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Operation: Eradicate Review

The walking dead are marching, and only a crack team of zombie hunters can stop them. Operation: Eradicate puts you in charge of up to four specialists as they travel the world, collecting resources and killing zombies. Your job is to coordinate the team members and take advantage of their special abilities to win. (more…)


My Little Monster Review

In My Little Monster, a small nihilistic beast is rejected by his love, and sets out to destroy the world. That’s the kind of one-man effort you can’t help but respect. The game My Little Monster is also an imperfect one-man effort. It offers an entertaining story, but isn’t much fun to play. (more…)

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Fairway Solitaire HD iPad Review

Mark Twain called golf ‘a good walk spoiled,’ but he did like card games. We think he would have liked Fairway Solitaire HD, which gives you the atmosphere of a professional golf tournament in a card game. (more…)