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Poker Pals Review

Poker apps have had considerable success on the iPhone, but America’s favorite card game was designed for real gambling, and there’s really no getting around that. Because of that, poker apps on the App Store have generally felt like an uneasy compromise between what poker really is and what is allowed on Apple’s mobile platform. Fortunately, Chillingo and Aspyr have brought us an inventive way to tap into the appeal of poker without simply creating a weak facsimile of it. (more…)


Penny Parlor Review

Before Space Invaders ate up all of the world’s change, penny arcades were already populated with pinball machines and other mechanical games. Now a selection of the latter are available on your iOS device in one package named Penny Parlor. The app is a welcome change of pace from the typical flavor of physics-based games on the App Store, and a fun distraction overall. (more…)

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    SpellTower Announced for iPad

    Zach Gage, the developer of Bit Pilot among other games, has announced a great-looking new word game for iPad called SpellTower. This genre mash-up will come out on November 17. (more…)

      Frozen Synapse Announced for iPad

      The English developer Mode 7 has announced that their popular online game Frozen Synapse will be available on iPad ‘in the first half of next year’. The game is sort of a turn-based action-strategy game, if you can imagine such a thing. You and your opponent both tell your glowing minions where to go and how to act while the game is paused, and once you’ve both locked in your instructions, the little guys move and shoot their way around the level (which is randomly generated in multiplayer– very cool). (more…)


      Street Fighter II Collection Review

      Surely most people can agree that Street Fighter II and its many variants are excellent games. Important ones, even. Few games have influenced an entire genre as strongly, and its place in history as one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time can’t be denied. However, Street Fighter II being a seminal classic probably isn’t enough of a reason to spend $3.99 on this collection. (more…)

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      jAggy Race Review

      jAggy Race (their capitalization, not ours) isn’t the game we were expecting it to be. It’s probably not the game that most other people would expect either, if you’re judging it by its appearance. Given the game’s title and apparent racing mechanics, you would assume that it was indeed a racing game. However, it has more in common with a platformer or maybe even a physics-based puzzle game. (more…)


      Warm Gun Review

      Here at Slide to Play, we have a policy of playing a game to completion before rendering judgment. Sometimes playing through every second of possible content isn’t practical, but we don’t want to publish a review without seeing all a game has to offer. However, we’ve played very little of Warm Gun, but that’s not for lack of trying. How Warm Gun got the go-ahead to be on the App Store in its current state is beyond us, as simply getting the game up and running was a more rewarding endeavor than anything we’ve been able to appreciate in this Unreal-powered shooter. (more…)


      Katamari Amore Review

      How long has it been since your last Royal Rainbow? If you don’t already know what that means, don’t worry. However, if your answer is an emphatic ‘too long!’, then Katamari Amore is just what the King of All Cosmos ordered. (more…)


      Cowboy Guns Review

      Cowboy Guns is frustrating because of what it could have been. When you first start playing this western-themed dual-stick shooter, you’ll be charmed by the blocky 3D characters, and it’s easy to jump on board for whatever the game wants to throw your way. Unfortunately, this appeal is eventually overwhelmed by the gameplay and story, which aren’t nearly as enjoyable as the game’s look. (more…)


      Monsters Ate My Condo Review

      What’s your favorite flavor of crazy? If the answer to that question is ‘loud and colorful,’ then Adult Swim really has a treat for you on the App Store. The delightfully manic Monsters Ate My Condo is the publisher’s newest iOS title, and you may want to sit down to prepare for this frenetic gaming experience. (more…)


      Fruit Roll Review

      The iOS platform is no stranger to games in which you automatically move from left to right, and Fruit Roll is another entry in what has become one of the most popular genres on the App Store: the autorunner. It’d actually be more appropriate to call Fruit Roll an autoroller, as this game doesn’t have legs, literally or figuratively. (more…)

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      Flapcraft Review

      Flapcraft is a new entry in the popular genre of flying games on the App Store. It’s not an awful game, but it didn’t quite grab us the same way that other games of its type have. (more…)


      Jetpack Joyride Review

      It’s not so crazy to expect good things from Halfbrick at this point, given their record of successful titles like Fruit Ninja. The studio’s latest title, Jetpack Joyride, is a fun diversion, but doesn’t quite have the hooks to make it truly excellent. (more…)


      Rogue Sky Review

      Rogue Sky would still be a noteworthy game even if it wasn’t made by just one person. Jakko van Hunen is responsible for everything except the music of this game. This fact is very impressive, as are the game’s visuals, but the real question is whether or not it’s fun to play. (more…)


      Desert Quest Review

      It’s easy to be interested in Desert Quest when looking at screenshots of it. We can’t deny that it has a unique art direction, but this is a game that is at its best in the form of a still image. The game doesn’t move well, it has an uninspired narrative, and it’s a total chore to play. (more…)


      iBlast Moki 2 Review

      The award-winning iBlast Moki left quite an impression when it came out in 2009. It was one of the best physics puzzlers at the time, and it still holds up today. This week we’re treated to the release of its sequel, which certainly has some high expectations attached to it. Does it stand up to the original? We definitely think so. (more…)


      Pickpawcket Review

      Anybody moderately literate in art history should have a good time playing through Pickpawcket. The game’s delightful send-ups of the most iconic paintings of the last few centuries are easily the greatest reward the game has to offer. The gameplay itself isn’t tedious or broken, but it’s definitely not the highlight of this title. (more…)

        The 5 Best Poker Games for iPhone

        Since the Department of Justice cracked down on Internet poker earlier this year, American players have been left with fewer ways to get their poker fix. Some have gone to casinos, but many now enjoy the game on their iOS device. With gambling legislation as it is, you’re limited to play-money betting, which naturally makes bluffing less important and wins less exciting. But even with that caveat and the monumental challenge of programming convincing poker AI, these apps can still be a fun way to pass the time. Read on for our five favorite poker games for iPhone. (more…)


        Kickin Momma HD Review

        Playing through HotHead’s Kickin Momma HD without being reminded of Peggle borders on the impossible. There are enough differences between the two that it wouldn’t be fair to call HotHead’s title a clone of the PopCap classic, but they’re too similar to totally avoid comparisons. (more…)


        Cowboys & Aliens – Silver City Defense Review

        Cowboys and Aliens – Silver City Defense is a game that lacks both a cowboy’s quiet charm and an alien’s advanced technology. It doesn’t do much to promote the Cowboys and Aliens movie that’s in theaters, and it’s not enjoyable on its own, either. You’d think a premise as simple as Cowboys and Aliens would be perfect video game material, but this game struggles to be anything more than tedious. (more…)


        Temple Trouble Review

        Temple Trouble has you assume control of a treasure hunter named Captain LeFop. There isn’t much of a story to speak of, but the premise is engaging enough to propel the action. At the beginning of each of the game’s dozens of levels, LeFop finds himself in a room with but one exit, which is typically closed. By flipping switches, pushing blocks and otherwise manipulating the environment, you’ll navigate the perilous paths to open the door and make it one step closer to freedom. (more…)

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