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Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Sale July 3-5 – 50% off on bundles

Fallout Shelter has been taking way too much of my time. I really don’t know why. It just gets so much right I think. But Bethesda has put lunch boxes on sale in the game at up to 75% off — here are the prices listed in the game and in effect for July 3-5 only.

1 Lunchbox – $0.99 (same)
5 Lunchboxes – $1.99 (60% off)
15 Lunchboxes – $4.99 (66% off)
40 Lunchboxes – $9.99 (75% off)

The % off listed in the in-game store is a little incorrect as that refers to price of the bundle versus buying a single lunchbox at $0.99. But the bundles are indeed 50% off of their normal price.

Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Nintendo Leaning Toward “Free To Start” Pricing for Mobile Games

In what could be read as a positive sign for free to play haters, Nintendo has talked a bit about pricing strategies for upcoming mobile games during a recent shareholders meeting.

Iwata then went into more detail about what he sees as the social issue of F2P games psychologically manipulating players and acknowledged that the profits from these kind of games come from “whales” rather than from the majority of players. Although companies in Japan can make quite a bit of profit by focusing on whales, Iwata doesn’t believe that the same approach would be embraced by people around the world.

Touch Arcade has the details.

Via Touch Arcade

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Zynga Announces CSR2

The original CSR was an amazing technological feat bringing unbelievable graphics to a mobile platform — but that was three years ago. CSR2 will turn everything up to 11. In a first hand demo at E3 earlier this month I was blown away by the amazing quality. Zynga / Naturalmotion are shooting for beyond console quality — they might get there.

CSR2 will hit soft launch soon, and be launching globally later this year.


Lonnie Plays Piloteer

Lonnie gives his usual treatment to Piloteer, the new impossible game from the creator of another impossible game, Pivvot.

Out Now

Out Now: Piloteer — you will die, a lot

In Piloteer, a whimsical and serenely challenging physics-based game about learning to fly, a renowned inventor is determined to overcome the stigma associated with flying a jetpack and convince the world that jetpacks should be revered by all.

Blending elements of both physics and trick-based games, players will need to maneuver their state-of-the-art jetpack through the skies while completing a myriad of increasingly difficult missions to change public perceptions.

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Out Now: Tales From Deep Space from Amazon Game Studios

Amazon has released another game from their internal game studios, Tales From Deep Space. This puzzle platformer / adventure has a lot of personality and looks fantastic. Worth the price, hell yes. But as we know, $6.99 can be a hard sell these days.

Out Now

Out Now: Scapefall – two years in the making

Out now is Scapefall — a strategic combat simulator that was two years in the making. If you liked Dark Realms other game, Pandemic, you will like this one.

News via Touch Arcade:

Touch Arcade Turns to Patreon for Funding

The writing has been on the wall for a while. We’ve written about our own struggles here at Slide To Play more than once. But Eli Hodapp at Touch Arcade has put it all out on the table — if they don’t raise $10,000 per month, they are going to have to start making big cuts.

It’s important that readers and especially developers support the mobile sites that service this industry. Developers love it when they can pull quotes from our stories or use us to get their game some buzz at Apple, but haven’t always returned the favor. Support these sites now, or be faced with a reality where the unchecked and ever increasing cost of paid installs is the only way to raise awareness for games.

Do it now. Support Slide To Play, and Support Touch Arcade. If nothing else, a retweet or Facebook share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Han Shoots First – Disney Sets Record Straight in new Star Wars: Heroes Path Mobile Puzzle Game

In the original release of Star Wars Episode IV, Han shoots at Greedo first. An act that was softened by George Lucas in re-releases of the movie — to make Han Solo seem like a better guy I assume. But true fans have known all along that Han shoots first and notice in the trailer above that he does indeed. Saying that Disney has set the record straight may be a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll take what I can get since Lucas has denied for years the real truth.

But, back to the game — a character movement puzzle game set in the Star Wars universe? What’s not to like?

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Transistor Review “An Action-Packed, Evocative Journey in an Amazing World” – Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade gives the recently released Transistor from Supergiant Games top marks.

it’s a masterpiece in game design where all aspects of the game are of the highest quality and also work together harmoniously

Via Touch Arcade

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Out Now: Toast Releases Vegas Aces: Candy Crush Saga – But for Poker

If you are looking for a casual game that feeds your poker addiction, take a look at Vegas Aces from Toast/NHN. Think of it as a match three but matching poker hands instead of candy or fruit.

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Out Now: Inside Out Movie Game – Thought Bubbles from Disney

Inside Out is in theaters today (go see it, it’s is really fantastic) and Disney has released a game for the movie, Inside Out Thought Bubbles. It’s a bubble shooter with a few extra twists here and there.


Godfire: Rise of Prometheus from Vivid Games Goes Free for the Weekend

One of the better action games in recent memory, Godfire has gone free to celebrate the one year anniversary of its release. Grab it now if you’ve never tried it.


[Sponsored] Fibo! is available now on the App Store

Many thanks to Fibo! for sponsoring Slide To Play this week.

Is it possible to reach 121,393, the 26th Fibonacci number (or Fibo), on a board with only 9 tiles?

Fibo! is a beautiful, original puzzle game that challenges players who enjoy 2048, sudoku and other number games to accomplish this. Thus far, only 3 persons in the world have succesfully done so. Are you able to join the elite few?

Fibo! is available now on the App Store.

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E3 2015: Watch the Ubisoft Keynote Live

Hot on the heals of the EA keynote, Ubisoft is up next with their E3 2015 keynote via Twitch.


E3 2015: Watch EA’s Keynote Livestream – Monday 1pm Pacific

EA is sure to announce more around Star Wars — will they announce anything at the keynote for mobile? Watch at their Live To Play page Monday at 1pm Pacific and we’ll find out.


E3 2015: Telltale Games Announces the next Walking Dead Mini-Series: Michonne

The latest news from the amazing Walking Dead series from Telltale — Michonne a mini-series gaming coming soon:

A Telltale Games Mini-Series stars the iconic character from the comic book series haunted by her past and coping with unimaginable loss and regret. The story explores her untold journey during the time between issues #126 and #139. Through this Telltale Games mini-series of 3 episodes, players will discover what took Michonne away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.

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E3 2015: Out Now: Fallout Shelter from Bethesda

The city builder / Little Computer People / underground Sims game from Bethesda is out now. Set in the Fallout world, this little game looks to be interesting and a must for fans of Fallout.

Update: Well, it’s in that App Store limbo where it’s out for some and not for others. It’s downloading (very slowly) on my iPhone, but I can no longer see it in the App Store… So, if you can’t download it, try again in a bit.

Here’s the direct App Store link:


E3 2015: Watch the E3 Keynote from Bethesda at 7pm Pacific Sunday

Bethesda will be kicking off the E3 keynote frenzy. Watch their keynote live on Twitch. We don’t know what they are going to announce — but we kinda expect something mobile. Who knows what though. (Please not a Fallout themed Clash of Clans clone!!)


Tap Titans adds Multiplayer

Tap Titans, the current leader in the idle RPG genre, has added a multiplayer mode with it’s version 3.0 update released recently.

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Out Now: Angry Birds Fight! Released Worldwide

Angry Birds Fight! has been released worldwide. In soft launch for a while now, this match-3 rpg with the characteristic Angry Birds charm should please fans of and those new to the genre.

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