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Reviews via 148Apps:

‘Tales from Deep Space’ Review: Fun and Thoughtful

Amazon doesn’t rest on its laurels. In addition to delivering diapers promptly to my doorstep, it also makes mobile games. And 148Apps thinks its Tales from Deep Space is pretty good. From the 4 out of 5 star review:

At times, Tales From Deep Space can feel a little more clunky than it should, and it’s a little slow building, but it’s a mostly fun and thoughtful puzzle game. While experienced gamers will have played something similar, they should still be pretty happy to give it another shot. Tales From Deep Space has a lot of charm going for it.

Via 148Apps

Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

7 Mobile Games that Made a Successful Transition to PC or Console

Pocket Gamer has a fun, fancy new feature that lists 7 games that started on mobile devices but were just as good when they were ported to consoles or PC. Here’s the list, but click the link for the details.

  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Threes
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • The Room
  • Super Hexagon
  • Year Walk

Via Pocket Gamer

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Updates via Touch Arcade:

‘Out There: Ω Edition’ Update Now Live

The excellent, brutal spacefaring roguelike-ish game Out There just got a big update that you’re gonna want to check out. From Touch Arcade:

In July of last year we learned that Mi Clos Studios’ excellent (and punishing!) roguelike/gamebook/strategy/space adventure Out There [$3.99] would be getting a huge expansion dubbed the Omega Edition which revamped much of the artwork and added lots of new features to the game. Us mobile gamers had to watch in anguish as our desktop gaming counterparts received the Omega Edition of Out There back in April. However, that anguish ends today as just moments ago the iOS version has received theOmega Edition update as well.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

Telltale Teases ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ at Minecon this Weekend

Somehow, for better or for worse, Telltale is going to bring their full adventure game development powers to the world of Minecraft. That’s about all we know so far, but that may change this weekend. From Touch Arcade:

One of Telltale’s more interesting upcoming projects is Minecraft Story Mode, their narrative adventure game that’s set in the Minecraft [$6.99] universe. We don’t quite know what to expect from this, but with Minecon this weekend in London, Telltale is teasing that we’ll be hearing something this weekend at Minecon.

Via Touch Arcade


‘Dark Arcana: The Carnival’ is Currently Free

Often publisher G5 makes one of its many hidden picture/puzzle games totally free to download. This time around it’s Dark Arcana: The Carnival, a game about a spooky fairground. Click here for the iPhone version and here for the iPad version.

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Updates via Touch Arcade:

‘The World Ends With You’ Updated to Work on iOS 8

Here’s some good news for fans of awesome RPGs: The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, a game that was previously totally borked on devices running iOS 8, now works. From Touch Arcade:

The game that no one was sure would live or die has been fixed.The World Ends With You Solo Remix [$17.99 / $19.99 (HD)] has just gotten an update for both its iPhone and iPad versions to make it compatible with iOS 8. The updates are rolling out right now. After months of uncertainty over whether Square Enix was fixing the game, not helped by Square Enix not even knowing what was going on, the game has gotten its fix.

Via Touch Arcade

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘Xenowerk’

Our main YouTuber has posted a video of him playing the popular new isometric shooter Xenowerk. Check it out above.

Via YouTube


‘Impossible Road’ On Sale for $0.99

Playing Impossible Road is not unlike playing an endless, randomized version of Rainbow Road in a Mario Kart game. But at 200cc, and with no brakes. It’s really fun, but it really is impossible. The madness can now be yours for $1, down from $2.


‘Hitman GO’ On Sale for $1.99

The excellent game that mashes up everyone’s favorite bald killer and a board game is currently on sale for $2, down from $5. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out.

News via Gamezebo:

12 New iOS Games You Should Know About This Week

Gamezebo has posted their usual roundup of the best-looking games to launch on the App Store for the week. This week 12 games make the cut, including titles like Her Story, Dragon Quest VI, Sonic Runners, and more. Check out the full article to see what interests you.

Via Gamezebo

Reviews via 148Apps:

‘Her Story’ Review: Chilling

Her Story is a unique game about navigating a police database and watching a witness’s testimony. 148Apps liked it quite a bit, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. From the review:

Hannah’s husband has gone missing and it is up to you to uncover the truth by sifting through the remnants of “her story.” The gameplay is super simple: just enter a word into the search bar and up to five videos will be displayed. I found it useful to take notes of words to search during the videos, then I ended up with 6 pages of notes that if read back look like the scrawlings of a madman. Each video has a time stamp so if you feel particularly enterprising you can figure out the order of every clip. There’s also an amusing minigame hidden in the Trash folder that harkens back to old Windows freeware like Mine Sweeper.

Via 148Apps

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How-Tos via Pocket Gamer:

How to Play the Blue Version of Ida’s Dream in ‘Monument Valley’ if You Purchased the RED Version

Let’s say that you bought the Monument Valley expansion Ida’s (RED) Dream back when it was available. What if you want to play the blue version now that it’s available to everyone? From Pocket Gamer:

If you were feeling charitable when Monument Valley‘s expansion Ida’s Dream was released as an IAP during the RED promotion and you’re concerned you can’t play the blue version now – fear not! You can play the blue version by following this simple workaround.

Switch your iOS device to flight mode then open up the game and hit ‘reset game progress’ in the main menu.

Via Pocket Gamer

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘Siegefall’

Siegefall is Gameloft’s brand new take on Clash of Clans. Lonnie has given it a go, so take a look above to see if it’s worth a (free) download.

Via YouTube


‘Bowling Central’ is Currently Free

Have you been on the lookout for a decent bowling game on iOS? If so, today’s your lucky day, because Bowling Central is currently free. That’s a far cry from its usual price of $3, so grab it quickly.


‘Downhill Supreme’ is Currently Free

Normally this downhill cycling game costs a dollar, but not today. Today it’s free. Download it now before the game goes back up to its usual price.

Reviews via 148Apps:

‘Riff the Robot’ Review: Peggle Plus

Do you like Peggle and want to play more games like Peggle? Then go ahead and download Riff the Robot. It’s like Peggle, but a little more complex. From 148Apps’s review:

Each level looks a lot like Peggle with your aim being to fling Riff the robot up through the air, taking out the various marbles around him. You use a catapult to propel him but it’s not just a matter of sitting back and watching things unfold. Riff has thrusters that you can activate by tapping left or right on the screen, thereby allowing you to send him in different directions. It’s a fun mechanic that ensures you feel regularly involved and in control.

Via 148Apps

How-Tos via Gamezebo:

More ‘Inside Out Thought Bubbles’ Tips and Strategies

You can never have enough tips and tricks, right? We posted some pro tips for this Pixar movie-based game yesterday, but Gamezebo has a few more they’d like to share. Without further ado…

This is perhaps the best advice I can give you about Inside Out Thought Bubbles: take your time.

You don’t have to shoot the color you’re given each turn, an alternate color is always available (unless you’re using the power-up that gives you additional colors to pick from), so always weigh your options before you take the shot.


Via Gamezebo

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

‘Robbery Bob 2′ Review: Fun Little Sneak-Fest

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is all about sneaking into places, stealing stuff, and sneaking out before anyone’s the wiser. From Touch Arcade’s 4 out of 5 star review:

If you’re looking for another stealth game, Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble deserves a second look. It may not be in the running for most the memorable franchise in town, but it gets the job done for those of you who desire puzzle-oriented gameplay over non-stop action.

Via Touch Arcade


‘Earthcore: Shattered Elements’ Updated with New Cards, Events

The excellent new collectible card game Earthcore: Shattered Elements has just gotten its first significant update. Check out what’s new:

The first big expansion for Earthcore is here!

In Call of Champions we’re adding a completely new game feature – Events. Update now to join the exclusive time-limited events and win BRAND NEW cards and other amazing rewards!

NEW unique cards and skills in this expansion add 30,000 new unique card combinations to Card Crafting!

We also keep listening to your feedback. Based on your advice, we had upgraded the multiplayer matchmaking, improved game balance in single-player campaign as well as fixed dozens of minor bugs so playing Earthcore can be even more enjoyable for you!

How-Tos via AppTrigger:

‘Inside Out Thought Bubbles’ Tips, Hints, and Strategies

AppTrigger has posted a handy guide to help players get the most out of the insanely popular game Inside Out Thought Bubbles, which is based on the new insanely hyped Pixar movie. Check it out.

  • Confused by the snowflake symbols? Those are called Brain Freezes, and have frozen memories arrayed around them. Brain Freezes can be cleared by removing all the frozen memories adjacent to them, but be careful with your shots — any memory that touches the snowflake will be trapped and added to the ones already ringing it.

Via AppTrigger

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Letter Tale Review: Good for Kids But That’s About It

Letter Tale is a game that looks great on paper (and in screenshots) but doesn’t quite live up to the same standard when it comes to gameplay. From the Gamezebo review, which scored it 3 out of 5 star:

Because levels are fairly short, you’ll typically have one large challenge—like chopping down a tree to form a bridge or feeding a warthog so he’ll move out of the way—and otherwise mostly a lot of walking and jumping. The lack of any sort of time limit or fail state—if Ari misses a jump or is spotted by a wolf sentry, he resets to his last safe location—creates a relaxed, stress-free exploration experience.

Via Gamezebo

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