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    Buyer’s Guide: Puzzle

    Easily the most popular type of game on the App Store, it seems like there are thousands of puzzle games vying for your attention. Our task is to sort through the rubble and figure out what’s worth your money. (more…)


    Cheap Shot: Crash!! The Most Stupid Race

    In real life, people tend to ride unicycles for short periods of time, if at all. They’re fun diversions, a novelty of a transportation device. The same applies to Crash!, a game in which you maneuver a muscular luchador-looking unicycler through a series of brick walls. This novelty of a game is good for a quick laugh, but not much else. (more…)

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      Buyer’s Guide – Action

      Last week, we gave you the straight dish on the best sports games available on the App Store. This week, we’re feeling a little frisky… so we’re going with action games! If you feel like kicking some ass and blowing stuff up, any of these games should do you just fine. (more…)


      Cheap Shot: Karuki

      What do you get when you combine a smurf gymnast with a ditzy teenage babysitter? You get Karuki, a stylish but ultimately shallow game in which you draw lines to bounce your character around. (more…)

        Slide to Play Buyer’s Guide: Sports

        Nearly a year after the introduction of the App Store, there are over 50,000 applications available to download, the vast majority of those being games. This can be completely overwhelming to newcomers and iPhone veterans alike, so we’ve decided to help out our readers with a definitive list of the best sports titles available on the platform. (more…)

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        Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima Review

        After undergoing days of rigorous mental exercise, we feel qualified to recommend caution when considering Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima (he of Brain Age fame). While Brain Exercise will supposedly help you sharpen your mind, the experience isn’t as finely honed as it could be. (more…)


        Cheap Shot: Kurakku

        Match-3 games have come and gone on the iPhone. Some have been memorable, while others have flopped around like a fish out of water. (more…)


        Cheap Shot: Crazy Farm

        Crazy Farm is aptly titled. Spending more than 15 minutes ‘Ëśround these parts will drive anyone insane. (more…)


        Quantum Collapse Review

        “Alright, Administrator, it’s up to you now. It’s going to be a difficult road, but it’s a rewarding one. We have lots of units here to command, and we’ve considered their strengths and weaknesses. Controlling them all won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end.”

        This could be the mission briefing for Quantum Collapse, one of the latest real-time strategy games to hit the App Store. It also sums up our own experience with the game. (more…)


        Real Racing Review

        As ambitious as anything in the App Store, Real Racing kicks the powersliding trend to the curb and substitutes it for intelligent application of the gas and brakes. While driving on the racetrack, you’ll vie for the best lap times against both human and computer opponents. (more…)


        Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Review

        Getting your kicks as a firefighter with Go! Go! Rescue Squad will take patience, smarts and some quick thumbs. If you enjoy puzzle games, there’s plenty to wrap your head around here. (more…)

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        Isotope Review

        Isotope takes the simple premise of a twin stick shooter–one virtual joystick on the left of the screen moves the ship, and another on the right fires in the direction pressed–and handles like a dream. These are some of the best virtual controls we’ve used on the touchscreen. (more…)


        Stragea Review

        Stragea promises something that’s been difficult to find on the iPhone so far: real-time strategy. While the basic control mechanics get the job done, the entire game feels unfinished, and we suggest your only strategy be to avoid this work in progress. (more…)


        Parachute Panic Review

        Parachute Panic will quickly endear itself to casual and hardcore gamers alike with its quirky sense of humor, unique art style and straightforward gameplay. However, a few holes in its parachute made our interest drop just a bit too quickly.



        Johnny Crash Review

        Johnny Crash is a daredevil cartoon character that shoots himself headfirst out of a cannon and into a plethora of obstacles. Unfortunately, after spending 20 minutes in Johnny’s world, it’s going to be you that wants to slam your head into the nearest hard object. (more…)