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Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls Review

Wayward Souls is the game that Mage Gauntlet was supposed to be, and I mean that quite literally. When Rocketcat Games was making Mage Gauntlet, they wanted to have all of the things that Wayward Souls eventually ended up having, like randomized levels and multiple character classes. Eventually they realized that they were never going to be able to get that game done in time, and so Mage Gauntlet was born.

Wayward Souls is a rougelike action-RPG game steeped in old-school Nintendo nostalgia. A roguelike game, for those who don’t know, is typically a dungeon-crawler RPG where you only get one life, dying forces you to start all over again, and the difficulty is something that only the most stalwart (masochistic?) of gamers would be willing to put themselves through.

As a result, Wayward Souls is a mashup of the gameplay and level progression of Mage Gauntlet and the general sense of eventual death that comes with playing a roguelike game. You play. You die. You play again. Repeat as necessary.


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Dungeon Crawler, Retro Inspired, Role Playing

Universal Rating: 9+

Wayward Souls is a game from Rocketcat LLC, originally released 24th April, 2014 for iOS

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