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Blue Skies Review

Take a powerful attack chopper, add a whole load of enemies, and throw it all on some randomly-created maps. What do you get? Blue Skies, one of the better top-down shooters we’ve played on the iDevices. (more…)


Monospace Review

Monospace is a puzzle game with an interesting perspective-based twist. It has a minimalist design that’s pleasing to the eye, and we think its spatially-oriented gameplay suits the iPhone nicely. (more…)


PuzzleManiak Review

Cheap puzzle games are plentiful in the App Store, so a collection of 20 games for $5.99 seems like a great idea. PuzzleManiak is a big compilation of puzzles ranging from Sudoku to Minesweeper to lots of home-grown originals, all packed into a compact little App. Some of these games are good, but we found that the deal isn’t quite as stellar as it looks, mostly due to quality issues. (more…)


Tiki Towers Review

Imagine getting loads of monkeys to climb all over bamboo towers and bridges. Sounds like fun, right? If so, Tiki Towers is for you… and even if you’re just a fan of building stuff, you’ll still want to check out this creative puzzle game. (more…)


Sprocket Review

Puzzle games are good. Mechanical things are good. Ergo, a game that combines the basics of the two should be good! (more…)


Plank Review

Plank has all the makings of a great Match 3 game, but ultimately fails to pull it off. (more…)


Quadrum: Colors Review

Quadrum: Colors takes the tried and tested (but rather boring) concept of the Match 3 game, and adds a few interesting twists. (more…)

    Rumor Mill: Audiosurf on iPhone?

    Rumors are circulating that the hit PC game Audiosurf may soon be making the leap to the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is an exciting (albeit completely unsubstantiated) rumor, as this game was #10 on our list of games we’d love to see ported to the iPhone. (more…)


    Christmas Neon Review

    If you want a puzzle game that doesn’t require too much thinking, Christmas Neon is a very good choice. (more…)


    Slingshot Review

    Slingshot is a unique take on space shooters that plays more like a puzzle game. (more…)