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    Digital Chocolate Planning Social Explosion on iPhone

    Anyone who knows anything about Digital Chocolate CEO Trip Hawkins knows he’s not one to back away from a challenge. (more…)

      Suicides and Strikes Could Push Up iPhone Price

      While the world put itself on pause yesterday to evaluate the impact of the forthcoming iPhone 4, speculation in economic circles suggest the price of the device could well be forced up in the coming months– whether Apple likes it or not. (more…)

        FreeAppADay to Launch Promo App Next Week

        It’s a testament to the strength of the iPhone that the very act of promoting apps has becoming something of a business in itself. One of the leading “discovery sites” will up the ante next week when it launches a dedicated promo app for the iPhone. (more…)

          iPad Hits Two Million in Two Months

          Just days after we were reporting “mission accomplished” over on our sister site Padvance, it would appear our sentiment was more prophetic than we initially realized, with Apple yesterday announcing worldwide iPad sales have already surpassed two million. (more…)

            Verizon Subscribers Keen on iPhone

            With Apple’s contract with AT&T likely to see the iPhone remain exclusively on the network until some time in 2012, the chances of Verizon getting its hands on the device seem slimmer than ever. (more…)

              Sonic 4 Scores Extra Levels on iPhone

              Its release on iPhone only recently confirmed, Sega already appears to be going the extra mile with Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Sega has revealed that the version that hits the App Store later this year will come with two extra levels. (more…)

                Sony: PSP Minis Too Similar to iPhone Games

                Unlike Nintendo, which has only recently acknowledged that Apple exists, let alone accepted that it’s a threat, Sony has been more than aware of the potential for the iPhone to eat into the PSP’s market share ever since it first appeared on the scene. (more…)

                  Blizzard Announces Warcraft Auction House for iPhone

                  Given there are currently more than 85 million iPhone and iPod touch consumers around the globe, it’s perhaps not surprising that MMORPG specialist Blizzard is keen to snap up a slice of the action. (more…)

                    Sonic 4 Confirmed for iPhone, But Hit by Delay

                    Good news is, quite often, quickly followed by bad. While Sega has finally revealed that, as rumored, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is in development for iPhone as well as Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s also sadly confirmed that the 2D platformer has been hit by a delay. (more…)

                      Apple: iPhone Leak “Immensely Damaging”

                      There’s no denying that plenty of folk openly speculated as to whether the now infamous iPhone leak was one of those accidentally-on-purpose tricks to drum up support for the forthcoming handset refresh. (more…)