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Pac Your Bags, Man; Namco releases Pac-Man Remix

The video game character with the highest brand awareness in America (94% among consumers according to the Davie-Brown celebrity index) has just received a new installment for the iPhone, which is available on the App Store starting today. No, we’re not talking about the plucky plumber with the adorable red hat. We’re referring to the 1980s video game phenomenon which not only was considered one of the first arcade game hits, but also had its first perfect score achieved by video gaming legend Billy Mitchell. (more…)

    Nintendo Admits iPhone a Rival

    Nintendo recently revealed its 3rd quarter financial earnings, reporting DS/DSi platform sales of 5.97 million handhelds, falling nearly a million short compared to its 2008 Q3 results. While the DS platform sales rose in Japan, it dropped globally for the usually well-performing company. A rising yen and a shrinking market of potential buyers in territories are considered contributing causes, but Nintendo thinks there’s also a competitor to blame, and for once, it isn’t Sony. (more…)

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      Developers Bugged By App Store Glitches

      Late Tuesday night, reports began appearing from various sources indicating the App Store was experiencing problems, potentially affecting developer sales and rankings in the Store. The issue was later reported to have been resolved only a few hours after it appeared. (more…)


      Indie Developer Speaks Out Against Piracy

      The little tank that could” is an ironic title for an App Store game that has raised questions about Apple’s potential vulnerability to hackers.

      Within five days of releasing the game to the App Store on July 21, creator Bram Stolk garnered 45 sales. “That was disheartening,” Stolk wrote on his blog. Despite weak sales, Stolk noticed the online leaderboard in his game reported 1,114 players. But if only 45 sales were made for a paid app, how could 1,114 people possibly be posting scores on the game’s leaderboard? (more…)

        Will Third Party Games Make or Break the iPhone?

        A recent article on reports that Blake Krikorian, co-founder of Sling Media Inc., recently traded his iPhone for a Palm Pre. Three days later he switched back to the iPhone. The reason, according to Krikorian, is because the Pre didn’t have Tiger Woods PGA Tour. (more…)

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          Wishful Thinking: A Closer Look at the Examiner’s Top Five Retro Wishlist

          The Examiner has posted an interesting article regarding the recent successful port of classic fantasy chess game Archon for the iPhone. In the article, author Daniel Nations suggest five other classic titles he would like to see make an appearance on the App Store. We’ve looked into which of these games might actually make it. (more…)