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Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad Review

Evil is an oft-neglected demographic in the world of game development. Grumpyface Studios (the makers of Super Mole Escape) and Adult Swim Games have teamed up to fill this void with Castle Doombad, a 2D, side-scrolling trap game. Players take on the role of a minion in the service of Dr. Lord Evilstein and are tasked with setting up a collection of traps to fend off waves of attacking heroes.

Gameplay is presented in an Angry Birds format, where each level is essentially a puzzle, and several levels make up one of the four chapters of the game. The actual gameplay in each level is simple, but always fun. Heroes attack your castle in an attempt to free the princess who Evilstein has locked away in the top level, and it’s your job to kill these heroes. Though that may be almost too simple, Castle Doombad sets its pacing and progression curve to make sure things are always fresh and fun.

Depth is Castle Doombad’s strongest point. At first, heroes start off simple, attacking you with a sword and not much else. As the levels progress, you’ll start to run into more creative heroes. Some try to destroy your traps, and others are much harder to kill. You’ll need to adjust how to set traps based on the heroes that are spawned.


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Universal Rating: 9+

Castle Doombad is a game from [adult swim], originally released 9th January, 2014 for iOS

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