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E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 mobile games coming to North America

Following the successes of Hitman Go, Hitman Sniper and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, Square Enix announced today at their E3 press conference two new mobile games: Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key and Final Fantasy 7. Based on the Japanese browser game, Kingdom Hearts X (Chi), Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key will feature iconic Disney characters in an RPG adventure with Final Fantasy heroes and will be released on iOS and Android. Final Fantasy 7 will be a port of the original PlayStation game, and not of the upcoming remake. No word yet on launch date.


E3 2015: Ubisoft Just Dance 2016 to launch with phone as controller

At its star-studded presser at E3, Ubisoft brought out chart-topping singer Jason Derulo to announce that Just Dance 2016 will play on all motion platforms including older consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3). Systems not camera-enabled can use the smartphone as controller. In an explosive demo at E3 2014 to Lady Gaga’s Applause, dancing with your phone doesn’t look much different than taking selfies at a concert, so expecting this to be a win for Ubisoft. Wii U, XB1 and PS4 will have access to Just Dance Unlimited, the first ever dance on demand streaming service.

Other celebrities at the show included return host Aisha Tyler (Archer) and legendary actress Angela Bassett who will voice Six in Rainbow Six Seige.

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[Sponsored] AZZL – The Animation Puzzle Game where Fun is Inevitable

Many thanks to AZZL for sponsoring Slide to Play this week.

AZZL is an entertaining hybrid of a game and a cartoon charged with emotions and jokes. Available exclusively in the App Store, AZZL is suitable for all ages and features brilliant artwork, beautiful animation, and unique, loveable characters that promise to turn an ordinary day into one full of fun, laughs, and endless puzzle-solving joy.

AZZL features innovative gameplay, unique puzzles, and even a few secrets hidden in the games nearly 100 stories. To solve each of the puzzles, users have to tap, move, swipe, and rotate animated pieces that include squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles and more.

Check out AZZL developer Jutiful on the web, Facebook, and Twitter for more.

AZZL is a premium game without IAP and available now in the iOS App Store.

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E3 2015: EA announces Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Minions Paradise, Game Face HD

Declaring mobile the largest gaming platform in the world, EA Mobile chief Samantha Ryan just announced two new mobile games at the EA E3 Presser, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, a card collecting RPG, and Minions Paradise, a builder game set in an island paradise based on Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me. NBA LIVE 16 is also getting an impressive companion app pre-launch called Game Face HD that will allow players to scan their faces onto characters in the game.


E3 2015: Bethesda’s mobile surprises: Fallout Shelter live, Elder Scrolls Legends coming

At their debut E3 press conference tonight. Bethesda announced the surprise release of a brand new free-to-play mobile game on the App Store. Available right now worldwide, Fallout Shelter is a Sims-inspired world-building game where you make your own vault and keep dwellers productive and happy with bars than train charisma, classrooms that create intelligence, and bedrooms that foster coupling, happiness and babies. Players can buy lunchboxes for additional loot, but with no paywall timers and no wifi needed, it’ll be interesting to see how long players stay engaged. Gameplay shown looked deeply engaging.

Other mobile news included a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Collectors Edition with casing for phone and companion app, as well as a new free-to-play strategy card game, Elder Scrolls Legends (see teaser video above).


E3 2015: Watch E3 Keynotes Live!

E3 is upon us and you can catch all the thrills and chills of the show with action-packed livestreams from Twitch, YouTube, IGN, GameSpot, and Nintendo, as well as on the official Twitter stream hosted by SyFyGames at #E3takeover. Here is the schedule:

Sunday, June 14
3pm PST, Nintendo World Championships
7pm PST Bethesda

Monday June 15
9:30am PST Xbox
1pm PST EA
3pm PST Ubisoft
6pm PST PlayStation

Tuesday, June 16
9am PST Nintendo
10am PST Square Enix
5pm PST PC Gamer

News via Sidequesting:

2015 E3 Party Guide

Heading to E3? It’s going to be an epic year for partying with top picks including Rock Band 4, Notch, PC Gamer, Pandora, and Pocket Gamer. For the full list, hit up Sidequesting.

End the nights at the Figueroa Hotel pool where there’s always a good time and follow @contentnow where returning editor Martine Paris will be covering all the shenanigans.

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PAX Interview: Hotline Miami 2 and Hatoful Boyfriend publisher, Devolver Digital, on mobile plans and the launch of Cosmic DJ

Some of the most talked about mobile games at PAX were the upcoming survival game, This War of Mine, the ragdoll platformer, The Sleeping Prince, and the color blending puzzler, Light in the Dark.

But what most piqued my interest was the trippy Cosmic DJ set to release this month on iOS.

A clever music sequencing tool masquerading as a super fun EDM RPG, Cosmic DJ is the first game from Austin-based sound design studio GL33K known for its work on iconic game franchises including Halo, Uncharted and Metroid.

On the show floor, I found myself boogie-ing for over an hour in Cosmic DJ, battling bad vibes to reunite lovers, best buds, a band and a dismembered corgi through the power of music. I raved to killer tracks, immersed myself in the acid graphics, and howled at the lulzy dialogue.


PAX Prime 2014: For the Love of Gaming Panel

At PAX Prime 2014, there were several panels offering career advice, with one specifically focused on what it’s like to work in the industry as a game writer.

The panel, Tinder Tales and Other Wicked Ways to Get Work as a Game Writer, moderated by me, featured Dan Tack, PC Editor of Game Informer, Samit Sarkar, Reporter at Polygon, Bobby Stein, Lead Writer for Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet, Duncan Stanley, Marketing & PR Manager at Deep Silver, Robert Workman, Contributing Writer at Shacknews, and Kyle Gaddo, Editor of Save/Continue.

Hit the jump for key insights shared included these seven top tips every budding blogger should know:


PAX Prime 2014: Our top picks for the best panels and parties

PAX is now upon us and with over 70,000 dedicated gamers about to descend upon Seattle, this is going to be one epic holiday weekend.  It took only an hour for the show to sell out back in May, and for good reason.  PAX is a 24/7 bacchanal of gaming, panels, parties, plushies, cosplay, chiptunes, karaoke, streetpassing, and donuts.

The Expo Hall is open daily, Friday, August 29 – Monday, September 1, 10am – 6pm, but there’s so much more to experience beyond the show floor.  Below is just a snapshot of what’s happening, from autograph signings with industry legends to afterhours dating advice (seriously), live 70s game shows and dancing til dawn with Twitch, Wargaming, Squeenix, Destructoid, Harmonix, Bethesda, you name it.

Follow me @contentnow for all the madness, and if you’re at the show, stop by my panel, Tinder Tales and Other Wicked Ways To Get Work as a Game Writer for a chance to win awesome game swag as I interview an all-star panel from Forbes, Game Informer, Polygon, Save/Continue, Deep Silver (Metro Redux, Dead Island 2), and ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2) on how to break into the industry, build your audience, and find work that pays.   

What are your top picks for PAX?  Share them in the comments! After the jump you’ll see our picks for the top panels and parties for PAX Prime 2014.

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