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Hairy Tales Review

There are about a gazillion puzzle games out there on the App Store these days, with new ones coming out every week, so getting your game noticed takes some doing. Along comes Hairy Tales, from Crescent Moon’s indie label Forest Moon games. It’s a cute game with a unique look and clever gameplay mechanics. That just might be enough to get it some time in the spotlight. (more…)


True Skate Review

At some point in our lives we’ve probably all tried an ‘extreme’ sport. Whether it was BMX-biking or skateboarding or snowboarding, theres a good chance there’s been some broken bones, scraped knees or bruises we can attribute to doing the exact opposite of what our parents wanted us to do. With iOS and a slew of games like Touchgrind and Mad Skills Motocross we’ve been given the chance to relive those memories… safely. Now comes True Skate, which claims to be the most authentic and ‘real’ version of skateboarding for the platform. (more…)

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Carmageddon Review

Carmageddon is one of those games where its production history and subsequent controversy almost overshadow the actual game itself. It was originally designed back in 1997 as a companion game to a remake of the movie Death Race2000, but when that movie never happened, the game developers decided to keep on making the game on their own. In keeping with the theme of the movie, Carmageddon was an ultra-violent car racing game where the players would score points for running over pedestrians, performing super crazy stunts and destroying the other racers. (more…)


Lep’s World 2 Plus Review

At the tail end of last year, a game was released called Super Jump World from nerByte GmbH Games, a company that has created a little cottage industry of insipid games. It was an utterly shameless clone of Super Mario Bros. and was quickly pulled down from the AppStore. But through the magic of resubmission, it came back to the market as Lep’s World. It was kind of like buying a Suny camera instead of a Sony. Now comes Lep’s World 2, and it’s more of the same. Literally. This is practically the exact same game as the first one. Heck, even the App icon is exactly the same as the first. (more…)


WarCorps: Genesis Review

If you’ve been playing the recently released Tiny Troopers (and you really should be playing it) then you may have stopped to wonder what it would be like to play the game from a different perspective. While it may not exactly be a third-person shooter version of that game, WarCorps: Genesis from Triniti Interactive takes you deep into the action on the post-apocalyptic battlefront against another group of would-be terrorists. (more…)

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Jumpster Review

On the App Store, physics puzzlers in the vein of Angry Birds are a dime a dozen these days. Virtually not a week goes by when there isn’t some new kid on the block trying to capture that pig-smashing magic. Now comes Jumpster, G5 Entertainment’s attempt to break into that world. It’s an admirable experiment, but one that has a hard time overcoming that most insidious of obstacles in a game… the dreaded paywall. (more…)


The Last Express Review

The Last Express is one of those games that adventure game fans talk about with a sort of somber reverence. Released in the late ’90s, it was praised for its innovative and thrilling storyline, unique art style, eclectic cast of characters, and ‘real-time’ gameplay. Unfortunately it was also saddled with a horribly bungled release that led to it being overlooked by virtually everyone. Over the years it has garnered something of a cult status and has been released in numerous different formats for new and old gamers to enjoy. Now it’s finally made its way to iOS, and is proof that a fantastic story and an unique experience can outlast the years… and shaky ports. (more…)

    Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead Review

    While there are about a zillion games on the App store featuring zombies, and the idea of playing another one may sound about as much fun as pulling teeth, sometimes a gem will come along that makes us take notice. ‘Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead’ by Wandake games is one such game. While it’s a pretty simplistic idea, this is one game that may make you overlook your zombie ennui. (more…)


    LAD Review

    When you first boot up LAD, the newest game from Black Chair Studios, you may think you’re playing a sequel to the famed indie title Limbo. With LAD’s stark visuals, haunting soundtrack and bleak storyline, the parallels are obvious. But that’s where the comparisons end. Whereas Limbo is a smooth, wonderful journey through a dark landscape, LAD is a frustrating and deeply flawed experience that will have players cursing the moment they hit that ‘BUY’ button. (more…)


    Super Hexagon Review

    You know you may be in for an interesting time when a game’s difficulty settings start at Hard and go up from there. There are no ‘Easy’ or ‘Normal’ settings here. And you know things are not going to be easy if a game is from Terry Cavanagh, maker of VVVVVV, one of the most brutally punishing games you can possibly play. His latest salvo against our wits, Super Hexagon, is out for iOS and there’s no beating around the bush: this game makes every attempt to drive you utterly and completely mad. (more…)


    Wild Blood Review

    With Wild Blood, Gameloft seems to have taken a ‘kitchen-sink’ approach to the game’s design. Featuring elements from other well-known and established properties, chiefly God of War, Infinity Blade, and even some of their own games, Wild Blood is like the gaming equivalent of shake and bake. Does it all work well together? The answer to that largely depends on what you’re looking for in a game. (more…)

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    Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

    That Final Fantasy Dimensions exists at all is something of a miracle. That we have a somewhat original (it is based on a game that came out for other mobile devices last year), ‘old-school’ Final Fantasy game coming out in this day and age is a pretty special thing. And the fact that it’s a pretty amazing game to boot is just icing on the cake. Square Enix has given Final Fantasy fans a love letter to the games of yesteryear that built the foundation of our love for the games we enjoy now. What’s old is new again. (more…)


    Mikey Shorts Review

    If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably grown up on Super Mario Bros. Jumping around all over the place, collecting coins, capturing flags and hopping on mushrooms within a certain amount of time were a fundamental part of most of our childhoods growing up. (more…)

      Gasketball iPad Review

      Ingenuity in game design can go a long way. If something is fresh and new and unlike anything else you’ve seen before, that creativity can sometimes make up for a few warts a game may have. This is what you get with Gasketball, the newest offering from Mikengreg. It’s a little bizarre, a little out there, and can take some getting used to, but if you’re willing to take the time then you’re in for a real treat. (more…)


      Random Heroes Review

      Have you ever seen a movie called Attack the Block? It’s a great little British movie from 2011 and the plot has a bunch of kids from a small neighborhood stumbling upon an alien invasion that’s taking place where they live. They take it upon themselves to defend their community from the hungry and violent alien aggressors with whatever means they have. The kids are, essentially, random heroes. Attack the Block is the first thing that sprung to mind while Random Heroes, made by Ravenous, who brought us the superb League of Evil games. Unfortunately, Random Heroes is a game that has lots of cool bits, the sum can’t equal its parts. (more…)


      Kid Vector Review

      Short of grabbing a couple of paddles and playing a game of Pong, you don’t get much more ‘retro’ than a vector game. Tempest, Space Fury, Armor Attack…those are the things that little boys’ dreams were made of. Now Uncade has come along and has given us Kid Vector, a tough as nails platformer that takes the vector game, gives it a sweet 2.5D modern sheen, and gives our inner-child the chance to squeal with delight while we die horrible, horrible deaths. (more…)


      Mr. Dreamer Review

      Little monsters really seem to have a sweet tooth. God only knows how many sugary snacks we’ve fed to Cut the Rope‘s Om Nom over the past two years. Now comes Poncho, a creature that looks like a blue eraser in a suit, who daydreams about worlds filled with candy while he’s sleeping on the job at the Broccoli Company. Mr. Dreamer, from Strapped to a Meteor Games, is a high energy sugar-rush. (more…)


      Agent Dash Review

      Remember a little while ago when the makers of Temple Run teamed up with Pixar to make Temple Run Brave? Now imagine that Pixar themselves had gone ahead and made their own endless running game, and it might look a little something like Agent Dash from Full Fat games. It’s a game that’s chock full of humor and style, with artwork that looks like it came straight from an animated film, but Agent Dash has very little to offer in actual substance. So actually, it kind of feels like something that would come from Dreamworks, and not Pixar. (more…)


      Sly Fox Review

      If cartoons have taught us nothing else, it’s that foxes love chickens. Those devious mammals are always trying to find new ways to steal away some tasty avian dinner. The black fox from the new game Sly Fox seems to have found a rather clever way to get to his chow: He’s attached a propeller from a crashed airplane onto his tail to fly around and grab those chickens. (more…)


      ORC: Vengeance Review

      You may have recently heard of a little game series called Diablo by a little company called Blizzard. Throughout the years, Diablo has been the benchmark for fast-paced dungeon-crawling, monster-hacking, and looting. There have been numerous attempts to capture that special something that made Diablo so good. Until recently, the most successful attempt for iOS has been Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter series. But now, courtesy of Big Cave Games via Chillingo, there’s a new contender for king of the dungeon: Rok, the hero of ORC: Vengeance. (more…)


      Great Big War Game Review

      We’ve seen a decent number of cartoonish-looking strategy and war games recently. In just the past month or so, we’ve been treated to the bobble-headed and slightly demented Tiny Troopers and the cute and lovable Outwitters. These are games that let us outsmart our opponents while making us giggle a little bit at the same time. Great Big War Game from Rubicon, a sequel to last year’s Great Little War Game, is another addition to that genre, and it’s the real deal. (more…)

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