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Castle Doombad Review

Evil is an oft-neglected demographic in the world of game development. Grumpyface Studios (the makers of Super Mole Escape) and Adult Swim Games have teamed up to fill this void with Castle Doombad, a 2D, side-scrolling trap game. Players take on the role of a minion in the service of Dr. Lord Evilstein and are tasked with setting up a collection of traps to fend off waves of attacking heroes. (more…)


Band Stars Review

Band Stars marks a series of firsts: It’s Six Foot Kid’s first game, and it’s also Halfbrick’s first foray into publishing. Thankfully, this team-up has produced a fun game. Bands Stars is easy to learn and master, but it’s also just as easy to walk away from.  (more…)


Double Dragon Trilogy Review

Double Dragon Trilogy is the latest app from DotEmu, who have previously published iOS arcade ports like Metal Slug 3 and Raiden Legacy. As the name implies, Double Dragon Trilogy consists of ports of the three original Double Dragon games. While these are perfect ports of the arcade originals, a handful of new features come off as less then perfect.  (more…)