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Resident Evil: Degeneration Review

Anyone see the direct-to-video Resident Evil: Degeneration movie that came out a few months ago? It was pretty bad, from from cheesy voice acting to mediocre plot (even by video game movie standards).

Right on its heels is Capcom’s tie-in iPhone game. It’s straight up Resident Evil, right down to the clunky gunplay, slow zombies and awful dialogue. But that’s what we love about Resident Evil. And, thankfully, the game is better than the movie. (more…)

    Gamevil-Coke Deal A Sign Of Things To Come?

    Seoul- and Los Angeles-based publisher Gamevil announced yesterday it has signed an in-game advertising deal with Coca-Cola for its upcoming Baseball Stars 2009 mobile game. It’s not the first move for Gamevil, which signed a similar deal in Korea to promote its games on coke bottles. (more…)

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    Atari Football Review

    When you break it down to its basic X’s and O’s, football seems like it should be a simple game… but anyone who’s a fan knows that it’s much, much more than that. Just ask Bill Belichick.

    He’d tell you to stay far away from Atari Football, which incorporates exactly none of this thought or complexity. It offers up only an empty shell of a football game for the iPhone. (more…)


    Top Gun Review

    Top Gun was a pop culture phenomenon in the 1980s. There’s no debating that. Hell, it’s what turned Tom Cruise into a superstar, and maybe what put him on the road to crazytown.

    From a gaming standpoint, it even spawned a decent combat flight simulator for its time, an eponymous title for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

    Paramount provides an update to the Top Gun name on the iPhone, and it does a great job capturing our nostalgia in a pretty good combat flight sim. It’s just about everything we would expect of a Top Gun title, minus the beach volleyball and a capella scenes.

    And no Goose. Goose is still dead. (more…)


    Caster Review

    It’s a challenge to create a unique third-person shooter. The genre is already saturated, and much of what is coming out is just a retread of what’s already been done.

    Caster is the latest foray into the genre from developer Elecorn. Though it shows the fundamentals of a good title–solid gameplay, a creative arsenal of weapons, and a 3D environment that features some interesting manipulation options–it ultimately falls short due to clumsy enemy design and a lack of content. (more…)

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      Mizzou J-School To Require iPhone, iPod Touch

      The student newspaper at the University of Missouri is reporting that all freshmen entering the journalism school this fall will be required to own an iPhone or iPod touch. (more…)


      Tiger Woods PGA Tour Review

      He’s had a long layoff and a shaky start to the PGA Tour season, but Tiger Woods is back! Well… at least on the iPhone.

      Thanks to the faithful reproduction of some of the most famous courses in the world, depth of gameplay and shot selection, and presentation on par with the greatest golfer of this generation, Tiger Woods PGA Tour is arguably the best golf title on the iPhone. (more…)

        MSNBC: Will People Pay For Quality Games?

        It’s time for another shameless plug for Slide To Play head-honcho Steve Palley! Steve took the time to chat with MSNBC’s Winda Bendetti regarding the current, low-end pricing model for games in the App Store. (more…)


        Perfect Balance: Harmony Review

        Remember Tetris? Seems like a lifetime ago that we were sitting in math class with our TI-85’s killing time matching and rotating those blocks. Hell, for some of our readers, that’s before they were even born.

        But as technology has grown more sophisticated, so have the games. Evolving the whole falling blocks concept, developer ttursas brings us Perfect Balance: Harmony, which features a fantastic physics engine paired with an innovative puzzle design. (more…)


        Screenshots Surface For Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story

        Gaming site Joystiq is reporting an apparent leak of screenshots from what appears to be a Mass Effect title for the iPhone. Reportedly a bridge between the original Mass Effect and the upcoming sequel, the story delves into the background of Jacob Taylor, “a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization’s greatest beacon of hope.” (more…)

          Gameloft Posts Q1 Earnings, Sherlock Holmes Rights

          European mobile gaming publisher Gameloft posted its first-quarter earnings report today, reporting a 22 percent gain in revenue at $40.5 million compared to $33.26 million over the same period last year. Mobile games accounted for 94 percent of total revenue, with the remaining 6 percent attributed to console games. (more…)

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          Car Jack Streets Review

          The Grand Theft Auto formula works for a reason. Take a generic thug, get him in some trouble, drop him in an open world and let him run amok as he tries to solve his problems. Playing to our baser instincts, this generally involves seedier activities that would put us in jail in real life.

          Tag Games brings debauchery and mischief to the iPhone with Car Jack Streets, putting iGamers in the shoes of Randal, a degenerate with a gambling problem who has to dig himself out of debt by doing… well, you get the idea. (more…)


          Kamikaze Robots Review

          Who would have thought falling down would be so fun? Tumbling end-over-end down a steep, steep slope — No, we’re not talking about a typical Slide To Play weekend bender.

          Digital Chocolate’s Kamikaze Robots takes gravity, flips it upside-down and drops it on its head, providing a surprisingly addictive gameplay experience that’s part racing game, part destruction derby. (more…)


          Defend Your Castle Review

          Defend Your Castle is what you would get if a kindergartner designed a tower defense game. And that’s totally a good thing! With its simplified concept and charming presentation, it’s a refreshing take in a crowded genre. (more…)

            App Store Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

            With all the fanfare this week, the App Store finally cracked the 1 billion download barrier earlier today. Anyone who entered the contest should be hearing the results soon.

            It’s no secret that we’re pretty confident in the iPhone’s potential as a gaming medium — we wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t. That’s a point driven home by looking at the App Store’s top paid applications, which are almost exclusively games. (more…)


            Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles Review

            When Assassin’s Creed burst on to the scene for consoles back in late 2007, it was praised for its sandbox-style gameplay and the high level of interactivity with the environment. Following up the wall-crawling hit and coinciding with heavy online promotion for Assassin’s Creed 2, Gameloft brings Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles to the iPhone.

            Though it does a great job capturing the spirit of Assassin’s Creed, the iPhone title is clearly limited in translating many aspects of Altair’s talents — namely platforming. Along with a number of glitches in this first build, it may be worth waiting a bit before shelling out the $9.99 price tag this title carries. (more…)


            Underworlds Review

            When it comes to the mouse-driven action RPG genre, the conversation starts and ends with Diablo. Bursting on to the scene in 1996, the game basically reinvented the mouse click as the be-all-end-all of input commands.

            Fast forward 13 years, and Pixel Mine brings Underworlds to the iPhone. Basically an iDevice clone of the Blizzard classic, the title borrows all of the familiar concepts and gameplay philosophies and tries to party like it’s 1996. But what worked back then doesn’t necessarily translate to this platform, and what’s left is a clumsy dungeon crawler that stumbles more than it slays. (more…)


            MLB World Series 2009 Review

            When you boil it down to its very basics, baseball is a very simple game. To quote the legendary Lee Elia, “The name of the game is hit the ball, catch the ball, and get the f&*kin’ job done.” It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

            But what makes the game so great are its nuances and subtleties, the tiny details that can otherwise make or break a 162-game season. And while MLB’s World Series 2009 does the hitting, pitching and catching well, its lack of any substance beyond that leave it an incomplete game at best. (more…)

              iDevices: From Games To The Battlefield

              The April 27, 2009, issue of Newsweek has an interesting story on iDevices, particularly the iPod Touch, being used by the U.S. military as handheld information devices.

              “The future of “networked warfare” requires each soldier to be linked electronically to other troops as well as to weapons systems and intelligence sources. Making sense of the reams of data from satellites, drones and ground sensors cries out for a handheld device that is both versatile and easy to use. With their intuitive interfaces, Apple devices — the iPod Touch and, to a lesser extent, the iPhone — are becoming the handhelds of choice.” (more…)

                iPhone 3.0: Developer Thoughts?

                So now that the iPhone 3.0 beta has been available to developers for about a month now, with the latest build being released Tuesday, we here at Slide To Play are curious about what developers think about it so far.

                Anybody care to share their thoughts? (more…)


                Gravity Well Review

                Gravity Well seems like it’d be a perfect event for the Space Olympics, but in a totally good way. It’s definitely hard to describe, but publisher Genius Factor Games probably says it best by calling it “an addictive mix of pinball and mini golf.”

                Thanks to its original concept and high level of playability, Gravity Well makes for a pretty decent iPhone gaming experience. (more…)

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