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Ridge Racer Accelerated Review

Ridge Racer has a long history of falling behind a number of much better racing games. Need for Speed, Burnout, Gran Turismo, and Forza have long entertained gearheads on the consoles, leaving Ridge Racer in the dust. Of these, only Need for Speed has hit the iPhone, and it already has two excellent entries on the platform (Undercover and Shift). Ridge Racer once again is stuck in second gear and underwhelms at every turn. (more…)


Skies of Glory Review

How many flying games are you willing to dish out money for? SGN, the makers of F.A.S.T., are hoping that you’re not willing to commit a cent. First F.A.S.T. went free, and now their latest game, Skies of Glory, has followed suit. But there’s a big difference between these two games beyond the modern-day and WWII settings. (more…)

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Sherlock Holmes: The Game is Afoot Review

Sherlock Holmes is one of those immortal characters who cannot be duplicated and is the permanent figurehead for his line of work. He’s inspired many with his cleverness and keen ability to solve the most complex mysteries, and real-world detectives probably wish they had his impeccable intuition. The character’s wit, pursuit of criminal masterminds, and charming old England setting all make for a fantastic setup for a game, and it’s a well of material that has yet to be properly tapped in the gaming market. Too bad this game does such a lackluster job. (more…)


Harry Potter: Spells Review

Most kids probably went through the phase of wanting to be a wizard of some kind. Whether they read The Hobbit, watched Sword and the Stone, or more recently, grew up with the Harry Potter phenomenon, the ability to cast magical spells with devastating (or just plain cool) effects is something that kick-starts the imagination and can make for lots of fun, even if it’s only imaginary. Now, there’s an app for that. (more…)


Cheap Shot: geoSpark

The appeal and success of Geometry Wars and its sequel on the Xbox 360 are undeniable. Geometry Wars single-handedly helped refine the twin-stick shooter and is easily recognized by its distinct visuals. The iPhone has also shown that it can pull off this type of game, with countless variations hitting the App Store and each doing quite well. In an interesting turnaround, geoSpark copies the look of Geometry Wars while changing the gameplay. (more…)

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Cobra Command Review

There are really three types of games: those that create a new experience, those that imitate these games, and rereleases of memorable games of the past. Cobra Command clearly falls in the latter category, but in such a way that makes it stand out from the attack of the clones. Instead of merely pushing out a carbon copy of the Sega CD version (the only home version released until now), it went straight back to the source, the arcade original, and added fun new iPhone-specific gimmicks to make a game 25 years old feel new again. (more…)


House M.D. Review

Gregory House is the kind of doctor that you love to hate. His arrogance and sarcasm is trumped only by his knowledge of medicine, and the Fox drama has been a hit because there really hasn’t been anything so perversely enjoyable as watching a genius doctor with the bedside manner of a weasel. (more…)


Flatspace Review

Years ago, when Eve Online for the PC was new to the MMO arena, we tried our hands at it. While the breadth of that game was impressive, its steep learning curve and lack of comprehensible tutorials made it a turn-off for those who didn’t have time to learn its vast intricacies. After playing Flatspace, itself a PC port, we can’t help but think of Eve Online. Unfortunately, while Eve has expanded into a game that is much more newbie friendly, Flatspace remains utterly mysterious to the uninitiated. (more…)


Skater Nation Review

Ever since Vans SK8: Pool Service was released, the race has been on to deliver a Tony Hawk-quality skateboarding game for the iPhone. That game mimicked the look and feel of the skating legend’s signature game series, but with its tiny playing space and somewhat unrefined control scheme, it was bound to be overshadowed by a larger, full-fledged arcade skateboarding game. That game has finally come with the release of Skater Nation, the latest in Gameloft’s seemingly endless portfolio of top-tier iPhone apps. (more…)


Castle Frenzy Review

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s so, then Gameloft must really enjoy flattery. The publisher has done well by taking game ideas implemented by others and polishing them until they shine. Castle Frenzy is the latest in a series of such releases, this time copying the instant iPhone classic, Knights Onrush, which we loved. If you’ve played that and are looking for more, you’ve come to the right place, but if you’re expecting any substantial gameplay differences, you’ll have to keep waiting. (more…)


Ravensword Expansion Preview and Exclusive Concept Art

Released earlier this month, Chillingo’s Ravensword has been living proof that a 3D role-playing game is not only possible on Apple’s platform, but that it can raise our expectations for mobile gaming in general. It was not a game without its flaws, but for a first attempt, it has set the bar high, not only for other developers but for Ravensword’s own team. Not resting on their laurels, the team is already hard at work on the game’s first expansion. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask developer Josh Presseisen about what we can expect in the coming months, and snag some exclusive concept art. (more…)

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Cheap Shot: Blockee

Ever feel like you paid too much for a game? We at Slide to Play go through so many games, we’re frequently left feeling a bit ripped off by games that aren’t quite worth their weight in gold. (more…)


Fantasy Warrior: Good and Evil Review

It’s not every day that, when playing through a game, players are given a real choice. The bulk of story-driven games play out much more like interactive cinema, where the player is led down a predetermined path and their choices lack true moral weight. A few developers like Bioware have created a legacy by offering such choices in their games, but it’s not easy to pull off. Now, let’s be clear that Fantasy Warrior: Good and Evil is nowhere near as sophisticated as something like the recently released Dragon Age: Origins, but it is unique as far as iPhone games go. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Worst Case Scenario

Do you like taking tests? Who doesn’t, right? Have we got a deal for you. How would you like to pay money for the opportunity to further enrich your test-taking lifestyle? Now, keep in mind that these aren’t just any tests. These are test with astonishing yellow backgrounds and occasionally an image. You heard us right! Images! (more…)


Jules Verne’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island

At Slide to Play, we love adventure games. This is made obvious by the fact that, for instance, we declared Beneath a Steel Sky to be our October 2009 Game of the Month and that the original Return to Mysterious Island garnered our highest rating when it was released. Nevertheless, no adventure game gets a free pass, and each must be weighed according to its merits and faults. With that said, the second game in this series based on the classic Jules Verne novel fails to make the same impact as the original, but still manages to satisfy on a number of levels. (more…)


Cheap Shot: Alice in Bomberland

And you thought Tim Burton was creepy. Alice in Bomberland takes the already nutty stories we’re (mostly) fond of and adds an arsenal of heavy weapons to Wonderland’s seemingly drugged-out citizens. Yes, you know something is amiss when the story opens with the white rabbit carrying a stack of dynamite, and we’re sure your vivid imaginations can already conjure up what sort of dastardly destruction some of the other characters bring to the table (can you guess who uses the baz-hookah?). (more…)


Rally Master Pro 3D Review

As any gaming platform finds its roots, the staple genres begin to blossom: role-playing games, platformers, and racing games usually lead the charge. The iPhone is now well in bloom, and top-tier racing games are popping up left and right, so much so that it’s becoming easier to lose track of them. Rally Master Pro 3D is the latest in a long line of racers to hit the platform this year, and graphically it can compete with the best of them. Its claim to fame, though, is that it’s the only rally racing game yet. How does it fare against the competition? (more…)

    The Five Best And Worst Reasons to Make an iPhone MMO

    Since the dawn of the Internet, people have been using it to play games. The idea of playing a game against friends not residing in the same room as you has long inspired coders to come up with unique ways to make this a reality. The genre blossomed with the release of Ultima Online, which is still played today by a dedicated niche of gamers. It entered the public consciousness with EverQuest, and it entered their lives with World of Warcraft. (more…)


    5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Review

    The movie Groundhog Day is genius for a number of reasons, but for those with a dark sense of humor, it’s pretty funny to watch the few minutes in which the protagonist, Bill Murray, tries to repeatedly off himself to end his mundane life. Playing off that notion is the Adult Swim game 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself), in which the worst aspects of office life become the tools of your own destruction. Based on the popular Flash game, available for free on the net (but not on your iPhone), this momentary diversion may be fun for some, but becomes stale quickly. (more…)


    Castle Warriors Review

    What would Galcon look like with the benefit of a third dimension? Something very similar to Castle Warriors, we suspect. While Galcon takes place in the darkness of space and Castle Warriors has you roaming the medieval countryside, these two game share a lot in common in terms of gameplay. Castle Warriors is a game about capturing and maintaining territory and doing so in a timely fashion. With just enough RTS twists to set this one apart from its closest competition, we’re certain that you will have a blast. (more…)


    2XL ATV Offroad Review

    For a handheld system with no physical control mechanisms (analog sticks, digital pads, or buttons), we continue to be amazed at the quality racing games that appear on the iPhone. Users have consistently grumbled about motion controls in racing games on the PS3, for instance, as fine tuning the controls to feel natural is apparently harder than you’d think. And while there have been several noteworthy racing games on the platform to date, 2XL’s latest offroading offering is up there with the very best. (more…)

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