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Trump Tycoon Review

Donald Trump is used to being in charge. As such, you never really expect to be in the position of critiquing “the boss” himself, yet that’s where we found ourselves when Trump Tycoon made its way to the App Store. As much as we’d love to turn the tables and really put The Donald in his place, we’ve got to give credit where it’s due, because Trump Tycoon is a fun little diversion that brings no shame to his empire. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Blockoban

Trying to complete a difficult level of Blockoban can be about as pleasing to the cranium as getting bashed by a bag of bricks. That’s not to say the game is unfair, it just requires brainpower, and ours feel like mush from playing too many zombie games. Luckily, this puzzler is paced just right, easing you in with 100 free levels that will likely get you hooked. (more…)


Battleship Review

Battleship, as most people remember, is a pretty simple board game. You call out a location on the enemy’s grid, and if they have a ship in that area you mark the spot and wait for them to try to do the same. This classic back-and-forth has been faithfully brought to the iPhone, and while that’s not what we would consider an impressive feat, it’s still a lot of fun. (more…)


Fallen EP-1 Review

Fallen shows great potential as a survival horror series on the iPhone, but Episode 1 raises more questions than it answers, and the short experience doesn’t quite leave you desperate for more. (more…)


Mr. Mahjong Touch Review

A combination of four Mr. Mahjong games all rolled into one, you’ll get plenty of tile layouts for your money here, and the option to double that amount via in-app purchases is a nice touch. Just don’t expect anything more than some solid mahjong. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Aves

Aves is a strange little game that fails to capitalize on its clever use of directional sounds. You’ll hear the haunting cries of a birdlike creature, and although you’re stationary, you’ll be able to tilt the screen up, down, and to the sides to try to locate the animal. (more…)


Super KO Boxing 2 Review

The first thing you’ll notice about Super KO Boxing 2 is that it has character. And characters! 12 of them, to be precise, although a few are just variations on the same character (Gip the farmer and Bigger Gip the Viking being examples). Although they’re pretty stereotypical, each character is animated in great detail, and bobbing and weaving as you slug away is quite satisfying. (more…)


geoDefense Swarm Review

geoDefense Swarm is an open-space, maze-based followup to the original geoDefense, a hardcore tower defense game that sparked a “love it or hate it” relationship. If you enjoyed that game, you’ll love this one, and if you didn’t, well, Swarm won’t do anything to change your mind. (more…)


Polyhedra Review

The basic concept of Polyhedra is incredibly simple: Hold a finger to the screen to create a shape. The longer you hold it, the larger the shape will grow. Fill at least 66% of the screen with shapes, and you complete the stage. The wrinkle, and it’s only a slight one, is that your shape can be popped if an enemy encounters it while it grows. (more…)


Dungeonslayer Review

Inspired by the classic Diablo titles on the PC, Dungeonslayer gives you mobs of enemies to hack to pieces and burn to a crisp. If it did a better job of grabbing your attention early on, this could be a pretty engrossing experience, but the bland artwork and confusing mission objectives make it hard to love. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Deep Space Rescue

Like any great sci-fi narrative, the story in Deep Space Rescue really made us ask some tough questions. For example, if all the enemies are clones of the woman we are supposed to save, who kidnapped her and created the clones in the first place? And how will we know which is which? (more…)


NFL 2010 Review

NFL 2010 is a good first effort at a football game on the iPhone. All the teams and players are there, and it looks and sounds as good as you can expect. Despite these feats, it never quite feels like you have full control of what’s happening on the field. (more…)

    Buyer’s Guide: Adventure and Platformer

    Doesn’t navigating the App Store seem like an adventure sometimes, digging through Top 100 charts and recently released lists trying to find something good? How many “lite” editions have you downloaded lately?

    Sure, hunting for gems in the rough can be fun, but we’d like to suggest some better ways to spend your time. How about playing fun new games instead of hunting for them? We know a thing or two about adventure, RPG and platformer titles on the App Store, so take a look at our list of gems and you’ll only need to pick the one that’s right for you. (more…)


    Power Pros Touch Review

    Even though it has limbless characters and fake teams, you might still expect Power Pros Touch to deliver a solid game of baseball. Imagine our surprise when we found batting to be more of a home run derby affair than an actual baseball game, rendering this title pretty dull. (more…)

      Buyer’s Guide: Strategy

      By reading our Buyer’s Guides, you’ve obviously proven yourself to be quite the resourceful gamer, strategically selecting only the finest titles to spend your hard-earned cash on. Since foresight and planning is your thing, we feel compelled to share some excellent strategy games this week that should be right up your alley. (more…)


      Pipe Mania Review

      We’ve all dreamed of the day our favorite Italian plumber will make his way to the App Store. That day will assuredly never come, so we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got, and right now, we’ve got a pretty damn good puzzle game that puts you in overalls, tasked with the charge of guiding some “flooze” through a bunch of pipes. (more…)


      Resident Evil 4 Review

      Widely considered one of the greatest games of the last decade, Resident Evil 4 makes its way to the iDevice with its core gameplay intact, even if the overall experience is seriously abridged. More of a “greatest hits” collection of action sequences than an adventure game, the story mode has been split up into 12 short missions that are inspired by the console title. (more…)

        Buyer’s Guide: Puzzle

        Easily the most popular type of game on the App Store, it seems like there are thousands of puzzle games vying for your attention. Our task is to sort through the rubble and figure out what’s worth your money. (more…)

          Buyer’s Guide – Action

          Last week, we gave you the straight dish on the best sports games available on the App Store. This week, we’re feeling a little frisky… so we’re going with action games! If you feel like kicking some ass and blowing stuff up, any of these games should do you just fine. (more…)

            Slide to Play Buyer’s Guide: Sports

            Nearly a year after the introduction of the App Store, there are over 50,000 applications available to download, the vast majority of those being games. This can be completely overwhelming to newcomers and iPhone veterans alike, so we’ve decided to help out our readers with a definitive list of the best sports titles available on the platform. (more…)


            Quantum Collapse Review

            “Alright, Administrator, it’s up to you now. It’s going to be a difficult road, but it’s a rewarding one. We have lots of units here to command, and we’ve considered their strengths and weaknesses. Controlling them all won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end.”

            This could be the mission briefing for Quantum Collapse, one of the latest real-time strategy games to hit the App Store. It also sums up our own experience with the game. (more…)


            Real Racing Review

            As ambitious as anything in the App Store, Real Racing kicks the powersliding trend to the curb and substitutes it for intelligent application of the gas and brakes. While driving on the racetrack, you’ll vie for the best lap times against both human and computer opponents. (more…)


            Isotope Review

            Isotope takes the simple premise of a twin stick shooter–one virtual joystick on the left of the screen moves the ship, and another on the right fires in the direction pressed–and handles like a dream. These are some of the best virtual controls we’ve used on the touchscreen. (more…)


            Stragea Review

            Stragea promises something that’s been difficult to find on the iPhone so far: real-time strategy. While the basic control mechanics get the job done, the entire game feels unfinished, and we suggest your only strategy be to avoid this work in progress. (more…)


            Parachute Panic Review

            Parachute Panic will quickly endear itself to casual and hardcore gamers alike with its quirky sense of humor, unique art style and straightforward gameplay. However, a few holes in its parachute made our interest drop just a bit too quickly.



            Johnny Crash Review

            Johnny Crash is a daredevil cartoon character that shoots himself headfirst out of a cannon and into a plethora of obstacles. Unfortunately, after spending 20 minutes in Johnny’s world, it’s going to be you that wants to slam your head into the nearest hard object. (more…)