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Wayward Souls Review

Wayward Souls is the game that Mage Gauntlet was supposed to be, and I mean that quite literally. When Rocketcat Games was making Mage Gauntlet, they wanted to have all of the things that Wayward Souls eventually ended up having, like randomized levels and multiple character classes. Eventually they realized that they were never going to be able to get that game done in time, and so Mage Gauntlet was born.  (more…)


LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters Review

The LEGO franchise of video games has produced some rather memorable entertainment for us iOS gamers. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DC Superheroes or Star Wars, Warner Bros. has mixed those various franchises with LEGOS to give us some truly exciting and unique gaming experiences. (more…)


Baldur’s Gate II iPad Review

Like I alluded to in my preview of the game, playing Baldur’s Gate II was one of the defining moments for me as a gamer. It holds a special place in my gaming heart, and you’d be hard pressed to find an “all-time best of” list that doesn’t include this amazing game. Unfortunately, times they have a changed. RPGs have evolved and the way we play games has changed, so a straight port of this computer classic just doesn’t work for the iPad. (more…)

    Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Hands-On Preview

    Playing Baldur’s Gate II when it came out in the early 2000’s was something of a formative gaming experience for me. While I absolutely loved the first one, and played countless games before it, it wasn’t until part two that I came to realize just how immersive and engrossing playing videogames could be. So I was a bit heartbroken when, because of befuddling legal vagaries, it looked like Baldur’s Gate II might not ever grace our little screens. (more…)


    The Shadow Sun Review

    The Shadow Sun is a game that I honestly thought we would never see. Announced three years ago, the game was promised to be something that would give us an Elder Scrolls-like experience for iOS from developers who had worked on games like Baldur’s Gate and NeverWinter Nights. With a gameplay promise like that and from people with those kinds of resumes, expectations ran high for RPG fans. (more…)


    Epoch 2 Review

    When the first Epoch came out a couple of years ago, it was further evidence that AAA production values could be coupled with the unique opportunities of a touchscreen environment to provide an exciting gameplay experience for iOS. Its elegant and uncluttered control scheme, gorgeous graphics, and cool cover-based gameplay gave us a fierce little game that showed just what our iPads and phones were capable of if someone were willing to put in the work. (more…)


    Icycle: On Thin Ice Review

    Are you familiar with the works of a man named Saul Bass? During the ’70s and ’80s he was one of the most iconic graphic-designers/artists the nation had ever seen. His surreal and spacey style graced movie posters, corporate logos, and even movies themselves which included the title sequence for Hitchcock’s Psycho. He has been imitated, revered, and homaged endlessly over the years (check out the title sequence for the Spielberg movie Catch me if You Can for an idea) and it’s not hyperbole to say that he’s one of the most influential artists of the modern era. (more…)


    Sorcery 2! Review

    In some games, the story is the backdrop, a means to get you from one action setpiece to another. In other games, the story is so deeply integrated into the action that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. In Sorcery 2, the latest choose-your-own-adventure storybook game from Steve Jackson, the story is the whole point of the game. (more…)


    Transport Tycoon Review

    Videogame content can cover a wide range of extremes. Whether it’s extreme depictions of violence, humor, or difficulty levels, if you’re a lover of the intense, then odds are you can find a game that fits your style. Transport Tycoon is a game that travels in a different kind of extreme, and that’s an extreme level of resource management. If dealing with menus within menus within menus, a distressing amount of unmarked icons cluttering your screen and an absolutely ludicrous level of detail to govern sounds like a fun night at home, then Transport Tycoon is the game for you. (more…)

      Under the Radar: October 4, 2013

      So many games come out for iOS on a regular basis that it can be difficult to keep track of them all, let alone review them. In this edition of Under the Radar, I highlight a handful of games from this summer that I enjoyed immensely. Whether it’s because of ingenuity in gameplay, or a great mix of old-school and new, these are games, in no particular order, that captured my attention over the last few months. (more…)