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Hundreds Review

Semi Secret Software made a noticeable splash with their endless runner Canabalt, but they’re back with something completely different. Hundreds is the epitome of a completely simple idea made into transfixing gameplay. Like the simplicity of Tetris’ block dropping, Hundreds merely tasks players with tapping on circles to expand their size until the numbers in them add up to 100. (more…)


Robotanika iPad Review

Plenty of developers are using the Unreal Engine to create amazing games for iOS, and we imagine there’s probably a learning curve for any game creators not used to the tools. In the case of Dawn Patrol Games, their first release with the engine feels very much like a learning experience or test of concept rather than a whole game. The game is a pretty simple turret-based shooter, with some interesting ideas, but doesn’t quite mesh as a whole.


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Anomaly Korea Review

11 Bit Studios is back at war with the aliens in this follow-up to the terrific tower offense game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth. This time the aliens are destroying Korea and setting up all manner of horrible structures, and it’s the player’s job to take ‘em down. Though the game certainly doesn’t feel like a full-blown sequel, more Anomaly action is a good thing and there’s plenty to be had here. (more…)


Sleepwalker’s Journey Review

Sleepwalker’s Journey certainly isn’t the first game of its sort. There have been plenty of games where the player is tasked with controlling the environment, not the main character. Yet, 11 Bit Studios has added an undeniable layer of charm and creativity to the mix with their latest. The company has a habit of releasing games that are completely unlike the release before. From Anomaly Warzone Earth to Funky Smugglers to this is a pretty wide array of styles, but it always seems to work for them. (more…)


Raiden Legacy Review

DotEmu is rapidly making a name for themselves when it comes to taking classic games and porting them to new technology. Having already brought such greats as R-Type, Metal Slug 3, and Another World to iOS, they’ve proven they can do justice by retro gamers. Raiden Legacy is their latest retro revamp, and it contains four games in the classic vertical-scrolling shooter series. (more…)

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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Review

Apple used the previous Sky Gamblers game, Air Supremacy, to push the features of the iPad 3, and it was a technological marvel and solid game no matter the platform. The sequel lacks the Namco Bandai name, but still carries all the qualities the series has become known for. Taking the action back in time to World War II, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders offers great aerial action both on and offline. (more…)

    Wii U Launch Games Review

    If you read our review of the Wii U hardware, you’ll know what to expect if you buy the system. But a gaming console is only as good as the games available for it. So read on for mini-reviews of several of the most popular launch titles. (more…)

      Wii U Review

      Nintendo has a long history of trying new things, and not always successfully. With the original Wii, they struck gold with casual gamers more so than hardcore players. Still trying to recuperate from the less than stellar performance of the Gamecube, the Wii was a very deliberate attempt to release a cheap system that would appeal to demographics outside of traditional experienced gamers. (more…)


      Skylanders Battlegrounds Review

      The third Skylanders game to hit iOS is the closet to its console brethren, but not by much. This time around, the action is isometric, real-time combat with two Skylanders versus a horde of trolls, chompies, and other familiar bad guys. The game uses the same graphics engine as the console game as well, and looks amazingly good on the smaller screen. (more…)


      March on Oz Review

      March on Oz will probably seem immediately familiar to most gamers. Get past the frequently overdone story-telling elements, which make the game take much longer to get going than it should be, and the similarities to Plants vs Zombies are undeniable. You’ll be placing units along rows to defeat enemies who come down those same rows, while waiting for your energy-producing units to provide more resources for conjuring up more troops. (more…)


      Skylanders Lost Islands Review

      The freemium town-building genre is a love it or hate thing. When Capcom released Smurfs’ Village, plenty of people railed at the excessive and in-your-face micro-transaction focus, and for good reason. It’s entirely possible to play these games without spending a cent– provided you don’t mind waiting hours for a new building– but the developers are counting on the players’ impatience. Activision is busily building and expanding their amazingly successful Skylanders line, so it’s not surprising to see them adapting the town-building style to the franchise. (more…)

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      Zaxxon Escape Review

      Bringing back old franchises to cash in on new gaming crazes seems to be the way of things, and Sega is certainly on board with this trend thanks to Zaxxon Escape. A direct sequel to the arcade classic, the game takes the endless running genre out into space. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. (more…)


      Re-Volt Classic Review

      Re-volt Classic is the latest port from the classic Sega Dreamcast system to iOS, and it seems like a strange choice. The original game was a fun, if flawed RC car racer, full of interesting track settings and power-ups, but unlikely to be remembered in the vastness of video gaming history. The iOS version is essentially a straight port of the original with few updates beyond making it playable on a touchscreen. (more…)


      MechWarrior: Tactical Command Review

      Old school gamers of both the tabletop and PC variety likely have fond memories of battling in giant, heavily armored and armed robots. FASA’s beloved Mechwarrior universe has been around for a long time and produced some of the greatest simulation games in PC gaming history (Mechwarrior 2 stands out in particular). So it’s nice to see this venerable series return after a long hiatus. (more…)


      Lili Review

      Lili is one of the latest games in a long line to use the Unreal Engine to terrific effect on iOS. It’s a beautiful game, with tons of personality that uses a lot of familiar elements in creative ways. The story focuses on young college student, Lili, heading off to the island of Geos to study magical flowers for class. Collecting flowers is, oddly enough, the central game mechanic here, but don’t let that scare you off. (more…)


      Quantum Legacy HD Review

      Originally released as a short, free-to-play space shooter, Quantum Legacy has returned as a much longer and more feature-laden full-priced release. The gameplay remains the same as before. This is an on-rails space shooter that simply has players shooting bad guys while activating their shields at just the right time to avoid damage. (more…)


      Pitfall! Review

      For gamers of a certain age, the name Pitfall! is remembered with reverence. Designer David Crane’s classic Atari 2600 game not only kickstarted a generation of gamers, but single-handedly created the side-scrolling adventure genre. Activision apparently doesn’t share that reverence. Instead of resurrecting the name to create a modern-era side-scrolling platformer worthy of the name, they’ve released a blatant retread of Temple Run with a hefty focus on getting players to keep shelling out real cash. (more…)


      Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense Review

      Across the whole of the video game world, there’s been a welcome upswing in the quality of super hero-based games. While this is largely thanks to Batman Arkham Asylum (and City), Spider-Man and other fan favorites have been benefiting as well– even on mobile devices. Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense is an iOS exclusive that apparently didn’t bother trying to reach such lofty goals. (more…)


      Fur Fighters Review

      A somewhat obscure blast from the past hits iOS in the form of Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass. Originally a Sega Dreamcast game from way back in 2000, Fur Fighters is proof that we’ve come a long way since those days. Just the fact that a game from the beloved system ports over in a technically perfect manner is impressive, and this shooting animal romp is still a lot of fun. (more…)


      Fieldrunners 2 Review

      The original Fieldrunners was a quirky and enjoyable take on tower defense, with a fast pace that made it feel almost like an action game. Those qualities have carried over to the sequel, which takes everything about the first game and expands on it. The result is an entertaining and great-looking game with familiar gameplay and a unique sense of style and pacing. (more…)


      Amazing Alex Review

      If Rovio’s Amazing Alex looks familiar, there’s a good reason. Rovio actually bought the rights for the excellent puzzler Casey’s Contraptions, and reskinned and rebranded the game into something with a bit more flash. While this isn’t a level-for-level clone, the gameplay is virtually identical. There is one major advantage Alex has over Casey though–you can actually buy this game. Rovio took Casey off the App Store right after buying the rights. Make of that what you will. (more…)

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