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Kingdom Rush Review

Kingdom Rush may have taken its time to hit the iPhone, but for fans of tower defense on the go, the wait is officially worthwhile. The game itself is identical to the iPad version. All the great gameplay elements, levels, units, and monsters are here. The main difference is the zoomed-in view of the map. (more…)


Unstoppable Fist Review

For old school loving arcade hounds, Unstoppable Fist will feel like a welcome return to those dark, quarter munching days of yore. The game is retro by design–simple gameplay, pixilated graphics, and a totally chip-rockin’ soundtrack all make it feel like something that could have existed 30 years ago. So, for only buck, this is a cheap trip in the way-back machine. (more…)

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Fish Heroes Review

Craneballs’ Fish Heroes blatantly wears its influences on its proverbial sleeve. The immediate reaction is Angry Birds in 3D, but Wii gamers will also recognize some strong similarities to the terrific block-destruction game Boom Blox. So, if nothing else, Fish Heroes certainly ‘borrows’ from good stock. (more…)


Pocket Planes Review

From the makers of the freemium hit Tiny Tower, comes another exercise in casual addiction. This time around, players can try their hand at airline management with Pocket Planes. It’s a strange little title– more of a virtual toy than a game– with charming 8-bit style retro graphics and dirt simple play mechanics. (more…)


OLO Game Review

The oddly named OLO Game is deceptively simple. Essentially a physics-based virtual board game, this multiplayer-only affair is the epitome of a more refined party game. The goal is for each side to simply slide colored dots onto their opponent’s space and keep them there. Keeping the dots in place is where the competition really comes into play, and the game is uniquely geared to making sure that the tables can turn instantly with a well-placed shot. (more…)

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Project 9: The Underground Aryan City Review

Project 9: the Underground Aryan City is a strange game. It seems hopeful at first, with its colorful 3D graphics and bizarre storyline about Nazis in the Arctic, AI robots, and aliens’¦ or something. The game seems intent on throwing in every possible cliché to that end, and for those who revel in the weirdness of Asian cinema and video games, Project 9 looks just strange enough. (more…)


Extinction Squad Review

Adult Swim has surprised a lot of gamers with their fun iOS games, which often manage to merge simple old-school gameplay with the themes and look of their own shows. Extinction Squad is no exception, and it takes the quest to rescue endangered animals to a new high’¦ or low as the case may be. Fortunately, we mean that in a good way. (more…)


Wingsuit Stickman Review

You can get a lot of mileage out of simple stick man figures– from fighting and platformer games to flying. In the case of Wingsuit Stickman, flying through a variety of surprisingly dangerous landscapes is par for the course. This is a sharp-looking and easy-to-play accelerometer game, with plenty of challenge. (more…)


The King of Fighters-i 2012 Review

SNK’s classic fighting series made an impression on us last year, and much like the console releases, another year means a new iteration. In this case, sequels are welcome, as this 2012 version sports some great enhancements. Some fighting games are still a little iffy on touchscreens, but SNK has proven its worth and The King of Fighters-i 2012 is thankfully not backstepping. (more…)


Lock ‘n’ Load Review

Since the days of the original Robotron in the early 80’s, twin-stick shooters have had a special place in the hearts of shooter fans. There’s a surprising amount of them on iOS, but we’re always happy to see one more if it’s done well. Lock ‘n’ Load is just the sort of fun diversion older action fans can sink their teeth into.



Total War Battles Review

On PC, the Total War series is renowned for offering some of the most beautiful, in-depth, and entertaining war gaming experiences out there. So, seeing the series hit iOS is a big deal. While it’s somewhat disappointing that Sega and developer Creative Assembly didn’t make Total War Battles more like the original game, this is still an incredibly gorgeous and creative mix of strategy and puzzle gaming. (more…)

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Retro Games Review

If you grew up gaming in the ’80s, the odds are good you at least played with a Commodore 64. Time, of course, has moved on, but many of us still hold a special place in our hearts for the little computer– especially recently, given the passing of its creator. (more…)


Tetris for iPad Review

At this point, another Tetris is probably not going to get anyone giddy with excitement, but it’s also not likely to be completely overlooked by gamers either. The fact remains that after nearly 30 years, Tetris remains a truly great game and the king of casual gaming in general. EA hasn’t forgotten the series’ eternal popularity and has been busily releasing as many versions as possible in recent years. So, here’s one mainly aimed at iPads– especially the newest one. (more…)


Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort Review

Virtual City was an excellent city management simulation for on-the-go players that managed to go head to head with the juggernauts of the genre like SimCity. It was a good-looking, easy-to-get-into gem that offered intuitive controls, a solid tutorial, and interesting gameplay and goals. The sequel doesn’t vary from that winning strategy much, but instead broadens the horizons just a bit by focusing largely on a vacation theme. (more…)


Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Review

Flight games seem to have found an unlikely home on the iPhone and iPad, and Namco’s Sky Gamblers has already proven the genre can work on a touch screen. The sequel takes the basic air combat concept and takes off, with a modern wartime setting, faster planes, more fire power, and better graphics. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy has been getting a lot of press thanks to its inclusion at Apple’s latest iPad launch ceremonies, but it’s a great looking game no matter the device. (more…)


Flight Control Rocket Review

The original Flight Control was a runaway success and a fun little game when it hit three years ago, so it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for developer Firemint to create a sequel. Flight Control Rocket gives the original’s simple concept of landing colored planes on like-colored runways a sci-fi twist, and the results overall are challenging and engaging. Unfortunately, too much of the game’s sunny outlook is clouded over by an absurd focus on getting players to spend money. (more…)


Kids vs Goblins Review

Kids vs Goblins tells the tale of three kids struggling to rescue their baby brother from an army of goblins. It’s a pretty complex action/adventure/RPG title, but the gameplay is simmered down to bite-sized levels. Unfortunately, the final product has some rough edges that we wish they’d worked out before releasing it. (more…)

    PlayStation Vita Launch Games Reviews

    If you read our review of the PS Vita hardware, you’ll know what to expect if or when you buy the system. But as we all know, a gaming system is only as good as the games available for it. So read on for mini-reviews of a number of the Vita’s launch titles. (more…)

      PlayStation Vita Review

      Thanks to Sony, this February has another V-day to celebrate: the release of their PlayStation Portable (PSP) successor, the PS Vita. For console gamers, this is a big deal. The hardware powering the new portable is easily the best we’ve seen, offering nearly PS3-quality gaming potential, and the long-sought inclusion of a second analog stick is reason alone for many gamers to pick up the sleek new unit. (more…)


      Robokill 2: Leviathan Five iPad Review

      Robokill is back, and this time there are lizards. Robokill 2: Leviathan Five actually isn’t much different than the original, but for fans of old-school, twin-stick shooting, that’s not a bad thing. The sequel shoves our robotic-armored hero onto the mining colony of Leviathan Five, which has been overrun with vicious alien reptiles, mad machines, and other bad things that must be shot. (more…)


      Gun Strike Review

      Gun Strike is a fairly basic targeting game with sharp, cartoonish 3D graphics and the usual three-star per level structure. The game hearkens back to the days of arcade-style gun games, and as far as pure shooting galleries go, it’s not terrible. Unfortunately, while there plenty of levels for a $.99 purchase, there’s just not much variety. (more…)

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