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Pandemic: The Board Game On Sale for $4.99

Don’t let the apocalypse stop you from a great deal. Pandemic: The Board Game is now available on iPhone as well as iPad. To celebrate, the game is on sale for $4.99 USD, down from $6.99 USD. Seal the borders, put on your mask, wash your hands, and have fun.

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Spiderweb Software No Longer Developing for iOS

Spiderweb Software, the studio behind the RPGs Avernum, Avadon, and others, will seemingly no longer be developing for iOS. Its latest RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, was pulled from the App Store shortly after its release because iOS 8.3 busted up the game pretty badly.The studio’s had other woes with the platform as well, including soaring advertising costs and increased competition. Read studio founder Jeff Vogel’s blog for more info.

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Hands-On Preview of Smash Land

Smash Land is Supercell’s next game – theoretically. Even though the title is in soft-launch, Supercell ultimately pulled the plug on another title it soft-launched some time ago, Spooky Pop. Whether Smash Land materializes or not, this hands-on preview from AppSpy makes the physics / RPG game seem pretty fun.

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Stealth Inc is Free this Weekend

Stealth platforming game Stealth Inc is free this weekend. That’s a very handsome drop from its usual price tag of $4.99 USD. Since Stealth Inc 2 recently hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via the Humble Bundle store), now’s a good time to get sneaky.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

WWE 2K Review: Good Wrestling On the Go

If you can’t bear to be separated from John Cena for any length of time, WWE 2K for mobile should be good company. Pocket Gamer gives the title a 7 out of 10, describing it as a solid brawler that may or may not be worth the price depending on how deep your WWE fandom runs..

There’s a good, chunky single player game here, but at the price that it’s being offered for, you’d expect everything to work a little bit better.

Via Pocket Gamer

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News via Gamezebo:

Pixels Movie Getting a Mobile Game Adaptation

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to see your favorite video game heroes team up to take down a bad guy? That’s sort of what’s supposed to happen with the mobile game adaptation of Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie, Pixels. This free-to-play tower defense game features appearances from ’80s arcade stars, including Pac-Man and Frogger.

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Out Now

Out Now: Masters of the Masks

Square-Enix recently launched another strategy RPG called Masters of the Masks. Interestingly, there was little fanfare behind the launch. It’s a free game with some very nice cell-shaded visuals, so give it a glance.


The 7th Guest is Now on Android

Classic puzzle / horror game The 7th Guest is finally on Android. How terrifying! No, wait, that’s actually pretty cool. Even better, it’s on sale through the weekend for $3.99 USD. You can grab it off Google Play – though it’s admittedly hard to “grab” ghosts.

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Lost Within Review: A Hair-Raising Good Time

Survival horror game Lost Within is the first title from Amazon Game Studios to go live outside its own App Store, meaning there are a lot of eyes on it. That’s creepy in its own right, but according to Gamezebo’s four out of five-star review for the title, Lost Within is a high-quality horror game, period.

In a lot of ways, Lost Within felt like a very “by the numbers” horror game. This isn’t a criticism mind you — merely an observation that I got pretty much exactly what I was expecting from it. If you’re looking for a tense game that’s heavy on storytelling (and an absolute treat for you eyes), Lost Within is an easy recommendation — especially for gamers who like a good fright.

Via Gamezebo

Out Now

Out Now: Tiny Guardians

War is deadly serious, even when its participants are thimble-sized and adorable. Tiny Guardians is a tower defense / strategy game that utilizes wee heroes. You can grab it for $3.99 USD.

Out Now

Out Now: Adaline

Adaline is a stealth / strategy game that’s all about safely delivering pizza in a forest full of hungry wolves. To survive and make a profit, you rely on the power and raw intelligence of your cat allies. Who says video games are out of ideas? Adeline can be downloaded for $1.99.

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Out Now

Out Now: Arcane Tower

If you’re in the market for a new roguelike, look up. And up. Arcane Tower is now available, and ready to provide you with hours of monster-bashing, spider-smashing fun. You can download it for $1.99 USD.

News via Siliconera:

Terra Battle Getting Crossover With The Last Story

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s puzzle RPG Terra Battle is getting a crossover with another Hironobu Sakaguchi game: The Last Story, which appeared on the Wii in 2011. There’s no word yet on how the properties will mix – an update for Terra Battle seems likelier than a whole new game – but we’ll find out more after a Japanese livestream presentation scheduled for April 23.

Via Siliconera

How-Tos via Touch Tap Play!:

Hints and Tips for Twisty Hollow

Now that the twisted puzzle game Twisty Hollow has gone free-to-play, maybe you’ve downloaded it for the first time and could use some tips on how to get the most out of your spin. Touch Tap Play! has a guide that should help you out.

Via Touch Tap Play!


Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Gets New Spells, New Enemies, and More

Nitrome’s delightful line-drawing game Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire received an update today in honor of 3 million downloads. There are new spells to cast, new enemies to defend against, and new backgrounds to gaze at. Enjoy, magic-user.

News via Gamezebo:

King Soft-Launches New Game, Splish Splash Saga

Earlier this month, Candy Crush stewards King soft-launched another match-three game. Titled Splish Splash Saga (which is fun to say), this puzzle game features fun soap shapes, bubbles, seashells, and a new octopus mascot.

Via Gamezebo

Videos via AppSpy:

Hands-On Preview of Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans, Zynga’s next game, is a big deal for the beleaguered studio. Pretty fitting for a game about armies and titans. AppSpy has a hands-on preview of the strategy game, including an appearance from a titular titan.

Via AppSpy


Final Fantasy III On Sale for $14.99

Final Fantasy III for iOS is a 3D remake of a classic Famicom RPG (which, in turn, is a port of a Nintendo DS title). It’s currently on sale for $14.99, down one dollar from $15.99. It’s not a huge savings, admittedly, but a penny saved and all that.

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Deals via Pocket Gamer:

Amazon App Store Offers Hearthstone Deals

Getting ready to download Hearthstone onto your Android-based phone? Back up. The Amazon App Store is running a promotion by giving away Amazon Coins with certain in-app purchases. In fact, Amazon has a page dedicated to Hearthstone deals.

You get 30 percent of your expenditure back in Amazon Coins so that you can put them towards more in-game purchases, basically.

What this means is that, if you’re spending money in the game anyway, doing it through the Amazon App Store gets you more Card Packs.

The example we were given by Amazon is this: if you spend $90 then you get 106 packs on the Amazon App Store, whereas you’d only get 70 packs for the same price on Google Play.


Via Pocket Gamer


Ys Chronicles 1 Coming to iOS and Android

Ys is a long-lived action RPG series, but Western audiences never embraced it as readily as Eastern audiences. We’re getting another chance to show Ys some love with Ys Chronicles 1, a mobile remake of the series’ first episode. If you’re not familiar with Ys, it’ll be a perfect place to start. No word yet on when the game will hit iOS and Android, but we do have a lovely-looking story trailer.

News via Pocket Gamer:

A Kingdom Hearts Game is Coming to iOS and Android

Kingdom Hearts, Square-Enix’s popular RPG crossover with Disney, is getting a new game (Kingdom Hearts III) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We don’t know when.

And according to a Famitsu magazine interview with series creator Tetsuya Nomura, a mobile Kingdom Hearts game is on its way. Again, we don’t know when. Nor do we know if the game will be a companion app for Kingdom Hearts III or its own game. We’ll get more information at Disney’s D23 Expo 2015, which happens August 14 through 16.

Via Pocket Gamer

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