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    Nintendo Remains Dismissive of iPhone Threat

    You have to wonder whether those at Apple are annoyed or amused at Nintendo’s continued insistence that the giant represents no threat to its gaming business. Despite analysts such as Michael Pachter claiming Apple is becoming a major player in the industry, Nintendo still believes it need not worry about either the iPhone or iPod Touch. (more…)

      Universomo No More: THQ Closes Finnish Developer

      Despite picking up the studio less than three years ago, THQ has announced it has closed Finnish mobile developer Universomo as the publisher continues to restructure its handheld business. (more…)

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        Apple Reveals Sweatshop-like Factory Conditions

        For the second time in as many years, Apple has admitted that children have been found working in its factories. (more…)

          Pachter: Apple Stumbles Into Serious Gaming

          His predictions are quoted so often, he’s almost become a celebrity, but that hasn’t stopped Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter from sticking his neck out when he sees fit. (more…)

            iPhone Takes Third Place in Smartphone Race

            Though Windows Mobile is effectively dead (Windows Phone set to be the chosen moniker when the flashy-looking Series 7 OS launches later this year), that won’t stop those at Apple celebrating the news that iPhone sales sailed past those of Microsoft’s mobile division last year, moving iPhone into third place in the global smartphone race in the process. (more…)

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              Foursquare Fuels Privacy Debate

              Though it’s still a genre arguably in its infancy, that hasn’t stopped the abundance of location-based social apps currently flooding onto iPhone from stealing the attention of the mainstream media. (more…)

                OnLive Demos Crysis on iPhone, iPad Games Likely

                Those of you with long memories might remember the folks behind OnLive, the “cloud gaming” service designed to allow users to play big, bulky games streamed over the internet, making a big fuss about a possible iPhone version back in November. Now, with the iPad nearly upon us, it would appear that they’re even more confident that their yet-to-launch but much-hyped service can make the transition. (more…)

                  Apple Increases 3G Download Cap to 20 MB

                  Just recently it was revealed that Apple has silently increased the download limit over 3G internet connections from 10 MB to 20 MB. Previous restrictions required applications larger than 10 MB to be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection.


                    Microsoft Takes a Swipe at the iPhone

                    As one of the smartphone leaders, the iPhone is a natural target for any mobile manufacturers looking to unseat Apple. In a week where RIM founder Mike Lazaridis has already claimed BlackBerry phones have an advantage over iPhone because of their lack of data-intensive apps, Microsoft has taken a similar swipe at Apple, claiming Windows Phone 7 handsets won’t be flooded with “6,000 different arcade puzzle games”. (more…)


                    All-In-1 Gamebox Review

                    We’re all used to seeing “value packs” pop up for old formats, whether it’s in the form of a mini-console that sits under your TV or all-in-one discs that transform your Xbox 360 into a Genesis for a few hours. Having one turn up on iPhone, however, could be a little disconcerting. Is it all over already? Has our favorite gaming haven already become a relic? (more…)

                      Gameloft and Ubisoft in Sibling Rivalry Over iPhone

                      You can’t beat a good bit of sibling rivalry, though it has to be said, the relationship between mobile developers Gameloft and its partner publisher Ubisoft appears to have heated up beyond the norm lately. (more…)

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                        Activision Veterans iPhone-Bound With New Studio

                        Activision co-founder David Crane has set up a new studio with long-time business partner Garry Kitchen. The company is set to focus expressly on iPhone development. (more…)


                        Revolution Software Working on Two New Titles

                        It was a happy day for all adventure fans when Revolution’s point-and-click classic Broken Sword: Director’s Cut hit the App Store, following the success of Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered just a few months earlier. (more…)

                          iPad a Game Changer, Claims Disney

                          While Ubisoft seems to be stalling its iPhone development, one publisher that’s determined to throw its weight behind the App Store is Disney Interactive, the house that Mickey built. In fact, during a recent conference call, CEO Bob Iger proclaimed the iPad a ‘game changer.’ (more…)

                            Ubisoft: iPhone Not as Profitable as Other Formats

                            There’s something slightly confusing about French publisher Ubisoft’s attitude to iPhone gaming. The company has recently announced heavyweight franchises for the App Store, with Silent Hunter, Assassin’s Creed 2 Multiplayer, and Anno Dawn of Discovery all adding to Ubisoft’s iPhone output. But they also say it’s not as profitable of a platform. (more…)

                              Survey: iPhone Development On The Rise

                              Developer momentum behind iPhone looks set to continue this year, with news that support is on the rise further backing up claims that the format is set for a Wii-beating 2010. This optimism is fueled by the results of a survey carried out by Gamasutra’s sister service Game Developer Research. The site recently questioned more than 800 videogame professionals in an effort to predict just which platforms are on the up and which are due for a slump. (more…)

                                Sega Leak Confirms Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for iPhone

                                It’s no secret that Sonic zealots have been split firmly down the middle for the last 15 years or so. While almost all of them recognize the Sega mascot’s original four Genesis releases as bona fide classics, that’s where all too many are willing to draw the line. (more…)

                                  Sony: iPad Will Generate Sales For PSP

                                  It’s an age old response in this industry: when someone launches a new product that threatens your existing lineup, claim that, somehow, their new device will actually help boost the sales of your own. (more…)


                                  Fishlabs: iPad Completes Apple’s Assault on Gaming

                                  Developer reception to last week’s official iPad unveiling continues to flood in, almost all offering a positive take on Apple’s new device. Indeed, one constant theme in the multitude of responses seems to be that, rather than taking on the role of iPhone successor, most believe the iPad will actually complement Apple’s current line-up. (more…)

                                    iPhone Increasing Share of Smartphone Market

                                    Despite the millions of us with an iPhone in our pockets (including those of you reading this story on one of them as we speak) it may surprise you to know that Apple isn’t the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. (more…)


                                    Sonic’s Olympic Effort Hits App Store

                                    Is it some kind of bust up? Are Sega and Nintendo’s new-found allies already in relationship counseling, as we speak? Or, is it merely the result of some entirely obvious but nonetheless frustrating licensing issues? (more…)

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