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Doom Resurrection Review

Doom needs no introduction. It was really only a matter of time until it hit the iPhone, what with the likes of Wolfenstein 3D already roaming the App Store.

The classic franchise makes its iPhone debut in Doom Resurrection. As a result, this game most certainly looks like Doom– especially since it borrows several assets from Doom 3– but a few fundamental gameplay changes will definitely have some purists groaning, as unfair as that may be. (more…)


Ghostbusters Review

We won’t blame you if you were somehow duped into thinking the new Ghostbusters iPhone game would be something resembling the recently released console version. With the capabilities of the iPhone well established at this point, as well as backing from a big name like Sony, expectations should be high.

Unfortunately for this one, if there’s something strange in your neighborhood… ah forget it. It’s really not worth your time or money. (more…)

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    Bethesda Parent Corp. Acquires id Software

    id Software announced today its acquisition by ZeniMax Media, the parent company of console and PC developerBethesda Softworks. The sale marks the merger of two legendary games studios, bringing together the maker of the revolutionary Doom and Wolfenstein titles in id with the creator of award-winning console franchises Oblivion and Fallout in Bethesda. (more…)


    Moonlights Review

    There’s no shortage of puzzle games out there on the App Store. That’s obvious. Whether it’s number puzzles or match-3 games, it’s generally a bunch of has-runs, unambitious in their concept or execution.

    It’s the perfect environment for an indie developer to swoop in and try to mix things up. Rookie developer Jean-Phillipe Sarda did just that with Moonlights, a construction puzzle game that makes excellent use of the iPhone’s control options for a surprisingly interactive experience. (more…)

      3G S: Who’s Got One?

      We’re well aware that our readers are a hardcore bunch. We know many of you are probably in line waiting for an iPhone 3G S as I write this. Well, those of you who weren’t savvy enough to pre-order!

      And of course, we’re excited to hear your thoughts on all the new bells and whistles on this new gadget, particularly as it relates to what we know and love the most: Gaming. (more…)

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        iPhone OS 3.0 Compatibility Check

        Now that 3.0 is officially live and circulating in iPhones worldwide, we just wanted to check in with you, our readers, to see if you’ve encountered any compatibility issues with older games out there.

        If you’ve discovered any bugs or issues with games after your 3.0 update, please share them in the comment field below as you find them. (more…)

          ngmoco Taps Former Sega Exec To Run Social Networking Arm

          iPhone games developer ngmoco tapped former Sega of America president and chief operating officer Simon Jeffrey to lead its new Plus+ Publishing Group, a social networking tool for both developers and gamers. (more…)


          X2 Football 2009 Review

          There aren’t many full-featured soccer titles in the App Store, and for good reason. Capturing the level of depth and complexity required to please purists is no doubt an intimidating task, especially on a platform as new as the iPhone.

          X2 Football 2009 has risen to the challenge, and it could be the most complete soccer title on the iDevice. For starters, it’s actually called football. But beyond that, a robust control scheme and free-flowing gameplay set it apart from its competition. (more…)


          Perfect Balance: Inferno Review

          Let’s start by giving you a link to our earlier review of Perfect Balance: Harmony, because ttursas’ latest addition to the family in Perfect Balance: Inferno is essentially the same game. And that’s hardly a bad thing.

          With a few thematic changes, some new pieces and a ramped up difficulty level, Inferno certainly brings enough fresh content to satisfy fans of the franchise. (more…)



          Remember Asteroids? Back in the day, it was the only option when it came to top-down shooters.

          With the recent flood of top-down space-type shooters to the App Store, takes its crack at the arcade classic. Developer h.grenade may have been a bit overzealous in its attempt at reinventing the wheel. Overloading the title with graphics has led to serious framerate issues and its control scheme demands far too much patience for casual gamers. (more…)


          ADD, Star Hogs Nearing Release

          Developer IUGO set aside part of their E3 schedule to shock us with arguably the most inappropriate iPhone title we’ve ever seen. And we totally mean that in a good way! (more…)

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          Dexter Game Nearing Completion

          Marc Ecko Entertainment and Icarus Studios brought us by their room at the E3 to update us on the progress of their upcoming Dexter iPhone game, which is based on a four-episode arc of the first season. Lead game designer Christopher Mifsud of Icarus said the game is 80 percent complete with its design features and 60 percent complete with its content, like voiceovers and art. (more…)


          STP Hands-On: Gamevil’s Hybrid: Eternal Whisper

          Earlier today, Slide To Play sat down with Gamevil USA president Kyu Lee for a hands-on look at their upcoming action title, tentatively named Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. Featuring gameplay similar to the Devil May Cry franchise, the game is currently in its second month of development and slated for release in September. (more…)


          Vogster Unveils Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem

          Vogster Entertainment gave us a quick preview of its upcoming title Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem, due for tentative release in early September, at its E3 booth.

          A port of a popular Nintendo DS title, the game features the comedic work of writers Jay Lender of ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ and Micah Wright of ‘The Angry Beavers,’ incorporating their story into their 17-mission story campaign. Mobile Mayhem is part of the three-game Robocalypse series, though it’s the first for the iPhone. In this particular episode, a robot factory has inadvertently created sentient robots out to annihilate mankind. Your task is to stop them with a robot army of your own. (more…)


          Com2uS Announces Baseball Slugger

          Korean developer Com2uS unveiled its upcoming title Baseball Slugger to us from the E3 showroom floor a short while ago.

          The home run derby-style game is due for tentative release in about two weeks, according to North America General Manager Don Lim. Featuring simplified touch-to-hit and tilt-to-aim controls, Lim said the game is designed to appeal to casual gamers, as opposed to its more involved 9 Innings title.

          ‘It’s a sports game, but still targeted to casual users,’ he said. ‘I have a 3-year-old son, and even he knows how to play the game. It’s see the ball, hit the ball.’ (more…)


          Stupid Cloud! Review

          With the popularity of minimalist quickie games like Doodle Jump, Stick Wars and Defend Your Castle, it seems that developers have discovered a dirty little secret. More often than not, casual gamers care more about simple, “jump-right-in” gameplay than all the fancy bells and whistles of a big-budget game. Just look at the App Store Top 10.

          Stupid Cloud! comes right in on the back of Doodle Jump, with a similar hand-drawn design that almost plays like its stepbrother in reverse. But while it’s accessible to even the most casual of gamers, its lack of what’s become a requirement for mini-games–online scoring–handicaps it in comparison to its brethren. (more…)


          Brave Dwarves Review

          Isn’t the politically correct term “little people”?

          The fantasy definition of dwarf is probably what the makers of Brave Dwarves had in mind when they developed the iPhone port of the old-school shareware title. Unambitious in its concept, the title asks very little of its players on its way to being a rather mundane and tedious platformer. (more…)


          Merlin’s Legacy Review

          Who knew Merlin was such a badass?

          In pop culture, he’s always been portrayed as a humble and gentle old man, patiently guiding King Arthur toward his destiny.

          In Merlin’s Legacy, we see the other side of Merlin, training his disciple to become a one-man wrecking crew of magical awesomeness. Presented as a 2D fighting game, this title features unexpected depth to its gameplay through an impressive variety of spells. (more…)

            Join Our Team! STP Seeking New Writers

            If you haven’t noticed by now, Slide To Play just keeps on growing and growing. So we’re going to go ahead and grow some more, just to meet the demands of our ever-expanding readership.

            Slide To Play is looking to add one or two more writers to our current stable. If you think you’ve got the chops to join the team, please read on… (more…)


            iZombie Death March Review

            We know what you’re thinking.

            Yet another zombie game? Enough is enough!

            It seems like every week, there’s another undead shooter rising from the grave demanding your time and money. Zombies are the new ninjas. The hipster’s vampire. Brains!

            Enter iZombie Death March, a top-down shooter that features some relatively interesting level design and excellent implementation of iPhone technology. But despite the strength of its presentation, it ultimately falls short due to a serious lack of content. (more…)


            Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks

            When it comes to 2D, side-scrolling racing games, Excitebike for the Nintendo Entertainment System is usually the first name that comes to mind. The simple, yet engaging, formula works. Or at least it did way back then.

            Digital Chocolate, known for its success with simple gaming concepts, ports mobile title Stunt Car Racing 99 Tracks to the iPhone. But the title seems unambitious in its use of iPhone technology, or lack thereof, and definitely shows its mobile roots in its uninspiring presentation. (more…)

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