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Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! Review

Chances are you’re a little tired of training your brain by now. Hand-eye coordination and reflexes can all be trained by many action games, and math you can practice at the grocery store. Shouldn’t it be time to either pick up a book or just enjoy your leisure? Not quite yet, says Gameloft, who recently released their sequel to last year’s Brain Challenge, appropriately titled Brain Challenge 2: Think Again! (more…)


Cheap Shot: Pop’n Tock

We would have probably called it Bounce ‘n Poke if it had been us, but Pop’n Tock works, too. In this cute arcade game, cheerful round characters fall out of the sky only to ricochet off the ground so you can tap them through gaps in the game world’s walls. Why must we put the creatures in the holes? There is no explanation, and none is really necessary; the little buggers just look so HAPPY about the whole experience– with tiny hearts appearing with their smiles, even. (more…)

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Cheap Shot: Memovator

Playing Memovator while actually in an elevator is an activity that puts you at dual risks. For one, it’s almost guaranteed that you will end up cursing the slowness of your reflexes, thereby annoying your fellow stair-shirkers and exposing yourself further as the iPhone addict you are. Plus, it’s entirely guaranteed you will miss your stop, as this simple diversion sucks at your attention as much as some of us suck at tapping the screen at the right time. (more…)


Arkanoid Review

If you were expecting the same stroke of brilliance that was Taito’s remake of Space Invaders, only applied to the original Break Out clone, you will be a bit disappointed. By introducing multi-directional movement, power-ups, and special moves into the fight against the squiddies, Infinity Gene gave the iPhone something you can’t really get anywhere else. Arkanoid feels like its same old self by comparison. (more…)