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    Crytek Calls iPhone a Disservice to Gaming

    Once upon a time, people used Crytek titles as a benchmark for graphical excellence, gamers the world over upgrading their PCs just so they could play Far Cry or Crysis. (more…)


    Sonic 2 Speeds Onto iPhone in New Zealand

    While much of our attention has been focused on the still-rumored-but-not-yet-confirmed release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on the iPhone, Sega recently announced that Sonic 2–possibly the most celebrated release in the series–was iPhone-bound. (more…)

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      Ngmoco: Apple Game Center Reinforces Plus+

      The revelation of Apple’s Game Center–already billed by many as Xbox Live for iPhone–has been met with both praise and shock within the industry. (more…)

        Nintendo of America President: iPad and iPhone Not Even a Gaming Snack

        Nintendo has had to deal with a fair amount of criticism from gamers lately, as the sheen has finally begun to come off the considerable empire the Wii and DS have built over the last few years. But rather than hit back at its closest rivals, Sony and Microsoft, the company seems to be turning its attention towards Apple. (more…)


        Freeverse Launches Subscription-Based MMO CastleCraft for iPad

        Prolific mobile developer Freeverse has officially launched CastleCraft, its first MMORPG for the iPad. The app itself is available without charge but comes via a number of subscription based packages for those eager to become king of their own kingdoms. (more…)

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          App Store Goes Live on Facebook

          It’s seemingly the most obvious marriage in the history of mobile gaming. Like two friends in a film who seemingly belong together but don’t realize it until the very end of the movie, the launch of an official App Store page on Facebook yesterday cannot have come a moment too soon. (more…)

            New iPad Pre-Orders Slip to April 12

            Even in the midst of this digital world, sometimes it still pays to buy things over the counter. Well, that’s if you’re expecting to have an iPad on day one, anyway. (more…)


            Nazi Knock-Out: The Saboteur Hits iPhone

            Though it might not have been the Assassin’s Creed-like killer app many were hoping for, The Saboteur was nonetheless prepped as a big holiday release for EA on consoles, and the title also proved to be Pandemic’s last stand. Now, without almost any hype whatsoever, Sean Devlin’s fight against the Nazis across Paris has just sneaked onto the iPhone. (more…)

              iPhone Eating Into DS, PSP’s US Share

              While Apple will no doubt be worried about the scores of mobile-based challengers the iPhone is going to have to contend with over the next few years (Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 currently generating headlines aplenty the world over), the giant can be pleased with the ground it’s made on its handheld gaming rivals. (more…)

                Christmas Comes Early as Apple Allows App Gifting

                Already a popular feature on iTunes, Apple has finally brought its gifting system to the App Store, allowing users to give paid-for apps to their friends at the touch of a button. (more…)


                Apple Pulls $400 App After Spat

                What happens when you take a very public poke or two at the App Store? Funnily enough, your app gets pulled. Although, Apple might claim that in this particular case, things were a little more complex than that. (more…)

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                Lima Sky: Doodle Jump Will Beat PopCap to 4 Million

                It’s worth pointing out (for the sake of our lawyers) that Lima Sky’s Igor Pusenjak isn’t being entirely serious when he claims Doodle Jump will ‘beat PopCap’ to 4 million. Still, his statement is testament to just how well Doodle Jump is doing on the App Store. (more…)


                Garfield Turns Doodle Jump As Pooky Quest Hits App Store

                Someone over at Cobra Fridge has clearly been enjoying a game or two of Doodle Jump. In truth, with sales having recently passed the 3 million mark, there can’t be many of us who haven’t had a crack at tilting that oh-so-cute Doodle up to new heights. (more…)

                  No Fantasy: Square Enix Working on iPhone RPG

                  While Final Fantasy XIII may be receiving a somewhat lukewarm response on consoles, the news that Square Enix is working on its first dedicated iPhone RPG, which some are pitching as Final Fantasy for the iPhone, has us feeling hopeful. (more…)

                    Report: Motorola Droid Hits One Million Faster Than iPhone

                    The ever-hot battle between the iPhone and Android took another unexpected turn this week, with analytics firm Flurry revealing it believes Motorola’s Droid handset sold its first one million units quicker than the iPhone. (more…)

                      Android Advocate Lays Into Apple

                      Competition is healthy, and it also creates plenty of juicy quotes. The latest comes from Android “Developer Advocate” Tim Bray, a former Sun Microsystems employee who uses his new blog to talk about Apple following his recent appointment at Google. (more…)


                      Puzzle Quest: Chapter 3 Launches As In-App Purchase

                      No one would go and see a movie with a third of the scenes cut out, or pick up a book with scores of pages missing. Playing a game without a conclusion is equally frustrating, so the news that TransGaming has released the final chapter of the Puzzle Quest trilogy on the App Store will no doubt please the fans of its puzzle/RPG action. (more…)

                        Competition Heats Up In US Smartphone Market

                        What makes tracking just how well the iPhone is doing difficult is the reluctance of major mobile manufacturers or retailers to release official sales figures. Unlike the standard games industry, which has the NPD to fall back on, those looking to see just who is making their mark in the world of smartphones have to rely on third-party sources– sources that generate their figures using a variety of different, and sometimes confusing, means. (more…)

                          Analyst: Apple to Build 5 million iPads in First Half of 2010

                          With the much-hyped launch of the iPad less than a month away, speculation that Apple had to delay its release due to manufacturing issues is rife– although one industry analyst isn’t willing to toe the line. (more…)

                            Rumor: Secret of Monkey Island 2 Coming to iPhone

                            Given the stellar performance of the original Secret of Monkey Island on the iPhone last summer, the suggestion that LucasArts is working on bringing its follow-up to the App Store later this year would hardly be a surprising one. (more…)

                              Teaser Site Reveals Splinter Cell is iPhone Bound

                              We’re not too ashamed to admit that we would never have cracked this code. Thanks to the skill of someone more astute than us, however, it would appear that Ubisoft has all but confirmed that Splinter Cell is in development for the iPhone. (more…)

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