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    Suicides and Strikes Could Push Up iPhone Price

    While the world put itself on pause yesterday to evaluate the impact of the forthcoming iPhone 4, speculation in economic circles suggest the price of the device could well be forced up in the coming months– whether Apple likes it or not. (more…)

      FreeAppADay to Launch Promo App Next Week

      It’s a testament to the strength of the iPhone that the very act of promoting apps has becoming something of a business in itself. One of the leading “discovery sites” will up the ante next week when it launches a dedicated promo app for the iPhone. (more…)

        iPad Hits Two Million in Two Months

        Just days after we were reporting “mission accomplished” over on our sister site Padvance, it would appear our sentiment was more prophetic than we initially realized, with Apple yesterday announcing worldwide iPad sales have already surpassed two million. (more…)

          Verizon Subscribers Keen on iPhone

          With Apple’s contract with AT&T likely to see the iPhone remain exclusively on the network until some time in 2012, the chances of Verizon getting its hands on the device seem slimmer than ever. (more…)

            Sonic 4 Confirmed for iPhone, But Hit by Delay

            Good news is, quite often, quickly followed by bad. While Sega has finally revealed that, as rumored, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is in development for iPhone as well as Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s also sadly confirmed that the 2D platformer has been hit by a delay. (more…)

              Ngmoco Picks Up Touch Pets Dev Stumptown

              They say people who work together often end up getting so close that they eventually tie the knot. Such romantic soothsaying would appear to be on the money when it comes to Ngmoco, as news broke this week that it has acquired Stumptown Game Machine for an undisclosed fee. (more…)

                FIFA Rival Pro Evolution Soccer Hitting App Store In June

                You might not be aware of it, but there’s been a war going on in Europe for many a year now. A war with balls. While millions of gamers across the continent pick up each and every FIFA title EA churns out year after year, many soccer aficionados prefer to buy Konami’s alternative, Pro Evolution Soccer. (more…)

                  Capcom Signs Up For OpenFeint

                  Though many had assumed Apple Game Center’s forthcoming debut would end the iPhone’s currently existing online networks, Aurora Feint’s OpenFeint shows no sign of stopping, this week announcing a match-up with publishing heavyweight Capcom. (more…)

                    iPhone 4G Announcement Expected in June

                    While rivals launch new products or services via videos on YouTube or new ad campaigns, there’s always been something more glitzy about Apple’s major announcements since the iPhone launched back in 2007. (more…)

                      Adobe Takes Swipe at Apple as iPhone Is Ruled Out

                      If you’ve been busy keeping an eye on the very public bickering between Adobe and Apple, you might have noticed any kind of resolution always seemed a long way off. But now Adobe appears to have admitted defeat, acknowledging that Flash has no part to play in iPhone development, present or future. (more…)

                        Nintendo of America President: iPad and iPhone Not Even a Gaming Snack

                        Nintendo has had to deal with a fair amount of criticism from gamers lately, as the sheen has finally begun to come off the considerable empire the Wii and DS have built over the last few years. But rather than hit back at its closest rivals, Sony and Microsoft, the company seems to be turning its attention towards Apple. (more…)

                          App Store Goes Live on Facebook

                          It’s seemingly the most obvious marriage in the history of mobile gaming. Like two friends in a film who seemingly belong together but don’t realize it until the very end of the movie, the launch of an official App Store page on Facebook yesterday cannot have come a moment too soon. (more…)

                            New iPad Pre-Orders Slip to April 12

                            Even in the midst of this digital world, sometimes it still pays to buy things over the counter. Well, that’s if you’re expecting to have an iPad on day one, anyway. (more…)

                              iPhone Eating Into DS, PSP’s US Share

                              While Apple will no doubt be worried about the scores of mobile-based challengers the iPhone is going to have to contend with over the next few years (Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 currently generating headlines aplenty the world over), the giant can be pleased with the ground it’s made on its handheld gaming rivals. (more…)

                                Android Advocate Lays Into Apple

                                Competition is healthy, and it also creates plenty of juicy quotes. The latest comes from Android “Developer Advocate” Tim Bray, a former Sun Microsystems employee who uses his new blog to talk about Apple following his recent appointment at Google. (more…)

                                  Competition Heats Up In US Smartphone Market

                                  What makes tracking just how well the iPhone is doing difficult is the reluctance of major mobile manufacturers or retailers to release official sales figures. Unlike the standard games industry, which has the NPD to fall back on, those looking to see just who is making their mark in the world of smartphones have to rely on third-party sources– sources that generate their figures using a variety of different, and sometimes confusing, means. (more…)

                                    Teaser Site Reveals Splinter Cell is iPhone Bound

                                    We’re not too ashamed to admit that we would never have cracked this code. Thanks to the skill of someone more astute than us, however, it would appear that Ubisoft has all but confirmed that Splinter Cell is in development for the iPhone. (more…)

                                      Nintendo Remains Dismissive of iPhone Threat

                                      You have to wonder whether those at Apple are annoyed or amused at Nintendo’s continued insistence that the giant represents no threat to its gaming business. Despite analysts such as Michael Pachter claiming Apple is becoming a major player in the industry, Nintendo still believes it need not worry about either the iPhone or iPod Touch. (more…)

                                        Pachter: Apple Stumbles Into Serious Gaming

                                        His predictions are quoted so often, he’s almost become a celebrity, but that hasn’t stopped Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter from sticking his neck out when he sees fit. (more…)

                                          iPhone Takes Third Place in Smartphone Race

                                          Though Windows Mobile is effectively dead (Windows Phone set to be the chosen moniker when the flashy-looking Series 7 OS launches later this year), that won’t stop those at Apple celebrating the news that iPhone sales sailed past those of Microsoft’s mobile division last year, moving iPhone into third place in the global smartphone race in the process. (more…)

                                            Foursquare Fuels Privacy Debate

                                            Though it’s still a genre arguably in its infancy, that hasn’t stopped the abundance of location-based social apps currently flooding onto iPhone from stealing the attention of the mainstream media. (more…)

                                              OnLive Demos Crysis on iPhone, iPad Games Likely

                                              Those of you with long memories might remember the folks behind OnLive, the “cloud gaming” service designed to allow users to play big, bulky games streamed over the internet, making a big fuss about a possible iPhone version back in November. Now, with the iPad nearly upon us, it would appear that they’re even more confident that their yet-to-launch but much-hyped service can make the transition. (more…)