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Galaxy on Fire 2 Review

Transported through time. Lost in space. Space pirates. We’ve seen it all before in countless sci-fi movies and video games, but never before in such detail on the iPhone or iPod Touch. While many developers have attempted to nail the sci-fi genre, few have been as successful as Galaxy on Fire. The original game, while great, lacked depth and longevity, but its sequel outshines it. Hop in the cockpit, because this is a ride you won’t want to miss. (more…)

    Padvance Report: iDisk, Audiogalaxy Mobile, and Autographs

    The iPad continues to show that it’s the tablet to beat after another great week of new apps and surprising news. Our friends at Padvance offer a look at what’s been happening in the iPad world since last week. (more…)

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      Padvance Report: CineTap, MobileMe, and Puzzle Quest 2

      After many months in the marketplace, the iPad has truly proven its worth. Padvance, Slide to Play’s sister site, diligently covers many of the best apps and features the iPad has to offer, showing the device’s wide range of uses. Here’s our look back at some of this week’s highlights. (more…)

        iPhone 4 Press Conference

        Apple is holding an invite-only press conference this morning at 10am PST. What Apple intends to discuss is unknown, although the web is full of rumors. Will an updated version of the iPhone 4 begin shipping that circumvents the reception problem? Is Apple giving all customers a free bumper? Will Steve Jobs continue to dismiss allegations that the phone doesn’t work properly? Come back after 10 for the answers.


        Wallace & Gromit: The Last Resort for iPad Review

        Having played an episode on the Xbox 360, this was not our first foray into the digital version of the classic claymation series Wallace & Gromit. The Last Resort, although it is not the first episode in the series, comes to the iPad for the first time. It follows the old-school adventure game formula to a tee, but is easily the least zany of Telltale’s many episodic adventures. Aside from a few unfortunate technical hiccups, it’s their best venture on the iPad to date. (more…)

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        Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge for iPad Review

        For many, classic gaming evoke memories of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and other arcade treasures. For others, though, their nostalgia lies in the point-and-click adventures from the likes of LucasArts and Sierra. While there are many favorites, most would agree that Monkey Island 2 stands at the pinnacle. Superb writing, a sweeping soundtrack, and exotic locations have all been revamped for the second in LucasArts’ special edition series to make the best even better. (more…)

        Hulu Plus First Impressions

        Remember how big of a deal it was that Flash wasn’t available on the iPad? You know, we need that to watch TV shows and stuff. Like on Hulu. Well, Hulu has finally come out from behind the curtain with its answer: Hulu Plus. The universal app just went live, and we’ve got the first impressions. (more…)

          Analyst: iPad Sales Will Slow

          Analysts are often wrong. After all, their sales estimates are based on research and projections, but ultimately the consumer may pull a 180 and purchase something unexpected. Take for instance, the iPad, which is shattering sales expectations. And compare that with the latest estimates from Forrester. (more…)

            3 Million iPads Sold

            Apple announced today the latest sales figures for the iPad. Although we were not terribly surprised by the numbers, we can’t help but be pleased that our favorite tablet is doing so well right out of the gate, even without enjoying the benefits (yet) of the latest iOS. Find out the details after the break. (more…)

              iOS 4.0 Is Live

              Apple released their long-awaited update of their mobile operating system, iOS (formerly iPhone OS) late this morning. This build is identical to the gold master build that was put into developers’ hands at WWDC 2010, just after Steve Jobs finished his keynote speech. (more…)

                iPhone 4 Has Double the RAM of iPad

                It seems that the iPhone 4 may turn out to be more powerful than the iPad. Both are running Apple’s custom A4 chip, although we do not know at what clock speed it’s running on the iPhone 4 (the iPad is running at 1GHz). Given that, it has been speculated that the iPhone 4 may not be running as fast to better conserve battery life on the smaller handheld with a smaller battery. But what about the RAM? Reports are that it is double what’s on board the iPad. (more…)

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                  iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Update

                  The iPhone 4 is upon us. Apple and AT&T opened the floodgates this morning at 7am to begin pre-ordering the devices in the U.S., and if you’ve been trying to do so, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of server errors as their websites struggle to handle the influx of traffic. More significant, though, is that we’ve discovered that more people may be eligible to upgrade right now than previously thought. (more…)


                  Game Table Review

                  With several board game titles already available on the iPad, it’s clear that there is a demand among gamers to use the iPad as a stand-in for traditional table-top games. Give the players the pieces and let them do with them what they want, right? Game Table is much like BoardBox, but its board game selection is limited checkers and chess, and it includes a pretty neat digital deck of cards. (more…)


                  Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone Review

                  Sam and Max’s latest adventure may have just been released on the Mac, PC, and PS3, but iPad owners have been enjoying it for a few weeks now. It’s the series’ third season (but the first for the iPad) from developer Telltale Games, who have borrowed heavily from its humble LucasArts and comic book origins and brought it successfully into the 21st century with 3D visuals and new control schemes. But how does it fare in its transition to the mobile arena? (more…)


                  BoardBox Review

                  Some games require hand-holding tutorials to explain their elaborate intricacies. Others bedazzle you with Hollywood-style cinema scenes. Even classic board games like Clue and The Game of Life have received makeovers for the iDevices. But sometimes, you just want to play the old-school games: chess, checkers, reversi, and the like. You don’t need anything fancy; you just need a partner and a game board. Welcome to BoardBox. (more…)


                  Monster RPG 2 Review

                  If role-playing games were as prevalent on the iPhone as puzzle games, where there are more than any sane person could possibly play, a game like Monster RPG 2 would easily be lost in the App Store abyss. The reason is simple: Just as a puzzle game requires an ingenious hook to keep you playing for more than a few minutes, a role-playing game depends on engaging combat and a story that matters to the player. Monster RPG 2 lacks both. (more…)


                  Vector Tanks Extreme Review

                  Just shy of a year ago, Peter Hirschberg let loose Vector Tanks, one of the finest throwbacks to retro gaming in recent years. Vector Tanks wasn’t so much a reinvisioning of a classic, a la Pac-Man Championship Edition, as it was just a great example of how to take old-school arcade action and bring it to the 21st century. (more…)


                  Final Fantasy 2 Review

                  Final Fantasy XIII is just around the bend, which gives us all the more reason to revisit this series’s heralded past. It probably came as a shock to Japanese gamers when a sequel to the final fantasy was originally released. The original did so well that it kept the endangered publisher Square afloat, allowing them to create one of gaming’s most memorable franchises. (more…)


                  Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 1 Review

                  From time to time, adventure game fans find true gems on the iPhone: Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island, Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered, and The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition come to mind. Nevertheless, the platform has also become something of a dumping ground for old PC adventure games (of which there are many), and few of them stand the test of time. Dracula falls squarely into the latter camp. (more…)


                  Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers Hands-On Preview

                  It’s always a breath of fresh air when a new type of game comes to the iPhone. Since we are constantly inundated with puzzle games and shooters, it’s rare that we see something completely different. Such a game is headed to the App Store next month: Gamevil’s Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers. We recently got our hands on a preview build of the game, which solidified in our minds that this is one to keep an eye on. (more…)


                  Mission: Deep Sea Review

                  It’s easy to see why deep-sea diving makes an attractive environment for video games. It’s something that few people will ever experience, it’s exciting, and the sea floor is a beautiful place. In recent years, games like Ecco the Dolphin (Dreamcast) and Endless Ocean (Wii) have brought the dazzling underwater ecosystem to our TV screens. Now Mission: Deep Sea delivers the experience on the iPhone, but in a new way. Thanks to its most recent update, it’s a game worth getting excited about, even if it’s not quite perfect. (more…)

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