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He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe Review

‘He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe.’ Pause and think about that title for a moment. If you were expecting a hardcore, serious epic to appease the adult Masters of the Universe fan within you, then you should probably stop right there and reconsider any notion of purchasing this game. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of He-Man and his friends, and you have a sense of humor, and you don’t take the whole thing too seriously, then there is a pretty fun game waiting here for you. (more…)


Stupid Zombies 2 Review

Stupid Zombies 2 has all the earmarks of a by-the-book sequel: It takes everything that made the original great, polishes some things up while making a few tweaks and additions, and boom, new game. (more…)

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    Twist Pilot Review DELETED

    Twist Pilot is a unique take on puzzle gaming. You take control of a propeller named Phil, who has apparently listened to a little too much of The Byrds, as he is constantly turn, turn, turning. And it is that constant rotation which provides the challenge of navigating the myriad mazes which comprise the game. (more…)


    Kumo Lumo Review

    Kumo Lumo is a strange, unique style of game with a distinctly Japanese feel to it– the same sort of bizarre creativity which gave us so many classics such as Pac-Man or Katamari Damacy. This makes it all the more surprising to learn that the game is actually not the product of Japanese developers, but rather those from the United Kingdom. (more…)


    Pocket Climber Review

    When it comes to parkour in video games, the more emphasized aspects of the activity are the running and jumping. But as you might guess from the title, Pocket Climber focuses more on the climbing. In a way, the game follows the basic ‘endless runner’ formula, except that instead of running, you’re climbing up a building. In that regard, it almost feels a little more like a webless recreation of Spider-Man or the Human Fly than actual Parkour. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just different. (more…)

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    Cartoon Wars: Blade Review

    Cartoon Wars: Blade is the latest in the Cartoon Wars series, but takes a bit of a departure from previous titles. Whereas Cartoon Wars and Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes were based more on real-time strategy and defense, Blade hews a little closer to the spin-off title, Cartoon Wars: Gunner, which placed players on a 3/4 perspective field and had them run back and forth, shooting anything that hopped onto the screen. (more…)


    Blade Guardian Review

    Oh Mistwalker, we had such high hopes for you. After all, you were founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who created the legendary Final Fantasy series and more recently brought The Last Story to life on the Wii. And while Party Wave was an iffy first step into the arena of mobile gaming, it was one we were willing to forgive due to its self-indulgent nature as a tribute to a high school dream. But now, with Blade Guardian, your second release for the iPhone? Well, this is where we begin to grow concerned. (more…)


    Dead Stop Review

    Dead Stop is a tower defense game with a delightful twist: Imagine if Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies was faced with defending himself against an army of zombies, and designed all sorts of crazy-but-cool, high-tech contraptions in order to do it. (more…)


    Shufflepuck Cantina Review

    Right off the bat, Shufflepuck Cantina hits you with a winning idea: Take a bit of space western, mix in a hearty homage to the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars: A New Hope, and tie it all together in a world where a sci-fi version of air hockey rules the day. With a concept like this, how can you possibly lose? Well, once you see the execution, you find out… many times over. (more…)


    Space Holiday Review

    Nico is a galactic traveler who is taking a journey through the stars while on vacation– a space holiday, if you will. However, it seems that the locals (read: asteroids) take none-too kindly to lollygagging strangers lurking about in these parts, and are trying to ruin Nico’s good time. (more…)


    Cosmic Bump Review

    If you’re sick and tired of slingshot-based physics games, then go ahead and stop reading– there is really nothing about Cosmic Bump that is likely to change your mind. Don’t get us wrong; it’s a decent enough game, but it doesn’t really do much to break away from the many, many games which come before it. (more…)

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    Rayman Jungle Run Review

    Rayman Jungle Run is not the Ubisoft mascot’s first foray onto the iPhone; that honor (such as it is) instead belongs to Rayman 2: The Great Escape, a largely failed effort to squeeze a console game onto the iPhone. This is a mistake that developers and publishers tend to make all too often, expecting a good console game to work well on iOS, despite numerous differences that can affect the entire experience. (more…)


    Drakerider Review

    In many ways, Drakerider is an interesting beast. Not only does it use some creative gameplay decisions, but also provides some cool characters and a fairly intriguing tale. Unfortunately, for all the creativity which appears at the front-end of the game, it isn’t too long before you see some old cliches and design choices which drag the game down from being very fresh and innovative to just being “pretty good.” (more…)


    Supermagical Review

    Supermagical is about Nina, a young witch who was taken in by a group of good magic users that had to banish Nina’s mischievous sisters away to the Underworld. As she practices new spells, she accidentally casts open a portal to the Underworld, freeing not only her sisters, but also the magic-loving creatures known as Minix. Now it’s up to Nina, with the help of her guardians, to set things right and return the whole lot back from whence they came. (more…)


    Plight of the Zombie Review

    Meet Craig. All Craig wanted during the zombie apocalypse was something to eat. But what he got, after failing to look both ways before crossing the street to his nearest burger joing, was hit by a speeding Mack truck. (more…)


    Aliens Abducted Review

    Picture this: You’re just a farmer tending to your crops when suddenly, a UFO swoops in and takes you away from the peaceful life you know and have come to enjoy. That’s what happened to Moe; however, unlike us, Moe is not from our world. His world no longer exists, as the UFO managed to bring him aboard just in time to save him from a planet-smashing asteroid, making him the last of his kind. So, what happens now? (more…)


    Deer Hunter Reloaded Review

    Deer Hunter is back, and it’s gone free-to-play. The latest entry in the series, Deer Hunter Reloaded, came out back in April and has since seen a number of revisions which have added all sorts of new things to the Deer Hunter experience. (more…)


    Mad Skills BMX Review

    Mad Skills BMX is something of a semi-sequel to Mad Skills Motocross, an arcade-style racing game featuring motorcycles that is a bit like Nintendo’s Excitebike. Of course, rather than motorized two-wheelers, Mad Skills BMX’s conveyances rely on pedal-power to see their riders through to the finish line. (more…)


    Gears & Guts Review

    “Oh look, yet another zombie game.” Such was our first reaction to seeing Gears & Guts, but the sentiment didn’t last, as this game manages to do something different from most corpse-athons: it combines man’s love of cars and heavy machinery with vanquishing the undead. (more…)


    Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast Review

    If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood… Who ya gonna call? There, now we have that out of the way. And enjoy it, because from what we’ve seen, the song is not in the game.

    We don’t mean to begin the review on a down note, but it is what it is. We love Ghostbusters: the movies, The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, the cereal from way back in the day (though we never could get those marshmallow ghosts to fit into the ‘no’ sign cereal pieces), the recent Atari video games, and many other media in-between. (more…)


    Party Wave Review

    “What’s this? A new iPhone game being released by Mistwalker Corporation and Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of such titles as Final Fantasy and The Last Story? Surely it must be some sort of epic quest, full of danger and dragons, sorcery and swordplay, right?”

    “Well, no. It’s a actually game about surfing.” (more…)

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