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Battle of Gundabad Review

Many games in the App Store fall into one of two categories: those that have a really great idea, and those that copy a really great idea. Battle of Gundabad falls solidly into the second category. It is a re-skinning of the wildly popular deck-building card game named Dominion. In the absence of an official iOS port of the game, Battle of Gundabad has stepped in to fill the void and manages to capture a lot of its appeal despite some missing some features we’d like to see in a comprehensive version of the game. (more…)


Sentinel 3: Homeworld Review

Sentinel 2: Earth Defense set a high water mark for what was possible in an iPhone tower defense game. It took a basic formula, added great graphics, and mixed in a few novel and substantive tweaks to set it apart from other games in the genre. The third iteration in the franchise, Sentinel 3: Homeworld, continues to build upon that base and adds even more innovations. Rather than reinventing the series, it seems to be happy trying to perfect it and is successful in doing so. (more…)


Solomon’s Boneyard Review

Solomon’s Boneyard is a prequel to the very entertaining dungeon crawler Solomon’s Keep. In it, Solomon Dark, the titular villain, is just beginning to dabble in the dark arts, and you must venture into a graveyard and battle waves of enemies to flush him out. Unlike the original, this is a high-score survival game, so the goal is to last as long as possible. This new direction works for the most part, but at the cost of some of the original’s elegance and charm. (more…)


Roll Through the Ages Review

Roll Through the Ages is the latest game to make its way to the iPhone after cutting its teeth as a popular board game. In it, you build a civilization by rolling dice, allocating resources and building monuments and developments. Unlike other complicated civilization building games, Roll Through the Ages plays very quickly, making it ideal for a quick game on the go. Even though we’d like to see a few more features make their way into the package, the combination of luck and strategy offers a lot to both veteran players and new players alike. (more…)

    Slide To Play Q and A: Solomon’s Keep

    Solomon’s Keep, a twin-stick dungeon crawler, pleasantly surprised us with its addictive and streamlined take on a classic genre. We got in touch with John Raptis, the creator of the game and head of his own independent game publisher, Raptisoft. We asked him about being a small developer, the making of Solomon’s Keep, and got few hints about what might be in store for his next game. (more…)


    Solomon’s Keep Review

    Solomon’s Keep epitomizes the adage “less is more.” Some iPhone games try very hard to emulate their big brothers on the PC or videogame consoles. While the iPhone is certainly capable of supporting very complex games, sometimes it’s the more streamlined “pick up and play” games that end up wasting most of our time. Solomon’s Keep unashamedly strips away the complexity of a dungeon crawler until it almost feels like an arcade game, but still maintains enough RPG credibility to justify replaying it over and over. (more…)


    Sword and Poker Review

    Developing a game that mixes elements from a variety of genres is an attractive idea. Rather than having to squeeze innovation from within a specific genre, a developer can instead take tried-and-true mechanics from disparate games and mash them together into an experience that feels new and exciting. The developers of Sword and Poker managed to combine a poker-based puzzle game and a dungeon crawler with a sprinkling of RPG elements into a cohesive and fiercely addictive game that delivers more than the sum of its parts. (more…)


    Cheap Shot: Hippo High Dive

    At Slide To Play, we like to be as informed as possible when we write our reviews. To this end we did a little Googling on the illustrious sport of Hippo High Diving. As it turns out, it is not actually a real sport at all! In fact, all we found was a YouTube clip of King Hippo diving down a shark infested waterfall. Unfortunately, the iPhone game Hippo High Dive does not quite live up to the excitement of that clip, and will probably entertain you for about as long. (more…)


    Cell War Review

    Next time you are stuck on the couch with a seasonal cold or a bout of H1N1 wouldn’t it be nice to be able to jump into a ship and fly around your body, blasting all those viruses to bits? Well, that’s the premise of TipCat Mobile’s horizontally-scrolling shooter, Cell War. (more…)


    Ego City Invasion Review

    If we had to fight back a horde of zombies, we think we’d bring a tank. In fact, we would bring a tank that could fly. Obviously, someone out there shares our great taste in combat vehicles. In Ego City Invasion, you have to use such a device to defend your fort against wave after wave of filthy undead invaders. This makes for some fun gameplay that is unfortunately stretched thin by a lack of variety. (more…)