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Phoenix Wright Review

To many young people, becoming a lawyer is one of the top dream jobs, right next to being a doctor or a video game reviewer. Unfortunately, some people won’t ever achieve their goal. At least there’s Phoenix Wright, a game for those who think the justice system is fun. (more…)


X2 Soccer 2010 Review

For soccer fans, this is the best time of the year. The World Cup is just around the corner, and X2 Soccer 2010 is now available on the App Store. Following the huge success of X2 Soccer 2009, this year’s iteration tries to build upon the solid foundation that already exists. (more…)


1112 Episode 2 Review

Like an episode of Fringe, the first episode of 1112 left us with a cliffhanger ending and a tease of what was to come next for the main character, Louis. We found that even though the story was both interesting and creepy, there was a lot left to be desired as a game. Unfortunately, 1112 Episode 2 doesn’t resolve any of our complaints from the first game, and adds a few more as well. (more…)


Blackout! Review

Imagine a world without electricity. Cell phones, computers, and household appliances would all be rendered useless without power. Suffice to say, we wouldn’t be able to play iPhone or iPod Touch games, either. Lucky for all of us, electricity exists and shows no signs of leaving us, and it’s only in Disney’s latest game that we have to deal with a city entirely without electricity. (more…)


Saving Private Sheep Review

Out of the thousands of games in the App Store, there are already a few that call themselves “gravity puzzlers”. You know the kind: simply pop the platforms to make an object fall directly onto the ground. Saving Private Sheep attempts to separate itself from the rest of these games with a funny story, witty dialogue, and of course, addictive gameplay. (more…)


Espgaluda II Review

Espgaluda 2 is a top-down scrolling shooter with a frantic style shared by many other games from Japan. It’s also not a game pronounced or spelled very easily. Nevertheless, Espgaluda 2 offers explosive gameplay, intensely rendering many enemies onscreen at one time and forcing you to act quickly. (more…)

    New Shawnimals Ninjatown Game Coming To iPhone

    Venan Entertainment today announced Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!, their latest game for the iPhone and iPod Touch in collaboration with designer toy studio Shawnimals. You might recognize Venan from their previous game, Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, which came out earlier this year. (more…)


    Sketch Nation Shooter Review

    Have you ever wanted to create your own iPhone or iPod Touch game? Sketch Nation Shooter begs you to answer yes to this question. But you may want to know: Are the games you make worthwhile, or is this simply a cheap gimmick? (more…)


    Star Wars: Cantina Review

    Imagine for a second that Jennifer Aniston’s body was merged with that of a walrus. Now that you’re thinking of what that monstrosity might look like, this game might not seem like such a weird combination. (more…)