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    Slide To Play – Podcast #42: A Voyage of Discovery to the Horizon

    This week Andrew Podolsky is on vacation, so our producer Jeremy Wood guest hosts. We also had a special guest, Steve Palley co-founder and CEO of Slide To Play.

    We started out by talking about some of the news of the week. The App Store is now on Facebook, and iPad games are coming out of the woodwork.

    Next, we covered some of the games we’ve been playing. Jeremy has been playing Dawn of Discovery – Harbor, Chris has been playing Bit Pilot, and Steve has been playing too many to list. (more…)

      Slide To Play – Podcast #25: Monkey Sword Ball Stunts

      Slide to Podcast #25 is now available! Jeremy takes over hosting duties this week, as Andrew is off eating crepes.



      Geared Review

      As most people know, giant clockwork gears turn beneath the bottom of the ocean, determining the course of human events. These gears are controlled by the Illuminati from their many secret control rooms (mostly in Elk lodges). Geared, a puzzle game by Bryan Mitchell, gives you a similar experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch. (more…)


      NFL 2010 Hands On, With Video

      When Gameloft said that NFL 2010 would launch “later in August” they we thought they meant the typical “late August”. Probably they hadn’t submitted it to Apple.

      Well, we were surprised to find it had been released, and we have some great hands-on footage for you to look at.

      So far we can say the title has great graphics, and the power of a real sports franchise can’t be underestimated.

      We’ll have a full review of this title up soon. In the meantime, check this gameplay footage’¦

        Rejected iPhone 3GS Logos Revealed

        Perhaps Steve Jobs isn’t keeping such a tight grip on things at Apple these days. Our dumpster-diving sources were able to uncover documents that show some of the rejected logos for the new iPhone 3GS. (more…)

        GDC 2009: Space Traders: Moon Madness Hands-On

        HermitWorks is launching Space Trader: Moon Madness onto the App Store shortly. We sat down with them at GDC to checkout this new space-based offering. (more…)

          iPhone OS 3.0 Brings Big Wins for Users, Game Devs

          Apple’s Big Event today, the iPhone Software 3.0 Preview is really a big deal for game players and game developers.

          We’ll leave the talk about new user features to other outlets (OMG copy and paste’”finally!) and get right to what matters to us: Games. Game developers are going to be all over this new release, and we think we’re going to see some really fantastic stuff come out of it.



          Assassin’s Creed Coming to iPhone?

          While there may be over 5,000 games on the App Store, there are a couple of categories we’ve found lacking. The obvious one is big name, “Class-A” titles. And the less obvious one is games about assassins. (more…)


          Uno Review

          Uno is another highly polished offering from Gameloft. The game is a faithful interpretation of one of our favorite childhood card games’”for better and for worse. Although this is undoubtedly Uno, we didn’t find it to be anywhere near as fun as the original game. (more…)


          X-Plane Extreme Review

          Ever since X-Plane first came out on the iDevices, we’ve been waiting to fly fighter planes really fast. Happily, with the release of X-Plane Extreme, it’s time to take it into the danger zone in some sweet, high-performance hardware. This version brings the kind of energy-drink-swilling adrenaline rush we’ve been waiting for in iDevice aviation… but it’ll cost you. (more…)