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Card Wars - Adventure Time

Card Wars - Adventure Time Review

Card Wars is “kinda stupid” and “for nerds who do not know how life is outside of the nerd universe”– at least, to hear Jake and Finn tell it. But in reality, it– or at least, this video game adaptation of the game featured in the Adventure Time episode of the same name– is kind of awesome, and not as super-complicated as to require two hours to explain.

In fact, the basics of gameplay are fairly simple (at least, in this version; we can’t speak for others): You and a computer-controlled opponent each lay down four rows of varying terrain across the game board, then choose from various cards to place creatures with unique abilities (“flooping”) and feature-enhancing structures in each row. Your goal is to attack the other player’s creatures and land until their life points reach zero. (more…)

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Collectible Card Game, Strategy

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $29.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Card Wars - Adventure Time is a game from Cartoon Network, originally released 13th February, 2014

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