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    New Guerrilla Bob Screenshots

    A few weeks ago we pulled back the veil on an extremely unique and awesome-looking twin-stick shooter called Guerrilla Bob. In our preview, we said that it reminded us of App Store favorite Minigore, and was at times reminiscent of the NES classic Ikari Warriors. (more…)

      Palm: Just Reached 1% of iPhone Apps

      There are those out there who swear against iPhones, and refuse to use them. Granted, most of those people are BlackBerry users, but some of them are also Palm partisans. (more…)

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        Dev Makes iPhone Game in 24 Hours: Super Ramen Bros

        As little more than a New Year’s lark, Alex Schwartz of GT Productions (developer of Spring Fling) and his friend Yilmaz Kiymaz decided to make an iPhone game in just 24 hours. Conceived as a sort of “gift” to their community on the company blog, they opened up the subject of the game to the players, and got some very interesting, if bizarre, suggestions. (more…)


        Kevin Smith App Released

        Good news today for all you Mallrats and Clerks enthusiasts. An App has finally been released that will allow you to religiously follow Kevin Smith on a moment-to-moment basis! Haven’t seen a picture of your pop culture hero in over an hour? Just open the new app “Kevin Smith” on your iPhone and you can browse pictures of the filmmaker and his home. (more…)

          Famed Final Fantasy Designer Working on iPhone Project

          Those who have lamented the lack of a true Japanese-style RPG on the iPhone may have reason to take heart today, as it was revealed by Mistwalker that the legendary designer of the original Final Fantasy games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is hard at work on a new iPhone game. (more…)

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            Apple Censors Dalai Lama on Chinese App Store

            In the latest instance of a major US corporation cooperating with the demands of the Chinese government, Apple has agreed to remove several apps from the iTunes store that relate to the Dalai Lama or provide information about his teachings. (more…)

              Rumor: iPhone 3GS 8GB Coming Soon

              An eagle-eyed poster on the German tech forum Apfeltalk has reported some curious anomalies with the packaging of his refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G. All indications point to the fact that he received an 8GB iPhone 3G, but in packaging that labeled it as a 3GS. (more…)

                Online RTS Modern Pirates: D.S.R. Announced

                ICS Mobile announced today that they are hard at work developing a new online multiplayer RTS dubbed Modern Pirates: D.S.R. (Deep Sea Raids). ICS Mobile is previously known for their tower defense game Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense. (more…)


                Bridge Odyssey Review

                Realistic physics may be one of the greatest innovations in the modern era of gaming, and nowhere does this gameplay mechanic fit better than in the World of Goo-pioneered bridge-building genre. Though games like Tiki Towers and Moonlights have tread this ground already on the iPhone, Bridge Odyssey aims to conquer the genre with a hefty dose of cute. (more…)


                Inotia 2 Devs Prepping Ranger Class

                Developer Com2uS has sent word to us that they are currently working on an update for their action-RPG Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone, released earlier this month. The major change being implemented in the update is the addition of an all-new class that players will be able to use in their party, the Ranger. (more…)

                  App Devs Band Together For New Years Sale

                  Apparently unsatisfied with the numerous free games that were being offered all month long via the Appvent Calendar, a group of iPhone developers have banded together to create a super-sale starting December 31 and continuing for at least 48 hours. (more…)

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                  OpenFeint to Release iPhone App, Website

                  In a move to further assert their dominance over the iPhone social network scene, OpenFeint has revealed that they are planning to release a standalone App that will allow users to access all of the functionality of their service, but without having to open a game that uses it. (more…)


                  Plants vs Zombies Coming to App Store in Late January

                  Zombies are coming! Only this time, they’re not only trying to get into your house to eat your brains, they’re trying to get into Fieldrunners’ house and eat its market share. (more…)


                  Low Grav Racer 2 Review

                  Low Grav Racer 2 is a bit puzzling to us. At its core, this is essentially the same racing game as the original released last year, but with more content. For some reason, even though the first LGR had huge glaring faults, Cobra Mobile hasn’t corrected any of the problems. (more…)


                  Red Conquest Review

                  Real-time strategy games have been slowly coming into their own on the iPhone, and Red Conquest does its part to push the genre forward. Once again, John Kooistra (creator of Blue Attack and Blue Defense) has created a triumph of design, but despite its gameplay accomplishments, the whole package is diminished by a lack of content. (more…)


                  Hotel Mogul Review

                  In Hotel Mogul, the heroine’s scheming soon-to-be-ex husband has just filed for divorce, and in doing so has gained control of her prized real estate company. Now it’s your job to help her build an even more powerful real estate corporation that will be able to buy out the one she just lost. (more…)


                  Twin Blades Review

                  Sure, you’ve survived the zombie apocalypse dozens of times before in videogames. But have you survived the anime-themed zombie apocalypse? Twin Blades offers a simplified forsaken uprising in the form of a hack-n-shoot side-scroller that is one of the most visually breathtaking games yet released on the App Store. One might say it’s “drop undead” gorgeous. (more…)


                  The Escapee Review

                  The Escapee is a game that’s really hard to love. You want to, but it just won’t let you. It’s a game that conveys a really great sense of atmosphere at some moments, and then a minute later will have you tossing your iDevice in frustration as the cripplingly awful controls rear their head. It’s not that The Escapee is a bad game, per se, but the problems that it has are so severe and divisive that we strongly advise caution before picking up this title. (more…)


                  Cheap Shot: Fore

                  Golfing games and apps are about as common on the App Store as tower defense games and money management apps, so you can imagine us yawning a bit when Fore came across our desk. Developers just don’t seem to tire of releasing these games for their middle-aged-business-man-with-deep-pockets target demographic. (more…)


                  Battle for Wesnoth Review

                  Even in the wake of the release of Ravensword, the massive action-RPG from Chillingo, The Battle for Wesnoth stands as one of the largest, most epic games yet released on the iPhone. It has its fair share of issues, but you wont find a better value. With around 190 missions that generally take at least 30 minutes apiece, often running an hour or longer, it could easily take well over 125 hours to fully beat this game. Whether or not you want to buy this product will depend largely on whether or not you’re willing to invest that amount of time into a relatively standard turn-based high-fantasy RPG. (more…)


                  Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Review

                  Not every game needs to be Dungeon Hunter or Ravensword to be successful in providing entertainment to its target audience. In the case of the iPhone tie-in to the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, you won’t find impressive scope, masterful vision, or intense graphical prowess, but you will find a game whose only aim is to be entertaining to the youngest of iPhone gamers, and mostly succeeds in that modest task. (more…)

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