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Order & Chaos Online Review

The greatest thing about massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft is that they never end. Disregarding the fact that developers often continue to add new content over the months and years, expanding level caps and introducing new races and classes to try, the fact that they are online– and thus communal– means you can continue to have new experiences until they shut off the servers. Before Order & Chaos Online, though, you had to be chained to a computer to play. Say goodbye to the rest of your life. (more…)


Blast Zone Mega Review

Sometimes you just need to blow off steam. It’s times like this that you might feel like donning your super villain hat, hopping into your stealth bomber, and laying waste to the world’s major cities. Doing so in real life usually has some pretty severe repercussions, things like death, destruction of property, and people’s general disapproval. Unless, of course, there’s an app for that. Looks like you’re in luck. (more…)


Mega Mall Story Review

Kairosoft is quickly becoming the Pixar of App Store game developers: Every new release is a hit that seems to be better than the last. Mega Mall Story is in many ways their most robust entry yet, giving you more options and control than ever, upping the frenzy factor but without completely overloading the player. But does managing a mall translate to fun? (more…)


Deadlock: Online iPad Review

Most deathmatch-style shooters take place from a first-person perspective. Those that vary from the norm often employ an over-the-shoulder point of view. Crescent Moon Games is trying something a bit new with Deadlock, and while it takes awhile to get adjusted, there’s hours of frantic fragging in store for you. (more…)


Ticket to Ride iPad Review

Ticket to Ride is much more than a catchy Beatles tune. Though the Beatles popularized the phrase, Alan R. Moon’s German-style board game of the same name took it in a whole new direction in 2004. And just as the Beatles finally came to Apple’s iTunes, this fantastic game has also pulled into the App Store. (more…)


Avadon: The Black Fortress HD iPad Review

Role-playing games generally fall into one of two camps. There’s the open-ended, real-time Western-style, and the linear, turn-based Eastern-style. Both can be fairly predictable, barring a few changes to the characters, story, or environments. They usually come from big publishing houses, too. Avadon defies all these modern conventions and attempts to be a hybrid breed, which is especially sweet coming from an independent developer. (more…)


Prison Mayhem HD iPad Review

Diner Dash is for pansies. At least, that’s what 99Games, the developer behind Prison Mayhem HD, wants you to believe. They’ve taken the basic time management formula that made that beloved series so successful and applied it to the ruthless life of prison. And for the most part, it’s a winning formula. (more…)


Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp Review

When the original Dragon’s Lair hit the iPhone, it was an epic event. Although that game has been released on a smorgasbord of platforms over the years, this was the first time that it had been released in all its original glory in a portable format. The only thing that could possibly top it is its over-the-top sequel. Can Dirk the Daring do it again? (more…)

    Video: AirPlay Mirroring Enables iPad Games On TV

    iOS 5 won’t reinvent the wheel, but it does address a host of concerns and future-proofs Apple’s mobile devices, especially the iPad. Although Nintendo’s Wii U stole the show at this year’s E3, that same day, Apple unveiled AirPlay Mirroring, a new feature that basically does the same thing as the Wii U’s controller– only you won’t have to wait until 2012 for it. And now you can see it in action. (more…)


    Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Review

    Monster Hunter is one of Capcom’s most popular franchises, so we’re more than happy to see the publisher bring the series to iOS. Capcom has taken other renowned series, like Resident Evil and Dead Rising, and created all new experiences better suited for the touch screen generation. Dynamic Hunting attempts to do the same, and while it’s good while it lasts, it’s over before you know it. (more…)