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Leaf Trombone: World Stage Review

Sure, we know how good you are at Rock Band or Guitar Hero. We know you can hammer away mad riffs on “Expert” difficulty. But you know what? We’re not impressed.

And we won’t be impressed with your mad musical skills until you’ve proven that you can play a tune on Leaf Trombone: World Stage without sounding like a depressed adult from Charlie Brown. (more…)


Assassin’s Creed Due For Release Next Week

Gameloft announced today a tentative release date of early next week for its iPhone version of Assassin’s Creed.

The iPhone version is actually a prequel to the console hit released in November 2007. Placing players in the shoes of Altair, the titular assassin, they will be tasked with retrieving a chalice from the Templars, the bad guys of the first game, in order to stop the Crusades in a Middle Eastern setting. (more…)

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Balloon Headed Boy Review

How unfortunate it must be to grow up as the Balloon Headed Boy. Egg bald with a head that gets bloated after a little gas? Did we mention that he’s pink? Charlie Brown didn’t have it this rough.

But thanks to his… unique… physiology, the title character of the latest game from Gimme5games has some special powers to apply to this otherwise standard run and jump platformer. (more…)


Vans SK8: Pool Service review

It’s no secret that skateboarding titles make money — If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a Tony Hawk game coming out every six months. They cater to a dedicated, niche audience, for sure.

But in Vans SK8: Pool Service, everything that has been appealing about the genre, from intuitive or innovative control schemes and playability, have been stripped away in favor of style over substance. (more…)


Konami Announces Silent Scope For iPhone

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today the upcoming release of an iPhone version of its arcade shooter Silent Scope. Originally released in 1999, the game puts players in the shoes of the world’s best sniper, tasked with rescuing the First Family from terrorists in Chicago. (more…)

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New York Times Crosswords 2009

“Knock knock.” — “Who’s there?”

“The death of the newspaper industry.”

Anyone who saw the Colbert Report last week would have seen a hilarious, but very accurate piece on the struggles of the newspaper industry.

But the New York Times, already with an iPhone app for its news, introduces yet another content delivery format in its New York Times Crosswords 2009 app. With its ease of use and extensive archive, it could be a game changer for how people fill crosswords from the Old Gray Lady. (more…)

    What’s New? Monday 4/6/09

    Happy Opening Day, everybody!

    Baseball is back, but the persistent march of iPhone games releases never left.

    Here’s what we’re looking at this week. (more…)


    The Treasures Of Montezuma Review

    With any great title, there will be imitators — Alawar Entertainment brings us yet another in The Treasures of Montezuma, a Mayan-themed take on the classic Bejeweled. The basic concept is the same as its inspiration, but a few minor tweaks do a good job at mixing up the gameplay enough to keep it fresh. (more…)

      Sunday Times Profiles iPhone Developers

      Tomorrow’s Sunday New York Times has a pretty good profile on iPhone apps developer Ethan Nicholas, who wrote iShoot, and other successful indie developers.

      With the headline “The iPhone Gold Rush: Develop a popular app and quit your day job,” it’s definitely worth a quick read, and reports on the current state of the iPhone development community. (more…)

        Social Networking, Here We Come!

        Fans of Slide To Play, we’re calling on you to help spread the word about us on the social networks of these here Internets.

        We’ve grown tremendously over the past 6 months, and we couldn’t have done it without your loyal support and appreciation as we try our best to bring you the best in iPhone gaming news and reviews.

        But we can’t continue to grow without your help. Please help us out by adding us on facebook and following us on Twitter @slidetoplay. (more…)


        Fast & Furious Review

        Remember when Vin Diesel and Paul Walker had movie careers? They seemed to be the hot new action heroes of the new millennium. Then The Pacifier happened, and now, nothing. Funny how that works.

        Now that these two are back doing what made them movie stars, starring in Fast & Furious, out in theaters today, the folks over at Universal have unleashed the marketing beast with a tie-in title from I-Play for iDevices. Commercialism aside, Fast & Furious is actually a pretty good racing game. (more…)

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        Shift Review

        This was supposed to be a review for Shift, but a quick first impression showed that it is nearly identical to Ivory Tiles, which was released a mere 2 months earlier. Both games are rock solid puzzlers… but since we didn’t get to Ivory Tiles, you get a package deal here! (more…)

          Stanford iPhone Course Available On iTunes

          Just one semester removed from its popular iPhone programming course, Stanford University will be offering video from the current semester’s lectures on iTunes beginning today.

          The 10-week course, titled iPhone Application Programming and taught by current Apple employees Evan Doll and Alan Cannistraro, began April 1 and will post lecture content two days after each class, free of charge, at Stanford’s iTunes U page, Course content also will include slides used in the lecture. (more…)


          IUGO Announces Starhogs, ADD

          Developer IUGO released some screenshots for its upcoming titles Starhogs and A.D.D. today.



          Zombieville USA Review

          If the rash of zombie movies over the last decade or so has taught us anything, it’s that the zombie apocalypse is a very real threat to the American way of life. Well, maybe not quite, but Mika Mobile tries its best to remind us of the threat with its version of a public service announcement in Zombieville USA. (more…)

          Sony Pictures Television Bringing Big Names To iPhone

          Sony Pictures Television announced a lengthy slate of upcoming mobile games based on its film properties, including James Bond and Ghostbusters exclusively for the iPhone, at the CTIA Wireless convention today in Las Vegas. (more…)