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‘Cubic!’ is Currently Free

Cubic is a game about commanding an army of cubes — one at a time — to defeat another army of cubes. It’s currently free, down from $0.99. Get it while the deal lasts!

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble’

This top-down stealth game about robbing stuff is out, and Lonnie gives it a go to see if it’s any good. Find out in the video above.

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Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

Which of Your Favorite Mobile Games Have Stopped Working?

We’re many years into the digital age of gaming now, which means some of the problems inherent to the medium have begun to show. One of them is that some games that worked on older hardware and software no longer work on current devices. Pocket Gamer digs into the question.

Another one of my all-time favourite games on 3DS is Renegade Kid’s ludicrously fun eShop platformer, Mutant Mudds. When it appeared on the App Store for a paltry 69p, it would have bordered on criminal had I not picked it up.

Sure, it lacked the physical buttons and trademark stereoscopic 3D of its console cousin, but thanks to stunning Retina Display visuals, stonkingly good chiptunes, and tight virtual controls, it felt every bit as good on iOS.

Now, Mutant Mudds crashes before you can get past its opening splash screen. If this continues to go unfixed, it would be criminal.

Via Pocket Gamer

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

‘Hitman: Sniper’ Review – On the Money

The sniping game from the makers of Hitman Go is out, and it’s quite good, says Touch Arcade in their review. The only real drawback is that there’s only one level.

See, I kind of understand why Hitman: Sniper has one level. It’s one big, intricate scenario. You’re Agent 47, and you’re staking out a house party, completing a mission where you have to take out a particular target. There’s a total of ten high-value targets, guards, and the occasion civilians, and your missions usually involve killing one of those targets, along with a secondary objective. Say, for example, disposing of two bodies while being extracted, as you have ten seconds after the key target is dead to get out of Dodge. The missions get more and more complex, but the game does a great job through the missions of teaching you how the game works: you’ll learn how to execute a domino kill, which is worth a lot of points.

Via Touch Arcade


Draggy Dead is Currently Free

The ball-rolling game Draggy Dead, which has you drag a ball of corpses through a twisting maze, is currently free. It’s normally a buck, so grab it quick if it looks like fun.

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Play This!

Play This: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – CCGs have never been this good

I’ve been playing this game since the beta, and I’m still loving every second of it. Like a simplified version of Magic: The Gathering, the game is easy to learn and tough to master, with all kinds of creative spells and monsters to help you defeat your enemies.

Play This!

Play This: Lifeline…

You receive a text message from an unknown source. He says he’s a student on a space mission and his ship has crash landed on a moon. He may be the only survivor, and he needs your help. You help him choose what to do, and he tells you how it’s going — in real time. This game is unlike any other, and it’s fantastic.

Play This!

Play This: Sword of Xolan – a great retro-style action platformer

I love a good retro-style action platformer, and this game delivers. The touch controls are fantastic, you’ll find secrets everywhere, and the levels are quick to play.

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Kung Fury

A retro-style beat-’em-up, Kung Fury has you hit the streets and then hit a bunch of thugs repeatedly on a screen that looks like a CRT television. Watch Lonnie give the game a shot above.

Via YouTube

Reviews via 148Apps:

‘You Must Build a Boat’ Review: Just Download It

In case you needed more reasons to download the very enjoyable match-three game You Must Build a Boat, 148Apps has chimed in with a review of their own.

You Must Build A Boat is an updated version of 10000000, but there are a lot of small, detailed changes that add up to make it feel significantly different. Things like being able to make matches as blocks continue to fall, a smaller game board, and fewer blocks to match make the experience more manageable while still capturing and capitalizing on what makes the core gameplay continue to feel unique and awesome. Simply put, it’s hard to imagine a better iteration of10000000 than You Must Build A Boat. It’s very much the same kind of game, but it’s such an upgrade it makes 10000000feel older than it actually is.

Via 148Apps

Previews via AppSpy:

Mobius Final Fantasy Hands-On Preview

Appspy has gone hands-on with the Japanese version of the upcoming Final Fantasy-based card game. Watch it up above to see what to expect if it comes Stateside.

Via AppSpy

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The ‘GoatUp’ Games Are Currently Free

The goaty platformers GoatUp and GoatUp 2 are currently free, down from $1.99 and $3.99 respectively. You play as a jumping goat in both of them, so what more do you need to hear before you give ’em a chance?

News via Twitter:

Blizzard Teases New ‘Hearthstone’ Mode

Blizzard has tweeted what appears to be a hint that the awesome card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will soon get a whole new mode. What is it and when will it launch? Who knows!

Via Twitter

News via VentureBeat:

Cut the Rope Movie Coming in 2016

It’s a good time to be a gamer who enjoys movies. Not only is Angry Birds getting an animated feature in 2016, but now Cut the Rope is, too. The film is tentatively called ‘Om Nom’ and tells the origin story of the voracious green monster. From VentureBeat:

The movie tells the story of 13-year-old Evan, a boy whose impulsiveness leads him to open a secret package containing a living scientific experiment. Om Nom has an insatiable appetite for everything sugary. Set loose, Om Nom begins to wreak havoc upon a formerly quiet town, and Evan, with his little sister Jordan in tow, must follow him on an epic adventure.

They have to avoid a host of government agents, shady characters, and other unique creatures — all of whom are looking to capture Om Nom for themselves. Along the way, Evan and Om Nom will discover the importance of trust and patience and how life’s accidents can sometimes lead to incredible discoveries and unforgettable moments.

Via VentureBeat


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gets an Update

If you’re a Final Fantasy: Record Keeper player (or a lapsed one) you’ll probably want to check out its latest update. According to a press release:

A brand-new content update for FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper has just launched, and DeNA and Square Enix are celebrating by offering free in-game Mythril currency! Players who log in to the game will be granted 1 Mythril for the next five days, for a total of 5 Mythril!

The update includes a host of new features and challenges for FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper players:

  • Break the level cap and prepare to face tougher foes
  • Customize characters like never before with the new Record Materia abilities
  • Earn rewards by accepting quests
  • Change the battle speed whenever you want — even mid-battle. Slow things down to plan a next move, or speed it up to charge through the enemies
  • Learn more about each Boss before entering a dungeon to pick your party accordingly
  • Roaming Warriors help players summon friends into battle to aid you in tricky encounters

In addition, the Festival of Gold in-game event will offer players a plethora of incredible rewards to make their parties stronger than ever. The event will begin on June 12 at 5:00pm PDT and will run through June 15 at 5:00pm PDT.

Reviews via 148Apps:

Sproggiwood Review: Fun at a Price

Ten bucks for an iOS game? Yep, that’s what the maker of Sproggiwood is asking. But it’s a good game, says 148Apps, and worth considering. From the review:

Sproggiwood is a roguelike and a particularly well made one at that. Inspired by Finnish mythology, it certainly offers plenty of charm. You play a simple farmer as they find themselves lured away by a talking sheep and ending up a prisoner of Sproggi, a strange forest spirit. It’s as bizarre as it sounds, but it actually all seems quite cute. You work your way through various dungeons, improving upon your level and equipment, as well as developing a village of your own.

Via 148Apps

News via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘Wild Horse Simulator’

What’s better than a horse simulator? A wild horse simulator, of course. There’s a game about that very thing, and Lonnie has made a video about it. Check it out above.

Via YouTube

Interesting via Gamezebo:

The 5 Best iOS and Android Games of May 2015

Gamezebo has posted its 5 favorite games of May 2015. Check ’em out below, and then check out the full article for the full rundown on why they’re so good.

  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
  • Chaos Rings III
  • Capitals
  • Sproggiwood
  • Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Via Gamezebo

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

You Must Build a Boat Review: Well Worth a Look

You Must Build a Boat is a match-three that’s burning up the App Store. It’s quite good, says Pocket Gamer, in their 8 out of 10 review.

These extra elements add together to make a surprisingly deep game. There’s always something to do here, and while you might get frustrated from time to time when you get stuck on a particularly tricky challenge, it doesn’t usually last too long.

If you’re tired of the whole match-stuff / RPG mash up then you might feel the same malaise towards You Must Build A Boat, but there’s a cheery, heartfelt experience here if you’re willing to give it a try.

Via Pocket Gamer

News via Touch Arcade:

RPG ‘Star Wars: Uprising’ is Heading to iOS

Kabam has announced it’s working on a new Star Wars role-playing game called Star Wars: Uprising. The game takes place before the upcoming movie The Force Awakens and is set to launch this fall. Watch the trailer above to get a look at it. From Touch Arcade:

Star Wars: Uprising. Being made at the Kabam RPG Studio in San Francisco, the one that made Spirit Lords [Free], this is sounding like an action-RPG where you can create a Rebel character, go on missions, collect gear, and do all the things that action-RPGs entail. Kabam is promising real-time co-op so you can battle the empire with friends with your own crew and cartel. There will be raid missions that will supposedly affect the game universe based on how they go, too. Seems interesting.

Via Touch Arcade


Point and Click Adventure ‘The Inner World’ On Sale for $0.99

The title says it all, really. The point-and-click adventure The Inner World is on sale for a buck, down from $2.99. Pocket Gamer liked it enough to give it an 8 out of 10, so it’s probably worth a buck, right?

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