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MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 Controller Review

Last week, the first generation of iOS 7 controllers were officially revealed to the world and immediately became available for purchase. First we went hands-on with the Logitech PowerShell, and now we’ve had a chance to extensively test the MOGA Ace Power controller. While the Ace Power has more buttons and joysticks than Logitech’s controller, the flimsy plastic feel, limited battery, and spotty support on the App Store make us question whether it’s really the future of iOS gaming.  (more…)


Hands-On With Logitech’s PowerShell iOS 7 Controller

Hot on the heels of Moga’s Ace Power recently-announced iOS 7 controller, Logitech has just announced their own iOS controller, called the PowerShell. We had a chance to go hands-on with the device this week at Logitech’s headquarters in Newark, California, and our initial impressions are very positive. (more…)

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