on doing the hard things – the things that do not seem possible. And like many of our games – Clumsy Ninja, CSR RacingDawn of Titans began with us asking what was possible to deliver on a mobile device.

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Mobile Game Developers Talk About Past Failures and Lessons Learned

GDC is a place to celebrate gaming’s success stories – and recall its failures, too. Gamesindustry talks to four developers about mobile game projects that just didn’t pan out, including Pocket Mobsters by Massive Damage, and Gizmonauts by Backflip Studios.

Much of Gizmonauts’ design borrowed from things that worked in DragonVale. But when the soft launch provided poor metrics, they didn’t respond properly. They had fallen in love with the things that worked, and had too much faith the game would still find success like its predecessor.

Previews via AppSpy

AppSpy Previews GodFinger 2

As its name suggests, GodFinger 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to the practically ancient GodFinger that was released for mobile in 2010. Like its predecessor, GodFinger 2 is all about playing God with a planet full of happy little people. AppSpy has a preview of the game, which is currently in soft launch.

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Touch Tap Play! Publishes Tips for Heavenstrike Rivals

Need a hand with Square-Enix’s strategy RPG Heavenstrike Rivals? Touch Tap Play! has a guide that should help you get a strong start.

Heavenstrike Rivals is a tactical trading card game where you get to amass an army of capable soldiers through magical cards. We’ll help you build the ultimate deck and fight back the Fallen with our Heavenstrike Rivals cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

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Gamezebo Posts its Picks for Best Mobile Games of February 2015

Gamezebo has posted its choices for February’s strongest mobile titles. Topping the list is Alto’s Adventure, the serene and gorgeous snowboarding game that’s all about flipping, grinding, and chasing llamas.

Sure the gameplay was familiar, but Alto’s Adventure was as much an environmental experience as it was a game. Day/night cycles, forests, and the sounds of swooshing down the slopes made this one of the most beautiful mobile games we’ve seen in ages.

Previews via Gematsu

First Look at Mevius Final Fantasy in Motion

Much-hyped RPG Mevius Final Fantasy finally gets a video showing off what the game looks like in motion. It’s only 13 seconds of footage from a Unity 5 highlight reel, but it looks quite nice. Mevius Final Fantasy is coming to iOS and Android in Japan this spring. A Western date, if one is coming, hasn’t been announced yet.

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Big Update Coming to Siralim RPG

Siralim, a roguelike RPG for iOS and Android, is getting a big 2.0 update that will upgrade the game significantly. This is the first update in a while for Siralim, which has updated every week until recently.

The game has been a regular fixture in our weekly “Update Mondays” feature, but I recently noticed that there hadn’t been any updates in almost two months. For any other game, that wouldn’t be odd, but for Siralim, I can assure it’s not normal. It turns out there’s a good reason for that, however. The developer has been working on a big 2.0 update to the game, and it’s due to hit iOS as early as next week. It’s described as “absolutely game-changing in every way”, and looking at the list of improvements, I can’t disagree.

Previews via AppSpy

RAD Boarding is “SSX Meets Tiny Wings”

AppSpy has gone hands-on with RAD Boarding, an action / boarding game from Noodlecake Studios that has you attempting to outrun Doomsday. Going by AppSpy’s footage, the title appears to take a lot of inspiration from Tiny Wings, and looks like great fun as a result.

RAD Boarding is free-to-play and should hit iOS on March 5.


SimCity BuildIt Update Introduces Tokyo Town

The most recent update for EA’s popular city builder lets you build residential areas based on Japanese landmarks and architecture, including Tokyo landmark Himeji Castle. The update also introduces an international airport as well as other small adjustments.

SimCity BuildIt Mayors can now bring their cities to life with all-new features, including an incredible International Airport as well as a new type of Residential Zone we call Tokyo Town. This update also includes a much improved Global Trading HQ based on player feedback.

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Gamezebo Chronicles the Development of Angry Birds Transformers

The development of Angry Birds Transformers wasn’t a simple matter of mashing together the hit properties from Rovio and Hasbro. Gamezebo’s Nick Tylwalk talks to the developers about what went wrong, and what went right.

Even adding a partner like Hasbro to the equation for the unlikely marriage of two powerful brands in Angry Birds Transformers doesn’t seem like it could take that much more effort, since it’s just another spoke in the mighty Angry Birds wheel.

The truth is a bit more involved.

Previews via Variety

Warner Bros Interactive to Launch Mobile Game Based on Game of Thrones

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has no plans to slow down with the upcoming mobile release of Mortal Kombat X. The publisher has big plans for the platform in 2015, including games based on Game of Thrones.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth with our mobile business and expect to increase our market share by applying our best-in-class development, publishing and brand marketing to this impressive slate of games,” said David Haddad, exec VP and G.M. of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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Wooga Sets Launch Record with Agent Alice

Agent Alice, a hidden object game for iOS and Android, hit three million downloads in four days. That’s a launch record for the game’s creators, Wooga.

Agent Alice is a result of a market refocus by Wooga, which identified “ladies who love drama” as a rich seem of older women, with disposable income, who were being underserved by puzzle games.

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The Banner Saga is On Sale for $4.99 at the App Store

Critically-acclaimed strategy RPG The Banner Saga is currently on sale at the App Store for an undetermined amount of time. Touch Tap Play!’s Francesco gives it a hearty recommendation.

The game published by Stoic can now be purchased on the App Store for $4.99 instead of the usual $9.99. This is an excellent price, considering how good the game is, so make sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible as it will not be available for much longer.

News via Pocket Tactics

Criminel Coming This Week

Fans of noir detective games will be happy to hear Criminel hits the App Store this week.

Criminel puts you in the shoes of a detective hunting down murder suspects in turn of the century Paris and, if it plays anywhere as good as the trailer looks, we’re in for a treat.

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Pocket Gamer Recommends Android Games Similar to Skyrim

Pocket Gamer put together a list of large, open-world Android games that resemble Bethesda’s epic Skyrim in scope and gameplay. Chief amongst the recommendations is Ravensword: Shadowlands by Crescent Moon Games (which is also on iOS).

Ravensword: Shadowlands is without a doubt the closest you can get to having Skyrim on your phone.

There’s a huge world to explore, first and third person modes depending on your preference, and massive dinosaurs to take the place of them there dragons.

That’ll do, right?

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Apple Rejects Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager, a game about space exploration and the “Space Race” of the ’50s, is already a hit on Steam. Mobile ports are incoming, but the iOS version was rejected because astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s name is attached to the game – even though he had a hand in making it.

We know that Apple is touchy when it comes to real people, companies, and countries being depicted in games. The reason for this is revealed in its App Store guideline 14.1.

It reads: “Any App that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm’s way will be rejected.”

That’s quite sensible thinking even if it restricts some creativity, and Apple recently used it to reject a game that satirized North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un(before accepting it a little later on).

But this ruling shouldn’t apply to Space Program Manager.

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Paris Hilton Mobile Games are Coming

Move over, Kim Kardashian. Socialite Paris Hilton is getting her own series of mobile games.

“Paris Hilton is one of the world’s most recognized names and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with her on mobile gaming titles,” said Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung. “With Paris’s eye for what’s hot in the latest trends, and our experience at making popular mobile games, we are confident that consumers around the world will be receptive to Paris Hilton mobile games and themes.”

News via Touch Tap Play!

First gameplay trailer for BlazBlue: Battle Cards

Fighting game series BlazBlue is getting a mobile card-battling game called, appropriately, BlazBlue: Battle Cards. The first gameplay trailer is now available.

BlazBlue: Battle Cards will sport 9 different characters taken from the latest entry of the main series, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, now available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and launching soon as Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend on PlayStation 4, with more characters coming after the game has been released.

News via Gamezebo

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic hits mobile this week

The pixel-based roguelike RPG Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic proved popular on Steam, and it’s coming to iOS and Android on March 5.

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is a roguelike which features three campaigns to complete, five-thousand different weapons to collect, and thirteen dungeons which, of course, are capped by their challenging boss fights. The Bitfather also integrated a hero graveyard for player’s heroes who have perished thanks to game’s permadeath mechanics. Visiting each gravesite will present the stats of that particular adventurer, allowing the player to morbidly compare their failures together.

Previews via Gamezebo

Gamezebo goes hands-on with Sonic Runners

Confidence in Sega’s upcoming Sonic Runners hasn’t been high, but after spending some time with the endless runner (which is currently in soft launch), Gamezebo’s Jim Squires says the game is quite enjoyable.

Sonic Runners is the first SEGA game to arrive after their focus shift, and if our early impressions are anything to go by, things are looking up.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Review

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a difficult game to recommend, partially because its existence is odd to begin with. The After Years is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV, an SNES classic that’s been ported more times than anyone can possibly count. There’s even been a mobile port of a Nintendo DS remake that utilizes 3D models in lieu of squat 16-bit sprites. (more…)


Agent P DoofenDash Review

Ah, Perry the Platypus. How surprising you’d get your own endless 3D running game. And by “surprising” I mean “completely unsurprising.” After all, Disney’s semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action (made famous through the hit TV show Phineas and Ferb) is a popular little fellah. (more…)

    Worms Series Turns 18, Worms 3 Goes on Sale

    You’ve been invited to attend a birthday party being thrown by worms. Worms, the famous artillery strategy game series, is turning 18 on Sunday. Team17 is celebrating the invertebrates’ passage into adulthood by putting Worms 3 on sale. (more…)


    Meltdown Review

    The term “meltdown” brings certain connotations of dread with it. If the core of a nuclear power plant suffers a meltdown, that’s your cue to make peace with whatever deity you worship before everything you love is engulfed in a radioactive fireball. If a two-year-old kicks off a meltdown in the middle of a grocery store, plug your ears ’cause it ain’t going to be pretty. But Meltdown by Bulkypix brightens things up by allowing you to associate the word with an intense, if familiar, dual-stick mobile shooting game. (more…)

      The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run Coming Soon to Mobile

      Participants in the Hunger Games don’t last long unless they know a thing or two about running, so it makes sense Reliance Games is basing an endless running title around the hit teen franchise. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run is coming to mobile platforms around the same time The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film hits theaters. Run far. Run fast. Live. (more…)

        Big Game Night: Oceanhorn, Epoch 2, and More

        It’s Wednesday in North America, but our time-travelling friends in New Zealand are currently experiencing Thursday. That means it’s time to peer into the future and get a look at the biggest game releases due to arrive worldwide at midnight. This week, a huge Zelda-inspired adventure makes landfall, a post-apocalyptic robot struggle gets a follow-up, and the art of stealth goes corporate.   (more…)

          iPad Mini With Retina Display Now on Sale

          Here’s some news that ought to whip your blood into a froth of holiday buying frenzy (if your blood wasn’t in that state already): the iPad mini with Retina display is now on sale. Apple hadn’t previously announced a specific release date for the tablet, except to say we could expect it by November. (more…)

            Devil’s Attorney Available For Free This Weekend

            What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you’re doing, make time to hang out with Max McMann, the sleazy lawyer from Devil’s Attorney. Anders Hejdenberg’s turn-based law game (yes, that’s a thing) is free all weekend. No strings attached. Honest. (more…)

              Final Fantasy Series Veterans Working On a New JRPG

              Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) are alive and well on handheld and mobile platforms. In fact, if you’re a fan of airships, dragons, and teen heroes that fly said airships into dragons with seemingly little forethought, you’ll be excited to hear about Granblue Fantasy. (more…)

                Knack’s Quest Gives the PlayStation 4 Hero His Own Match-Three Game

                Knack, a spikey-headed golem-creature, is coming to the PlayStation 4 in his own action-platforming game at the end of November. However, you don’t have to wait until the tail-end of the month to make friends with the little guy. Knack’s Quest, a free match-three puzzle game for iOS and Android, is up for grabs today. (more…)

                  Big Game Night: Tiny Death Star, Sorcery! 2, and More

                  It’s Wednesday. You’ve made it to the middle of the week. Have a gold star. No, tell you what, have a Death Star. Tiny Death Star from Disney and Nimblebit is just one of several big titles being released tonight. You can also expect Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol to fly onto the scene again, and Rayman is doing another run. Most of these titles are currently available on the New Zealand App Store, and are scheduled to go worldwide at 11 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Pacific. (more…)


                  Giant Boulder of Death Review

                  If Katamari Damacy’s young prince is the Patron Saint of Rolling Stuff Up, then the boulder that features in Adult Swim’s Giant Boulder of Death is the Dark God of Tearing Stuff Down. Giant Boulder of Death is best described as an “endless rolling game”—or maybe even an “endless destruction game.” Either way, knocking cows, houses, and humans aside like so many bowling pins is as fun as it sounds. At least for a little while. (more…)


                  Trial By Survival Review

                  Ever been called up for jury duty? It was a drag, right? Well, it beats the alternative that’s laid out in Trial By Survival for iOS: Fourteen days in the wilderness with nothing but your wits and a crowbar. Oh, you have a chance to redeem yourself by surviving – if you make some in-app purchases. If you refrain from spending money in Trial By Survival, however, you stand a better chance of surviving a real-world zombie emergency after dousing yourself in barbecue sauce. (more…)


                  Baby Nom Nom Review

                  What does a screaming baby with cobra-quick reflexes eat? Answer: Whatever the heck he wants. The titular Baby Nom Nom wants to scarf down pounds and pounds of rice, and it’s your job to make sure he’s well-fed. Baby Nom Nom is an interesting physics-based maze game that won’t keep you busy for long, but you’ll be entertained for as long as you choose to keep feeding the machine. (more…)