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Follow-up to Subway Surfers, Swords of Brim Coming June 4

SYBO will be releasing their follow up to massive hit Subway Surfers on June 4. Swords of Brim is a similar game to Subway Surfers but set in a medieval world with power ups, weapons, and quests.


PC Roguelike Sproggiwood Coming Full Featured to Mobile May 28th

Indie developer Freehold Games is bringing their PC roguelike game Sproggiwood to iOS and Android next week. They mobile game will be full featured, not a trimmed down mobile version. As such they have decided to price it at $9.99.

* A humorous setting inspired by Finnish mythology
* Brain-churning tactical combat vs. an assortment of creative monsters and traps
* Six fully unique, customizable classes: simple farmer, brave warrior, merry archer, cunning thief, brainy wizard, and creepy vampire
* Procedural dungeons filled to the brim with scrolls, potions, swords, and staves
* Town decoration mode with buildings, trees, roads, and villagers

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Out Now: Earthcore from Tequila

Earthcore is a card batter with infinite tactical opportunities that tests your strategic thinking in ways you never thought possible!

Hone your strategy by minimizing randomness with intellect and preparation.

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Huge Midnight Star Update Released

Industrial Toys, the developers behind Midnight Star, one of the most ambitious games on mobile, are good listeners. The 1.5 update for Midnight Star just launched on the App Store and it has addressed many of the concerns players had. It also includes a huge redesign, new guns, gotten rid of weapon energy, and a whole bunch of other great things. Check out the update details below:

[] 3 NEW GUNS AND A SHIELD – the Leveller shotgun, the Crystal Carbine assault rifle and the Vengeance sniper. Plus the Benefactor auto healing shield!
[] WEAPON STYLES – Customize the look of your guns with over 80 new weapon skins and packs!
[] VIDEO replays – post and watch player runs, missions and weapon usage. Check out how players pull off those high scores, fast times and crazy skill shots!
[] UNLIMITED WEAPON ENERGY – all weapons can now be used over and over without having to recharge them!
[] NEW MULTIPLAYER MAP – play challenges and events on Gardens of Time!
[] PLAYER ATTRIBUTES – earn and apply upgrades to yourself as a player to specialize in the way you like to play!
[] ALL-NEW NEWS FEED – Access all the goings-on in M* from a totally redesigned alert system. Connect with friends, enter events and experience the M* story all from one place!

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Out Now: Brickies from Noodlecake

Brickies is a fresh take on the classic breakout game, with fast paced levels that will leave you thirsty for more action.
Use the paddles to launch the ball and unleash a variety of power ups upon the brickies, but don’t worry if you miss the ball!
In Brickies missing a shot doesn’t mean the game is over, it deactivates the ball until you bounce it again and then you’re back in action!

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Out Now via Touch Arcade:

Out Now: Capitals from Nimblebit

A really great idea and really well done. A multiplayer word game with an air of the game Risk about it. 

Via Touch Arcade

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Out Now: Gameloft Releases Ice Age Themed Match-3, Ice Age Avalanche

Match-3s, everybody’s doing it. Why not another?


Alto’s Adventure on sale for $0.99

It’s a new low price for Alto’s Adventure — one of the best games so far this year. Grab it now if you haven’t already tried it.


Prune Teaser Trailer Released

Prune is one of the prettiest games I’ve seen in a while. It’s a very zen puzzle game where trees must be pruned to allow them to grow into the sunlight where they can bloom. If you liked Zen Bound or Monument Valley, keep an eye out for this one, it’s coming soon.

News via Touch Arcade:

Minecraft Pocket Edition To Add MFI Controller Support

In news that is sure to please many, Minecraft Pocket Edition will soon add MFI controller support.

Via Touch Arcade

Deals via Twitter:

$100 iTunes Card for $80 – Email Delivery

Want to know how you can save 20% on your iTunes purchases? It’s easy, buy iTunes gift cards when they are on sale. Here’s a $100 iTunes Gift Card card for $80 — that’s 20% off, the best deal we ever see.

That’s like getting a $0.99 game for $0.72. If you are as cheap as I am, you’ll stock up on these. Thanks, as always, to @iTunesCardDeals for finding the deal.

Via Twitter

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Rovio Announces Angry Birds Friends Tournament to Support Relief Efforts in Nepal

Rovio announced today a weeklong tournament in Angry Birds Friends to help raise support funds for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Rovio hopes to raise 100,000 Euros during the tournament for relief efforts in Nepal.

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Out Now: Oddwings Escape

Fly like never before! Soar through beautiful islands, solving exciting physics based challenges. Unlock and upgrade amazing new characters to unleash their powers. Race against your friends and other players for fame and glory!

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Out Now: Languinis: Match and Spell

I wasn’t so sure about a mash-up of a match-3 and a word game. But, it kinda works.

Match, spell, and save the Languinis in this one-of-a-kind puzzle game. Bombola!!
The lovable Languinis need your help to defeat the Phoenix god that is keeping them captive.

Match colored gems, uncover letters, and spell the most powerful words to win over 60 increasingly challenging levels and free the little Languinis one by one. Familiar color match gameplay mixes with a word game in this unique puzzle hybrid.


Amazon Offering $110 in Free Android Games and Apps

Amazon has a bunch of Android games and apps available for free for some reason. Great stuff like Game of Thrones (Telltale), Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Star Command, Bloons TD 5, etc. If you have an Android device, rush on over to Amazon App Storeand grab them while you can.

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Out Now: Tofu Hunter from Adult Swim Games

Tofu has a face… and you’ve been chewing on it. Open fire on a wide range of soy-based creatures in a hunt around the world. Take on rare bounties, unlock special weapons and put your itchy trigger finger to the test. Don’t turn away. Don’t stop shooting. Become the Tofu Hunter.

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Out Now: Heroes and Castles 2 by Foursaken Media

Enter Heroes and Castles 2, a 3rd person action-RPG, strategy, and castle defense mash-up! Choose from one of three powerful races, customize your hero, summon a massive army to fight beside you in battle, defend your castle, conquer lands, and ultimately destroy the enemy stronghold!

Out Now

Out Now: Towering Oceans from Zig Zag Zoom

Rising sea levels have washed away your beloved, leaving you with only one tiny ship. Luckily, the guardians of the seas are here to help! Build your seagoing tower high, and venture into the open ocean, on a quest to find your beloved and save humanity.

Decorate and customize your ship, fuel your engine with recycled material, and go green by upgrading your engine to run on sustainable power!

Out Now

Out Now: Let’s Go Rocket from Cobra Mobile

Let’s Go Rocket, the must play one-touch rocket game.

Touch to launch and boost your rocket, avoid the obstacles – let’s see how far you can fly!

Out Now

Out Now: Susume Tactics

Originally a well reviewed PSP game, Susume Tactics is now out on iOS.

Out Now

Out Now: Multicross from Tetris Creator, Alexey Pajitnov

Game mechanics is based on classic Pentamino colored by fun twists proposed by Master.
Multicross is turn-based Tetris for new century puzzle lovers.

Shape your mind while mastering the shapes of new game from Puzzle Guru – Alexey Pajitnov.

Multicross is FREE game and delivered exclusively on iOS devices.

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