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Cheap Shot: The Price is Right 2010

If you ever ran excitedly to the living room to watch The Price is Right with grandma, (or maybe if you are the tech savvy grandma reading this review right now), then you will absolutely love this game. All the Price is Right staples are here: the fabulous, glitzy music, the absolutely genius games and of course, fabulous prizes announced in the most spectacular way. But there’s no Bob Barker and no messages about neutering your pets at the end of every game, sadly. (more…)


Tower Bloxx New York Review

We believe anyone who picks up Tower Bloxx New York will be able to instantly understand it and have a pretty good time. This game mixes the neighborhood-building of SimCity with an easily understandable yet challenging tower-building game for some enjoyable results. (more…)


ImageQuest Review

ImageQuest is a game that gives you nine images and asks you to find the keyword that links them together in under 20 seconds. For example, the game will give you pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Paris Hilton, and you must type in “Paris” as the word that links the images. (more…)


Mike V: Do or Die Skateboarding Review

Mike V: Do or Die Skateboarding makes us wonder if the iPhone’s game makers are just a little too ambitious. Many of the best games in the App Store are simple, but so many studios seem to be trying to make the next Civilization, Halo, or in this case, Tony Hawk, on Apple’s limited device. Mike V: Do or Die Skateboarding is a game that has all the flash to satisfy its skating demographic, but it lacks a good skating experience at its core. (more…)


Rayman 2: The Great Escape Review

Rayman 2 is a trial to play on the iPhone. It’s a highly-praised 3D platformer from the Nintendo 64-era that translates poorly to the buttonless, small screen of the iPhone. Watching yourself play Rayman 2 on the iPhone is like watching an elderly person play videogames for the first time. It’s hard to do even the simplest of things. (more…)


Are You Alright? Review

Are You Alright? is a game that helps us understand why some people can be workaholics. There’s something naturally addicting about the busyness of a high-performance job, having a thousand things on your plate, and being able handle it all. Much like the popular time management game Diner Dash, Are You Alright? places you in charge of a bustling business, this time a hospital, and it’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t fall to pieces. (more…)


Bird Strike: Gold Edition Review

We like a bloody two-stick shooter as much as the next gamer, but Bird Strike disarmed us with its relentless cuteness. It’s a game made with Pixar-like cartoony charm, and you can’t help but cheer on your little bird when you slingshot him from his bird wire and direct him to collect boosting rockets on his way to space. Confession: We may have giggled. (more…)

    OpenFeint Devs Enthusiastic About iPad Screen Size and Price

    OpenFeint, the popular social networking framework for iPhone gaming, is hopping on the iPad bandwagon. The developers have cited the iPad’s $499 starting price point and large screen size, which is the equivalent of four iPhones put together, as the biggest reasons to be excited for the future of iPad gaming. (more…)


    Turf Wars Online Review

    Let us tell you about the best two week addiction we’ve ever had. It’s called Turf Wars and it’s a crime game that uses Google Maps to let you lay claim to real-world turf, based on where you’re physically located. Want to take over your neighborhood, or be slumlord of your college campus? Now you can, and everyone else playing the game will know it. It’s one of the first in a new genre of games some are calling “augmented reality”. (more…)


    Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles Review

    We love puzzle games wrapped up in good narrative elements, and Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles wears its licensing like a custom fit fedora. In Lost Puzzles you’re not just solving a colorful tile-matching puzzle, but you’re helping the one and only Indiana Jones collect priceless artifacts in ruinous ancient temples, and helping him avoid falling to his death. (more…)