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MacGuffin’s Curse Review

MacGuffin’s Curse is a werewolf-themed puzzle/adventure game from Australian developer Brawsome, and it’s got an awful lot going for it. The game’s main story will take you quite a few hours to complete, and there are good reasons to spend even more time with it afterwards. For $1.99, it packs a great punch, in no small part because of its high production values. (more…)


Kitten Sanctuary Review

Trigger-happy shooter addicts may not get much out of Kitten Sanctuary, but its unflinching cuteness and relative simplicity make it a perfect match for the less bloodthirsty gaming crowd. It’s part Match-3 and part virtual zoo, and both components are handled skillfully and tastefully. (more…)

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Beatstream Review

Beatstream is the latest in a long line of games that allow players to plug their own music into the software and generate gameplay from a designated track. Unfortunately– as is often the case with these kinds of games– it does little to advance itself beyond mere novelty. (more…)


Battleloot Adventure Review

Battleloot Adventure may be a comically generic title, but the product it represents is a solid mobile RPG with decent personality. It doesn’t have the depth you might find in something more complex, but it does just enough to rise above being a stale JRPG, which the App Store already has plenty of. (more…)


Spice Bandits Review

Making a free-to-play game with microtransaction hooks isn’t new, but paying a buck or two for in-game currency is most commonly done in service of growing your virtual farm or aquarium faster. Either that, or you’re paying for cosmetic upgrades to your avatar. These practices can be a little silly and aren’t necessarily accompanied by deep gameplay, but at least they’re fairly transparent. (more…)

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Retro Racing Review

Retro Racing’s title doesn’t leave much to the imagination. If you’re familiar with the kinds of driving games that were prevalent in the 1980s, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect with this new iOS game. (more…)


Frederic – Resurrection of Music Complete Review

Zombies are becoming a fairly tired symbol in video games, but what about zombified 19th Century composers? For the time being, they’re as fresh as the undead can possibly be, and Forever Entertainment has delivered a strong argument for their presence on the App Store. (more…)


The Lost City Review

You’d think there would be more point-and-click adventure games for touchscreen devices, but right now, it’s still a pleasant surprise when an App Store developer comes along with a new entry in the genre. The Lost City is a point-and-click adventure game in the tradition of games like Myst, and while it’s light on the surprise half of ‘pleasant surprise,’ it’s a reasonably enjoyable way to spend some time with your iPhone. (more…)


Ash II: Shadows Review

Ash II: Shadows is Konami and SRRN’s newest RPG offering for iPhone. This follow-up to CRRN’s well-received throwback mostly trades in Japanese RPG conventions, but also finds its own voice with some snarky dialog. (more…)


Paper Monsters Review

Making a good platformer for the iPhone can be a challenge, which is part of the reason we’ve seen the auto-runner genre explode in popularity. The simpler control scheme lends itself well to a touchscreen, whereas more traditional platforming can be pretty unwieldy. However, once in a while a platformer comes along that works well in more than just one dimension of gameplay. For the most part, Paper Monsters is an example of said quality. (more…)

    Zynga Releases Tiny Tower Clone, NimbleBit Strikes Back

    Remember Tiny Tower? We placed it at #8 in our Best Games of 2011 list, and Apple flat-out awarded it their iPhone Game of the Year. Apparently Zynga, the publisher of such titles as Words With Friends and FarmVille, noticed the game as well, and they’ve made a pretty shameless clone of it, called Dream Heights. (more…)

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    RayForce Review

    There’s a fair number of arcade shooters on the App Store, from original creations to ports and re-imaginings of classic games, like Space Invaders Infinity Gene by Taito. Taito is now publishing an iOS port of RayForce, a 1993 arcade shoot-‘em-up. They’re currently asking for 12 of your hard-earned dollars to experience this old arcade game. That’s a hefty amount to ask for any app, so RayForce should be pretty impressive to justify spending that much. (more…)


    Minecraft – Pocket Edition To Be Updated Next Month

    When Minecraft: Pocket Edition hit the App Store, we were pretty disappointed. It felt unfinished and under-featured, but fortunately the folks at Mojang feel the same way. We’ll be seeing some big changes to the app sometime in February. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan wrote in a blog today that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update will include ‘animals and new blocks,’ as well as lay the ‘foundation for survival [mode].’ (more…)


    Pugs Luv Beats Review

    The iTunes page for Pugs Luv Beats dares you to ‘name one other game which lets you dress up pugs in hats to make music.’ We certainly can’t think of any, and Pugs Luv Beats is unquestionably a unique piece of software. However, it’s not easy to call it a good game. (more…)


    Sparkle 2: Evo Review

    If we were to call Sparkle 2: Evo a strange and beautiful game, we’d only feel mistaken on one point: that it’s a game. Your goals are so simple and unimpeded that it’s almost more appropriate to call it a toy with gentle suggestions about what you should do during your time in it. (more…)


    Don’t Run With A Plasma Sword Review

    Given both the quality and quantity of auto-runner games on the App Store, you really have to come up with something impressive to be successful nowadays. Not only are there a lot of titles to compete with, but the good ones could literally leave people satisfied to never look for another game again, given their infinite replayability. Unfortunately, Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword doesn’t come up with enough reasons for us to prefer it over any other game like it. (more…)

      Friday Slide: Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

      A typical single-player, story-driven game is a very strange kind of media. No other narrative form actively tries to prevent you from advancing its story: not film, not theatre, and not literature. This leads to what I like to call the ‘dirty DVD’ model of game narrative, which is simply to say that these games’ stories are no more interactive or enjoyable than a dirty DVD is. You do what’s required to keep the story going (cleaning the DVD, solving a puzzle, jumping across a gap), but the actions you take and the story that’s told don’t seem to have much to do with one another. So my question is this: whose side are the game designers on, anyway? (more…)


      NFL Flick Quarterback Review

      What do you get when you combine Fruit Ninja, Backbreaker Football, and an NFL license? It seems like that’s what the developers of NFL Flick Quarterback were trying to find out, but the product that’s available on the App Store doesn’t live up to the promise of its description. (more…)


      SpellTower Review

      Having brought us games like Bit Pilot, Halcyon, and Unify, Zach Gage has some considerable credibility in indie gaming circles. His newest game, SpellTower, is a bit of a departure from his previous work, as he takes on the word game genre. (more…)


      Bizarre Game Desert Bus Released for Charity

      An odd game called Desert Bus has just been released on the App Store. The game was originally part of an unreleased minigame collection for Sega CD called Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. As it stands in the history of video games, Desert Bus could be accurately be described as one of the most bizarre– and also boring– games of all time. You can buy it here for $0.99. (more…)


      Minecraft – Pocket Edition Review

      Who doesn’t like Minecraft? No, seriously, tell us; we’ll fight them. We’ll also have a choice word or two for whoever decided to put Minecraft – Pocket Edition up for sale in its current state. (more…)

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